Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers,

Your Pretty K is rather upset these last couple of weeks. So much happening and our Leaders were gallivanting on Bird & Denis Islands and seemed unbothered and just playing lip service.

Lawlessness is now not a problem, but it has become a National Disaster. It is now of plague proportion. Two teachers are assaulted in two weeks, two tourists attacked with violence on Praslin and their case making news everywhere, theft and more theft happening, car breaking is now the norm and no one seems bothered as it seems to be all part of the healing process for Seychelles. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Teachers are really fed up and feeling let down. Teachers showed to Seychelles they are worried for their safety and for the safety of the school children under their supervision. Sir Kevin Monthy and Sir Depak sad incidents have galvanised the teachers and they are speaking up. Congratulations to MNA Ferrari for being with the Teachers in Victoria for their first march and Shame to VP Meriton for keeping the teachers waiting at the gate of State House for over an hour instead of walking down to see them as a responsible and down-to-earth leader would have down. Congratulations to Union personalities Ste Ange and Sinon of the SLU and Robinson of the LP affiliated Union to stand with the teachers.  Though Union man Ste Ange and MNA Esparon were the only ones at the last Saturday’s Victoria march. Your presence was appreciated. Ramkalawan on the other hand was absent and President Faure was happily on Bird & Denis Islands and he could not make the 25 minutes trip back to be with his people in this time of crisis. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

VP Meriton displayed his lack of respect for teachers and for the new Commissioner of Police at the ICCS meeting. This was a call for security by teachers and the Commissioner of Police was not present. The workers representatives, the Unions, were also not invited. Shame on VP Meriton. Times have changed and you are happy just enjoying your new found State House privileges instead of being the humble Meriton you used to be. Minister Morgan showed he cared, but lip service delivered with political elegance only from Meriton. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Congratulations to TeleSesel for the reportage on the Teachers plight. You did them proud and were miles ahead of SBC who were still trying to be politically correct for the new political climate as they let the teachers down. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

MNA Afif spoke on behalf of LOTO Ramkalawan in the National Assembly. Humiliation for the likes of MNA Prea, Ferrari, Georges and Esparon. He came from behind, he saw, he maneuvered and he is now the second most important man of the opposition and passing in front of those who were with Ramkalawan when times were difficult. No respect and just another scene from a show “Dishonest Attitude”. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

ARMY or SPDF as we know them. Now pack your bags because Wavel Ramkalawan has his eyes of you. If he said it so blatantly in the National Assembly it has already been approved. Swearing at him in every corner of Seychelles as you and your families have been doing will not help. Yes you made a career of defending your country, you followed gruesome training, and you are there for the country’s every need and also at every disaster. You voted for change in large numbers, and today you are being told that the time has come to put you out on the streets. This is sadly part of the healing process and you are the ‘scapegoats’. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

The whistle has been heard and the final nail hammered in the coffin of public schools with all the teachers working hard to keep the country’s youth on the right side of life. Ramkalawan has spoken and soon what one pays for education at private schools will be a deduction from the taxes taken from your monthly salary. This is really part of the healing process. Some people who invested in private schools will now make a fortune as the public schools are sent in the margins of dustbins. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Seychellois are saying they are tired and really fed up of the looting and corruption taking place. A march by concerned citizens last Saturday and a Petition is now gathering momentum on line. To get the Seychellois to better understand and appreciate the situation in their country the need for the Declaration of Assets is now a necessity. That was promised to be made public by President Danny Faure. Today Seychellois can see through the lies, the FAKE NEWS to cover all the atrocities taking place and they are tired. Seychelles needs to see the published Declaration of Assets of each MNA and Ministers. What have they got to hide? Is the hiding of these Declarations of Assets part of the healing process Ramkalawan mentioned? This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

Regional Councils will be appointed by Politicians. This is really a healing process of Ramkalawan. No one is sure where the wounds were, but they are healing Ramkalawan said.  Seychelles is seeing this move as the cohabitation being scared of what could be a “Vote of Confidence” for politicians who had forgotten they were elected to serve the people. Would it not be nice to see a non partisan Seychellois, one who is ready to represent everyone elected by their regional brothers and sisters to ensure their districts are back in their hands. Take Anse Etoile where the Constituency Clerk is the wife of MNA Afif and she does this as she continues with her own shop in Victoria. That is politics in Seychelles “all for one” and Seychellois are tired of this healing process of Ramkalawan. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Festival Kreol has come and gone. Yes it was a disaster and the worst one ever, but please do not blame the Indians because the Chief was away and showed he was just not bothered. As he travelled to Mauritius with his large delegation the Festival Kreol was left to become the second grade entertainment for those who see themselves as Kreol. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Mayor de Victoria sung at Patrick Victor show at the Reef Hotel during Festival Kreol. The Mayor is alive and is working and he showed what it is to be a Mayor in the healing process. People are looking for Christmas decorations in Victoria and everyone is waiting for our Mayor to move. But we know at least that he is alive. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

The Attorney General’s Office is under scrutiny. The Opposition is looking at you under a microscope and confirmed that about half of cases with them are not moving. This is a healing process joke of course. It is the Judiciary that hears the cases and moves them forward, but they are still under siege by the CAA. Of course when this politicised CAA is working the country’s Judiciary cannot operate as expected and the people suffer. This is sadly just the reaction from actions by the politicians in the new CAA and This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

“Long Ago Seychellois aspired to be Judges, now Judges aspire to be Seychellois, and when they have become Seychellois they are elevated to be King and they can do no wrong”.  Many are talking about the need for a Constitutional Case against Danny Faure personally in his capacity as President. He has not acted on the Karunakaran tribunal judgment as provided by the law. He has no choice but to accept the decision. He is playing on time only and the Constitutional Court is the only body left that can bring reason to a state so unreasonable we are living in. This case will be precedence, but a needed one for Seychelles under the healing stage. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Budget Time and Not One MNA raised the big salary paid to former Judge Karunakaran as he sits and waits for President Faure to abide by the tribunal’s judgment. One year he is sitting at home and costing Seychelles over 100,000 thousand per month as Seychellois are sweating to ensure Government has the money to pay Karunakaran monthly.  So sad to see that MNAs are not bothered of such a waste of public funds. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Ministers have not delivered and it was hoped that they will do so now. These were wise words by Ramkalawan. But in the defense of Ministers and Senior Civil Servants the climate in the healing process is not conducive for work and for delivery as expected. Ministers spend time at the National Assembly and Senior Staff sit to prepare their documents. No one is game to move with initiatives anymore because the Honorable Members will be asking Why, When and Where. So the strategy is to move the paper around and do nothing as the country grinds to a halt in this healing process has been the way to go. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really?

This is it all from your very pretty Kelly for this week. My column is now the centre of discussions by youth groups, in the market and on Cat-Cocos and it is nice to hear them especially as they do not know I am part of the discussions in many of these groups. My ‘sugar daddy’ is worried that I am getting too popular now and I may want to run for office next. This would upset his Madame, the one competing for his total dedication (No such luck my dear). I now understand posts and comments issued by Garry Tall, Bernard Sullivan, Ralph Volcere, RayCat and Christopher Gill among others, it does make sense. Like them I want a better Seychelles with leaders who have the credentials to lead. I was happy to see Vesna Rakic at the Electoral Commission meeting sitting alongside the old timer Roger Mancienne. Here is a breath of fresh air. Everyone wants to see a breath of fresh air for Seychelles, but sadly Vesna Rakic will not go far, wrong colour as per the Black Bull racist story in Le Seychellois. Our dear Irene will be better received by that newspaper. As you can see we have a lot to talk about, but talk must, and should always be followed by action…. so we have a lot to talk about in my column. And again this is what some are saying is OK… but is it?

Bye for now need to run to chou-chou, till next week.


Pretty K.



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