The End of Ramka

Seychelles is hearing much news or fracas coming from the corridors in the House from China. Bye-bye Ramka is being echoed loud and clear. It is being said that this is finally the endgame for the man who has led the Seychelles Opposition in one way or another ever since the return of democracy (1991 - 2017). Too long some are saying, he is being referred to as the Mugabe of Seychelles.

The Seychelles Opposition has some certainty in what to expect we are being told. Patrick
Pillay, the current Speaker of the National Assembly, MNA Ferrari, and the likes are able and waiting. The end of Ramka is an event as momentous, in its own way as the opposition looks to a better chance in the coming elections. Ramka’s long tenure as Leader of the Opposition shaped every facet of the Seychelles Opposition. He created an entire approach in his own dysfunctional image. Just as we now divide Seychelles into pre and post independence, we will also speak of before and after the fall of Ramka as distinct epochs in the Country’s Opposition. And just as it is difficult to imagine a Seychelles Opposition without Ramka in charge, it is difficult to imagine a Seychelles without his arrogance and bitterness.

Names are floating (Pillay, Ferrari, Hoareau, Tirant)  on who will be able to better offer the Opposition a real chance for State House. Those with the credentials to lead, and who will be better accepted by the Seychellois as a whole are being discussed. The big question is Ramka may refuse to go, but some want to force the point home now before elections are called.

We need leaders who have the credentials to lead. Our poor workers have been let down. A Ramkalawan / Faure approved Budget that does nothing for the ordinary Seychellois. What nurses, teachers, fishing boat owners, civil status staff, stevedore workers, rock blasters had in 2017, they will all have it again in 2018, nothing will change. No one is bothered to stretch your salary and/or to lower your cost of food, electricity, water, fuel etc.. Can’t they see that all the talking does not feed people, we want something that touches all of us for a change, and not only see National Assembly Salaries and perks that are on the rise.  Even their Pension Age is now showing discrimination with them retiring at 55 and workers will be retiring at 65. Yes the next elections will be really sweet. Black Bull article of Le Seychellois, what can I say is still making its round. As is said in Jamaica a coconut wrote it and the coconut is rather an amazing nut. His past partners is showing a lot about his personality. Poor Vesna Rakic many still see you as a breath of fresh air in Seychelles politics. Stick to MNA Florry Larue, Ferrari, Georges, Loizeau and Prea. They could rally to save your skin in this period when Seychelles is looking at colour of the skin as criteria. Someone said Madame Eichler must be turning in her grave. Politics is now coming to a point where the colour of your skin will determine how far you can rise. SAD!



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