STB Promoting La Reunion! Naiken lost or Sesel Sa?

Journalists from the Seychelles who are in La Reunion to appreciate what this sister island has for the Seychellois travelers were overwhelmed with what is available so close to Seychelles.
As they touched down at Roland Garros airport in St Denis on Saturday 25th January, the thirteen journalists representing all spectrums of Seychelles public and independent media received a warm welcome by Pascal Viroleau, the Chief Executive of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands.
Sherin Naiken, the Chief Executive of Seychelles Tourism Board travelled to La Reunion with the delegation of journalists from Seychelles to work with La Reunion to showcase their island Seychelles through the members of the Seychellois press.
After their arrival in La Reunion they boarded their bus to Saint Gilles-les Bains, on the western Coast of the Island before taking the road for a series of visits to small hotel establishments. For many, it is the first time they had set foot on La Reunion, a destination of authenticity and value for money. Today branded as a destination for holiday makers seeking the hottest and challenging hiking spots and breathtaking views on its most magnificent cascades and volcano, La Reunion Island had never seized to amaze its visitors.
In 2012 Reunion recorded 450 thousand holiday makers to its shore among which a very small percent are Seychellois choosing La Reunion as their holiday destination. Although La Reunion is only about three hours by plane via Mauritius, La Reunion remains undiscovered by the big majority of Seychellois population. Many argue that the lack of direct flights between La Reunion and Seychelles is to be blamed for this situation.
For the Seychellois journalists in La Reunion their mission was to seek the most appropriate products that will attract more Seychellois to the destination. Seychellois travelling to foreign destinations crave for shopping and affordable hotels in commercial areas. The duration of their stay varies, but a large segment prefers short stays. La Reunion Island had the potential to become a shopping destination for the Seychellois.
Saint Denis, Saint Pierre and even Sainte-Marie offer several major shopping centers and shopping streets for Seychelles holiday makers. Small hotel establishments, self-caterings and standard rooms are located at in close proximity to major shopping areas. La Reunion is also a potential medical tourism destination for Seychellois. Saint Paul and Saint Denis, have two highly specialized medical facilities in the region and they are already offering services to patients of the Indian Ocean. La Reunion Island has everything available in France, but this French Territory will be but two and a half hours by Air Austral from the 23rd June when this airline starts its direct non-stop flights to La Reunion. This is why it is believed that La Reunion can become a key shopping holiday destination for the Seychellois.
Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


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