Money talks, bullshit walks

The millionaire priest of the Anglican Church in Seychelles has shown everybody that money is far more important to him than cheap talk; the kind of talk they do in the National Assembly regularly. Last week, Wavel himself said in the National Assembly that the national carrier of the U.A.E (Etihad) should go and leave Air Seychelles for us to manage. This was cheap talk coming from a man who is aspiring to be president one day. Wavel knows full well that it was the Arabs’ money from the U.A.E that has kept Air Seychelles in the air since 2012 until today. The fact re
Money talks, bullshit walks mains that when business needs to get done, talk all you want, but  liquid cash is what makes things happen, hence the saying “money talks, bullshit walks”.

The Leader of Opposition is an old campaigner and he has bagged in many millions over the years. However, he is prepared to play politics with the jobs of many people  employed by Air Seychelles and with the future of our country. We all know that Air Seychelles will not survive without the resources being injected by its strategic partner.

Wavel Ramkalawan is now in London to attend and to give a speech at a party being organized by Seychellois in UK – that is why he was not in the National Assembly this week to finish off the debate on the 2018 Budget. He has his priorities well defined like the party he attended last weekend at the Savoy.

The front page picture was taken during a banquette at the Savoy Hotel in Beau Vallon to mark the U.A.E National Day. No one had expected to see Wavel Ramkalawan holding hands with Arabs and cutting cake, this was a big surprise to many, but not this newspaper. LDS supporters were flabbergasted about the whole incident and they took to social media to vent their anger against the millionaire priest and Patrick Pillay.   

This situation has revealed Ramkalawan and Patrick Pillay to be the hypocrites that they are; after all the talks against Arabs they should have ‘stuck to their guns’ and stayed away. Patrick Pillay is known to have said during LDS political rallies that if they win they would give the Arabs back their one rupee and take back our land. This was only political rhetoric to fool the supporters and to win votes last Saturday when most of the people who supported them were at home they were drinking champagne and cutting cake with the very people they had promised to kick out of the country.

The fact that former President Michel a man they vilify on a regular basis was also there to cut the cake with them was not a problem. Both Wavel and Pat Pillay are aware of the special relationship between James Michel and the Ruler of the U.A.E; on that particular night when champagne was following and the possibility of big bucks a reality nothing bothered either Wavel or Ton Pat. We hope that the electorates have noted. 



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