Ferrari messes up again!

Wavel holds the country hostage!

The elected member for Mont Fleuri has embarked on a self destructing expedition in 2017; he easy qualifies as the most insolence member of the National Assembly ever. This doesn’t mean that we are backing Lt. Colonel Naiken in the incident with Honorable Ferrari, recently, we were not there and we don’t trust the findings of the reports by both the Army and the National Assembly. This newspaper will eventually come up with its own assessment on the matter.

However, the investigation conducted by the National Assembly Select Committee on Friday 15th December has not gone the way that JFF and Wavel had expected. Honorable Ferrari had brought in one witness who said that she had not seen nor heard anything; this situation doesn’t bode well on Ferrari’s credibility – he should have established that his witness was not credible and not brought her before the Select Committee just to say that she heard nothing and saw nothing, which was not in Ferrari’s best interest. There was also absolutely no evidence of any gun ever having produced, something that was being insinuated on the social media by LDS attack dogs.

On the other side Naiken brought in four of his colleagues who said that it was Ferrari who was the aggressor. The select committee cannot now invent evidence to save the ass of Honorable Kankan aka Jean Francois Ferrari. The chief conspirator in that slimy situation said that the truth has not come out in that matter. How does he know?

This incident between Naiken and Ferrari is what the Honorable Leader of Opposition held a whole country hostage over; he refused to approve the 2018 Budget until the winner of a swearing match between an army officer and a National Assembly Member is decided.

This is an indictment of the man’s character. This matter should have been left in the hands of the police to determine whether there was enough evidence for prosecution. It goes to show that this National Assembly is prepared to undermine this Administration so that everything goes their way; by stepping in and not allowing the police to do their work, Wavel and Ferrari have demonstrated that if LDS ever gets power there will be widespread interferences in all aspects of government. SAD! 



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