ALBERT Rene Calls For National Reconciliation

F.A. Rene
Former President Albert Rene, speaking to the ruling parties mouth piece the People,about the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the party , said that the Parti Lepep (PL) has to "embrace" National Reconciliation and bring some changes in the way it has been operating if it wants to remain "relevant".

"For the country to remain on the path it has chosen,it has to embrace certain situations that involve correction and adaptations -more commonly known as National Reconciliation, the former President said in last Friday's edition of his party's newspaper. Albert Rene justified his stand by the fact that he believes that the country and the party have to adapt themselves,to the "changes that are taking place in the World".He says the party cannot be old fashioned in its ways of doing things. It has to make changes relevant with the current times.
If the leader of PL does not go into details of what he thinks is wrong with the way government is being run, the solution he proposes speaks volumes; " I am for National Reconciliation". In this day and age, we have to reconcile to be able to make progress individually and collectively. (...) There are some who are willing to reconcile, who may not like us, but they have a good heart and want to see their country move forward, he adds.
F.A. Rene and James Mancham
The Former President spoke of his meeting last November with his predecessor  James Mancham. Albert Rene said he was "happy to see that Mr. Mancham held no rancour and that he thought it was necessary to join forces for the good of the country".
It will be recalled that President Rene was the Prime Minister in the coalition government of James Mancham that took Seychelles to full Independence from Great Britain on 29th June 1976.He was brought to power almost one year later , in a coup d'etat on June 5th, 1977.
He ran the country by Presidential Decree from that time until 1991.
It was in 1991 that the ruling Seychelles Peoples Progressive Front (SPPF) opened up to a constitutional conference  and a return to multi party politics which led to a new Constitution and Third republic on June 18th, 1993.
Speaking on the way the country and party have been run since he took a step back,Albert Rene said it was all a continuation of what he started in 1964 albeit with some "freshness". The party leader regrets that not enough is being done for the youth to know about the sacrifices that people of his party went through  to make Seychelles the country it is today. Albert Rene defined his party as a "political  party that has become an institution today.
President Rene retired from office in April 2004, after having won the last presidential elections of September 2001. His Vice President at the time Jame Michel took over the presidency.
The former President also made it clear that he would not like government to pay tribute to him on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of his party , by erecting a statue of him. "What for?", he asked.


  1. It seems that Mr Rene is trying to get rid of Michel before he screws up more.

    James Michel needs to understand that he is an illegal head of state with no experience and education on how to run a country. He stole the keys and run off to State House where everything is done without the knowledge of Rene and Faure, both left out in the cold.

    Rene is trying to become relevant by hanging on to reconciliation.

    These old dogs never know when to call it a day.

    We are listing murders, disappearances and so forth in which they cannot deny.

    Now they want us to reconcile.

    Where are the bones of the dead Mr Rene and Mr Michel?

    We cannot sell the spirit and memory of the victims to become like Mancham.

    If we do, we will give Lepep another 100 years.

    Gary Tall.

  2. If I am not mistaken, we agreed to reconcile back in 93' but Mr. Michel failed to implement the wish of the Seychellois.

    Nikol Roz

  3. Don't rush to the conclusion too fast.
    I wonder why now! Mr. President!
    I would like to hear Chapter two of National Reconciliation.
    Remember 2016 is a new election!

  4. This shit that Albert is talking about is an old news I heard three months ago when I was in Melbourne on holiday. There is a lot more to this, watch out Seychellois don't be fool by a man that has tortured, and murdered our fellow citizens. This is time to be vigilant, to avoid the very same mistakes again. 'Shame on you if you fool me once but shame on me if you fool me twice'. Rene has a lawsuit over his hands, Australia is watching ton albert.

    Albert is ready for another coup! War in State House and Australia, it is as dirty as dirt can get and not mentioning DANGEROUS! le rats be menz lerats. ale sessel!


  6. Ask him what kind of specific.....
    This man is a FOX........not a SOUNGOULA.
    Reconciliation like Mancham way will lead to another PP victory in 2016.
    Take it from me, an old SPUP that wanted changes a long, long, long time.
    This man is a CON he has a lot more TRICKS left under his sleeve.
    Believe me!!!!!!!

  7. Do not waste your time with Rene. He has one foot in the grave, and another one on a banana peels (Banane St. Jaques), there is no turning back from the gates of hell for Rene.

  8. What the heck are they talking about Yusuf? Ask Suleman what Sahib Khalifa has instructed regarding National Reconciliation. Make the stupid people of Seychelles understand that only Sahib will decide their fate. The dollar is their only God now, no more Mancham, Rene, Michel and the Christian church are all washed out.
    Talk about the 'Taking Over process' that UAE has started.

  9. That FAr came out public and called for Reconciliation speaks for itself.I could imagine that FAR already asked Michel the butcher to start REconcicliating the country,but the psychpath athiest refused ,thus forcing FAR with discontentment to go public.FAR realizes that the best to increae his changes of survival is to adapt to changing conditions,and donot be a victim of change ,like the Dinosaurs were becuase of the fialure to adpt to changing condtions.

    What REconciliation the first blooger,asked?Well,it could not be any than POLICAL reconciliation first,that would itself would helps unifies the people.

    Genrally speaking .RECONCILIATION ,ideally,i prevewnt the use of the past as the seed to renew divivision. Reconciliation is not an isolated act,but a constant readyness to leave the tyranny behind.It is not an event but a proccess which invloves various steps and stages that build confidence and trust,the willingness to reasons.

    WHo owes the process;you might wonder in a reconciliation?
    The role of pulbic authorities is crucial in setting up and plainning reconciliation programmes.In fact,all stakeholders equally.An open environement whereby all is put on the table without any party forwarding pre-conditions by setting for instance, a National unity reconcilaition Council.It must as inclusive as possible,with members made of open-minded individuals who will be able to come up with practical approaches that would strengthen National Unity etc...

    Mancham act was not a reconcilaition is the real term of the word.Mancham in fact,agreed to take bribes ,be secretly conpensated ,and even go as far as promping the one party state.It seems soemnow ,KHalfia has palyed a big role in bring PP and Mancham together,for it was important to have a guy like Mancham to support sell out and justified it,hoping his intervention and blinded support to PP one party state and it actions could be better sold to Seychellois if Mancham rally behind was the same state of mind of the 1970 ,trying to hoodwink the people.But as we see now,their strategy have failed and Mancham the one loved,adore first President of Seychelles has become a shadow of his own self and lapdog of pp one party state.

    to 5.58
    We do concern,though he has one footin the grave,for his words deligitimate his Brother-in-law and by doing so,give more legitimicy to the Oppostion who has been calling for reconciliation(coming around a round table)years now.

    He words,creates instability witihn the pp between hrad core crooks and those pro-FAR.It create deligitimize MIchel/FUARE governemnt in a way for not doing the right things that could lead to the extinction of PP and all the consequences that would follow for those ivolved in the decades of astrocities on the seychellois people.

    Now,PP members who do not want to see their lives ended up like Ghaddafi could grasp this opportunity to change themsleves ,adadpt to change ,for as FAR has already recognized it is irreversibleUnlike psychopath Michel the Butcher.FAR does not want change to come to him,but rather bring the change himelf.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Reconciliation started in 1976 on Independence Day when the two parties joined together and formed a coalition. Mancham was President and Rene the Prime Minister. What happened next was greediness in 1977 and Rene the judas took over and today he want RECONCILIATION! I don't know if dementia or MS are kicking in or maybe there are shortage of medication in Seychelles.


  11. What reconciliation?
    Reconciliation about what?
    What is it that Rene wants to reconcile?
    Reconciliation on it's own is meaningless!
    What is needed first is the TRUTH.
    Once the TRUTH is revealed, then the people can talk about RECONCILING.
    So, spill out the beans, Rene.
    To begin with, what happened to those people who mysteriously disappeared.?
    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth before RECONCILIATION.

  12. News are out StAnge is getting ready for a reconciliation day.
    He is working of how to manipulate the mass on that day.
    Mancham and Rene will be the main actors.
    Stay tune on this site for more to come.


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