Seychelles Holidays: "Chinese Tourist Flocking To Seychelles During New...

Seychelles Holidays: "Chinese Tourist Flocking To Seychelles During New...: Jan 30, 2014 A Chinese delegation from the Shanghai Jinshai District is in Seychelles for the first edition of the Seychelles-Chin...


  1. It is like saying Seychellois is flocking to Europe during Christmas.As Seychellois does during Christmas --get home to celebrate Christmas with our families ,the same is for Chinese on Chinese New year.The diea that Chinese travel abraod during Their New year as partilepep wants to sell us is a lausible lie.The introduction of ChineseNew to Seychelles has one aim ,not to celebrate Seychellois of Chinese origine they have never been asked or themselves asked for that ,for they donot think it is necessary,nor asked for Chinese new year celebration for they mostly Christians and not even asked to celebvrate their dicendence or origine for they feel fully Seychellois before feeling Chinese.The reason behind the Chinese new year celebration is to advertise Chinese communist party in Seychelles and by doing this Chinese hopes is that we will finally let them rape out EEZ for their own military strategy.

    We must sell our cultutre,tradition,as means of attracting visitors not by celebrating others celebration days partilepep.You cannot confiscate others cultural,traditional,religious celebrations to artificially make them ours.Such practices kill one's own identity,traditions,and culture as,Chinese has already buried Tibetian Culture,and tradition in Lhasa the capital of Tibet.


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