Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers,

How our country can pay lip service to those who sweat to make ends meet is rather amazing. Opposition MNAs walked with the Nurses in their Victoria Protest March when they were asking for a raise of 60% in their salary. This demand was then not repeated by the same MNAs in the National Assembly when they delivered their long speeches in reply to the proposed budget. National Assembly Members spoke about Nurses and other Hospital workers but they seemed unable or were unwilling to say that the Nurses are asking for a 60% increase. This lack or real interest for Nurses is part of the healing process we understand. Back door arrangements and concessions at the detriment of working Health professionals. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

MNA Jean Francois Ferrari is prepared to forgo his National Assembly immunity to show former President James Michel he meant every word he said. This is the most welcomed statement made this year by any MNA. But this statement does not remove the immunity on speeches made in the House built by China. Bring a motion Hon Ferrari and show you stand by your principles and move to remove the immunity enjoyed by MNAs in the House. This will be a real healing process for Seychelles and not the BS healing words echoed by Ramkalawan. Bye the way SBC broadcasts does not enjoy such total immunity with their direct broadcasts of the National Assembly. SBC could be made to have delayed transmissions with blanks when airing potential libel attacks. Here Michel could do a test case if Ferrari does not have the courage to move to stand by what he said. Ferrari can of course put his statement in print for Michel to challenge him. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Segregation based on ethnicity. Lady Kate Mancham, wife of the late President Mancham may lose her pension because she was not born here and was not by the side of the President when he was in office. The logical point is missed completely by MNA Ramkalawan. Wives of President should not have a Presidential pension, this is all. The question raised by many naturalized Seychellois now is whether they will also be targeted when they retire. Many have been great citizens and worked for Seychelles and should benefit from their pension, but in this healing process anything can be expected. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

But in the same breath NO ONE in the National Assembly dared raise the over 100 thousand rupees a month Judge Karunakaran is still costing the people of Seychelles as the country waits for President Danny Faure to read and digest the recommendations of the CJ Etende Tribunal of three eminent Judges. Over a year Karunakaran sat doing nothing and the People of Seychelles paid over 100 thousand rupees per month through their hard work and sweat so that he can still carry on with his good life. This is the healing process preparing for a sweet election. Is that an insult to the Seselwa? Not one MNA saw this and the great statistician, MNA Afif missed it or has a criminal selective approach to abuse of Government spending. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Three salaries form the Government Consolidated Fund by two new ‘Fauriste’ occupying important Constitutional Appointment related positions. This is said to be highly illegal and the National Assembly should be asking for them to refund all they took as a third salary. The National Assembly is ‘Nil by Mouth’ because this is part of the healing process. These two are holding offices meant to show credibility and their work carried out with honour. This abuse is so clear and Ramkalawan and statistician Afif plays ‘blind eye’ to it. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

MNA Afif, the Doctor ‘KonnTou’ statistician spoke of dialysis in his Budget deliberations. He wanted many millions cut from the proposed dialysis Budget benefiting the poor Seychellois with one leg already in their grave, and badly needing their dialysis to remain alive. He wants cuts made to force a cheaper dialysis which will mean sharing ‘commodities’ and in so doing sharing hepatitis and HIV infections as well. Peter Sinon wrote a beautiful message on Social Media disputing all, the MNA Afif Claims about dialysis. The hundreds of dialysis patients should update themselves on this attack of their lives by MNA Ahmed Afif when he proposed to cut their dialysis budget. Shame on MNA Afif. Shame on you Afif. Yet he wears the crown of being the number 2 of the Opposition. Fortunately MNA Ramkalawan intervened in time to save dialysis patients from their immediate entry into their coffin. Is Afif in business with Padayachy? This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Bitter, vindictive and the angry Ramkalawan was again attacking former Minister Ste Ange in the National Assembly for helping the STB get their press releases to the wide world. Of course Ste Ange has the needed contacts which he used with success in his years at Tourism. Ramkalawan must learn to see country before his frustrating desire to get to State House. We hear that Ste Ange was only getting twenty thousand for putting his name to STB releases. How petty can Ramkalawan get?  And he wants to be President with that mentality. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Coco de Mer kernel to be exported again. It is a fact that corruption is killing wildlife and impoverishing communities. The fight against wildlife crime cannot be won by wildlife agencies alone. It needs the direct involvement of the international and national agencies that have the mandate, expertise and resources to combat organised crime and corruption. Seychelles unique and endangered Coco-de-Mer will now be stolen for its kernel as the export doors is re-opened again to give money to a former president. Praslin and every Praslinois will see their special unique emblem used by those who only see money instead of developing a Praslin Industry around the Coco de Mer for Praslin by the Praslinois. Both MNA Woodcock and Churchill must speak out. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Stevedore Workers will die in this healing process as prisoners are now unloading ships. Pay the Stevedore Workers what they are due and Seychelles will have more Stevedore Workers than it needs. But just caring for Shipping Company Bosses and forgetting the man on the street will get Seychelles nowhere. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

President Danny Faure has been bitten by the travel bug. Abu Dhabi, Cuba, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Malta, Dubai and more. Just amazing for a country with ‘tres peu de sou’ to have a gallivanting President with so many overseas trips in just a year. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

The land owned by Joe Albert and the Albert Family and the assets of Edmond Hoareau of Hunt Deltel was discussed in the National Assembly by Opposition MNAs. The land owned by the George and Ferrari families was not mentioned. Jardin Du Roi Estate at Anse Royale and the Ferrari land at Praslin are massive but the target was selective aimed to attack some and cover others with the same ‘would be crime’ of having assets in Seychelles. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Mayor of Victoria, yes he is David Andre and he has risen from his dormant stage of hibernation. Christmas lights have started to go up in Victoria. Finally I can hear you all say. Someone pointed out that he did also plant two fruit trees in the grounds of the Mayor’s Office for kids to appreciate local fruits. Another healing process joke of course because as soon as the kids will enter the fenced off gardens of the Mayor’s Office the Police will be called and the poor kids charged with stealing.
The good thing is the Mayor is alive and Seychelles is indeed relieved. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Finally a message from Zimbabwe - Presidents and the Opposition Leader should never push their luck too far…

This is it all from your very Pretty Kelly for this week. My ‘Sugar Daddy’ agrees that my column is now at the centre of many a discussion. Bye the way he knows Lady Mancham because he mixes in these circles and the attack on her angers him. I have never had the honour to meet her, not yet but soon it can come as I now want to regularise what we have and have a child with my ‘Sugar Daddy’ instead of just kissing in the car park at Beau Vallon and yes of course in the office we share. I need to give him a second heir to his estates; otherwise the Les Mamelles boy will inherit everything. Really congratulations to those brave Seychellois like Garry Tall, Bernard Sullivan, Ralph Volcere, RayCat, Christopher Gill, Micheline Hoareau, Gerry Sopha and Peter Sinon among others. Your Social Media posts are a must for all to read.  Like them I want a better Seychelles with leaders who have the credentials to lead. Workers have been let loose. After nurses, teachers, fishing boat owners, civil status staff, stevedore workers, now the rock blasters are looking for their needed gelignite and we hear many other groups are looking for their day in Victoria and they want Ste Ange and Robinson to get their walking shoes ready. This is why Regional Council elections would have been sweet elections indeed, but some got cold feet already. So many are still reacting to the colour assault in the Black Bull article of Le Seychellois. Roger Mancienne and Marc D’Offay must not feel insulted by it. In Jamaica they would say a coconut wrote it. Yes Vesna Rakic cannot go far, wrong colour according to the coconut.  But for today let us all sing along “Good night Irene goodnight, goodnight and aurevoir” as this helps calm the man down. Next week we shall be looking deeper into the one million dollar (virtually 15 million rupees) corruption deal by a man who has a hand permanently under any desk he uses for meetings. And again this is what some are saying is OK… but is it?

Bye for now, till next week…

Pretty K.



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