Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Today I start with the Big Interview by Wavel Ramkalawan where he states and I quote “support the current power sharing system because it is part of a healing process”. What is healing many are asking and insinuating that it could be his personal ego? Because he is now too far from reality. People are suffering more than ever before. The country has come to a sudden hazy stop and Ramkalawan call this a healing process. The Stevedore Workers stopped work and Ferrari left them to the Workers UNION. Nurses came on to the road to seek better conditions, Fishing boat owners came out too and this is healing for Ramkalawan; just because he is doing ok for himself. People are suffering and nothing has changed for the working men and women since the last elections. Life is harder than before and this is healing for Ramkalawan. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Many at the Simon Esparon funeral were angry when they saw CAA Members arrive. They are being blamed for the state of insecurity in the country. Father Lonnie Adrienne also reconfirmed in his sermon that Seychelles is in a State of Lawlessness. But were the people present justified in blaming the CAA Members for this sad state of affairs in Seychelles; where murders and daily theft are taking place? This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Five directly elected MNAs (3 Green and 2 Red) are planning a novelty for Seychelles Politics. They were heard preparing a ‘cross the floor’ to be what they termed “Real Elected Representatives”. Some pundits are saying that this has been coming for a while as many in the National Assembly are unhappy with both camps. The talk is that they will become Independent MNAs and vote with their conscience. Ramkalawan and Meriton will be scrambling like chicken without a head to try to hold off the disintegration of their parties. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Deputy AG David Esparon was rejected for the position of AG by CAA.  After years in office and he even was acting AG, poor David Esparon was not seen fit by the politicised CAA. Can these members of this CAA look at David Esparon in his eyes now? The late Simon Esparon spoke about this injustice by the CAA, and he had this on his chest as his life was being taken away from him. Another dark mark on the conscience of each and every CAA Members…. Shame on you because you have no heart and no feelings. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Theft and not corruption is how many are referring to the 5 Million Dollar payment for four passports and full Seychellois Citizenship. Government got nothing in this plus 60 Million Rupee payment. It was stolen from the people by some who just saw money and their want for more money. The cheek to take money for a Government Service is taking money under false pretence. This is illegal; it is a crime against every Seychellois national. The money must be given back. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Kreol Village for Festival Kreol was little short of total exploitation and it was a disaster. The amount charged to the traders and food handlers during the Festival Kreol was just day light robbery, but this was the change in the healing process for Seychelles. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

The tune we hear being hummed around the National Assembly these days is “Good Night Irene, good night, good night and aurevoir”. Who is in love in the House from China? Instead of working for the people time is spent playing Cupid. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Flory Larue earned a degree of respect for being the most thorough of all MNAs. She researches her land subjects well (even though she also talks rubbish on matters she knows little about). She has somehow played what is called selective memory on the question of land connected with Sarah Rene and Wavel Ramkalawan. Today for Seychelles I implore Flory to be true to herself and to Mrs. Amesbury her Party Leader. The last issue of the Independent showed land deals which Flory needs to raise and if she does not, she should shut up and be a flower pot for the rest of her mandate. The second land deal Flory needs to raise is the one for Wavel Ramkalawan Anse Royal deal. He has land at St. Louis and this land must be left for a suffering Seychellois. Is the 30,000 rupees price paid for this land the normal rate or was that another corrupt deal?  Florry do not be selective in your duty as a representative of the people. These deals are wrong and defrauding the people as a result. This is what some are saying is OK. but is it really ?

Who will be next to be murdered Father Lonnie Adrienne asked during the funeral of Simon Esparon. Can the CAA Members take note that Seychellois are now expecting more crimes because they have let the country down. It could happen to someone very close to any of you and to any of us because now everyone is a target. Many in Seychelles have over a million rupees in cash at home from the recent sale of passports and they are most vulnerable (Not the one who has one million dollars because this is safe in London as it waits to be in its final hiding place in Cabo Verde). This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

An email note by the Chief Justice was leaked to try to discredit her and printed on an Opposition paper. Is that an accepted practice now? Should documents of lawyers who danced in their client’s account and were caught, and those who are still dancing in their client’s account be also leaked to the press. Precedence is now set. Should Seychelles have a new CAA ? Are we too late to save Seychelles ? This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Budget time and we all wait to see Ramkalawan demand the 60% increase in salary for the Nurses. The Opposition MNAs walked with the Nurses and now it is action time. The same for the Stevedore Workers. Their sweat will need to be determined by what Ramkalawan will be presenting. Ramkalawan can bring a Private Members Bill in the National Assembly to sort out these issues as well as the demands by the fishing boat owners. The Opposition showed how easy it was when they did it for the rich people of the Offshore Sector. Now is the time to do it for Seychellois. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really?

I had to laugh this week with a post on Social Media by Peter Sinon following the racist attack in Le Seychellois against Alain Ste Ange because he is white (Riding on bull…and the black man). Sinon’s message ‘the black bull riding the white cow’ must raise questions amongst the George, Ferrari, Moulinie, Savy, Rassool, Paul, Mancienne, Hoareau, Eichler, de St.Jorre, Mason, Pool, Nageon, Michel, Wong, Wieh, Loustau Lalanne, D’Offay, Sullivan, Loizeau, Lablache and others. A door has been opened that may never close. I am OK, I am black and will hide my ageing chou chou even under my bed, but the others will run as we now move to be Zimbabwe. Le Seychellois has done it again, this is Seychelles in its healing phase. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really?

 This is all for today from your very pretty Kelly this week. My column is now being shared on Social Media, Thank you. You all know that I am young and still an unmarried professional, but as I am committed to my ‘sugar daddy’ I cannot entertain your wish to marry me. I am a one man lady. I remain committed to also work with the likes of Gary Tall and Bernard Sullivan over and above Ralph Volcere, RayCat and Christopher Gill. I want a better Seychelles with leaders who have the credentials to lead. You are all writing and posting what will bring about a breath of fresh air for Seychelles as we work to dump Ramkalawan and Danny Faure in the one go. As you can see we have a lot to talk about, but talk must and should always be followed by action…. And again this is what some are saying is OK… but it is really!

Bye for now, till next week

Pretty K

Source: Independent


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