How many plots of farm land for Patrick Pillay?

There are rumors that Patrick Pillay is requesting yet another plot of farm land from Government.

The allegation is that Pillay is importing twenty cows from Kenya. Our source in the National Assembly has informed us that Pillay wants to fly in the cows from Kenya and is adamant that the beasts will be placed under quarantine on his farm. This arrangement is not one that is in the best interest of the country, because the possibility of disease being imported in the country is high. This will bring his total of cows to twenty-one considering he already has “Pti Cowboy”.

This is not the first time that Pillay is requesting agricultural land from Government. In 1995, Pillay was allocated two plots at Montagne Posee; C3849 and C3850 - on a long lease. Pillay then sought permission and built a three bedroom house on the property with sea view and very good Mountain View. After the construction of the house Pillay established his farm naming it “Farm Breeze”. Patrick Pillay didn’t stop there through his influence as a minister he managed to annex another two plots (C4758 and C3851).  

Another plot consisting of over 18,000 sq. meters of land (C5690) was taken in 2004. At this stage it was clear that Pillay had planned to amass as many plots as he could for speculation purposes.

In 2010 having obtain a 60-year lease on the two original plots Pillay sold the land to foreigners. The deal included the construction of a house as part payment to minimize the stamp duty, it is alleged.

Pillay is also known to have taken Parcel J1364, plots J1702 and J 3391 in other parts of the country. This is why this newspaper is now objecting to President Danny Faure giving more land to Patrick Pillay, be it farmland or any other piece of land. In this day and age of accountability, transparency and good governance the President must tell Pillay to go buy on the private market. It is a mockery to the people of Seychelles. Will anyone in the National Assembly take up this matter, or will it be pushed under the carpet like those belonging to Mrs. Sarah Rene? Where is Flory Larue the self appointed queen of dirt?



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