Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Dear Readers, Pretty K had become a prey because of her beauty just like my other  sister Cato Ver who finally disappeared because many saw her as a threat to their person. The message is when you live in a glass house never throw stones’, and more importantly never STAND with someone who only knows how to throw stones and to belittle everyone when he wants. Pretty K can move on as did Cato Ver and leave her place to others who are also human rights activists, but you, and all those who are so associated will always now be under the microscope because you must receive what you dish out ‘par action, par association ou par omission’. I am just the Ugly B and have nothing to lose, so I speak my mind freely. My Lady, Members of the Jury, I rest my case.

Recently a young Seychellois girl of only 13 years old showed National Assembly Members how to speak and what it is to be a responsible MNA. That was the lesson given to highly paid individuals by 13 year old Shayanne Hoareau. Today many in Seychelles are saying she should be the Leader of the Opposition now and not tomorrow, so the country can start the healing process. Her style and grace was so inspiring and a departure from what we see week after week in the National Assembly. She hit the nail on the head when she said, and here I quote Shayanne Hoareau:- “If you the adults, want us to become better… then you have to show us by example”. So well said Shayanne Hoareau, and what a slap for those who display arrogance, throw insults and breed a culture of hatred beamed all over TV, week after week that has resulted with school children to be what they are today making schools so insecure that even teachers are bashed and kicked. Yes, role models must walk the talk, and SBC TV & Radio has the morale responsibility NOT to blur out all the hatred attacks aimed at only destabilizing Seychelles.  Shame on the National Assembly Members who do not understand that young people take their aggressiveness, copy that style of life and live it daily, as the Opposition Styled SBC condones it at the detriment of Seychelles. This is what some are saying is OK… but is it really?

‘Tender process’ is the name of the game for Ramkalawan and Afif. But on the streets people say that they are suffering from an acute dose of ‘selective memory’ syndrome.  Anthony Derjacques was contracted to be the legal advisor for the CAA. This is a CONSULTANCY in its own right. No tender process and the Procurement Department and its Oversight Division just turn a blind eye as dirty politics dictates the name of the game.  This Consultancy was a friend getting a contract form a committee in which sits Annette Georges. Can the National Assembly disclose the fee paid to Derjacques monthly. This is not petty cash, this is big money, but Seychelles do not wait for the National Assembly to react as this is one of them. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Can the National Assembly also pull how much is paid for airline tickets purchased for Sea Shell Travel monthly and tell the Seychellois the total value in rupees paid, this is interesting news. The Procurement Department and its Oversight Division are sleeping on the job as Government funds are being spent left right and centre. The husband of an Afif sister is in charge and Marc Hoareau is known to be a player in this business. Has any “tender process” been done for the best price for air travel by Government employees? Advertising on Newspapers is just another case in point. Are the people of Seychelles getting the best price for adverts by government and its agencies ? Has a “tender process” been undertaken for the best price for A4, A5 Full page of just box advert. Can Seychellois who work hard to pay for all these expenses know how much Today, The People, Le Seychellois Newspapers are getting paid per month for adverts. Do not wait for the National Assembly to react as these are much too close to them. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Printing of Government Orders. What a scandal can Print House say how much is the total order from Government. Just the figure with NO TENDER for any of the works. Is Government getting the cheapest deal in town ? No Sir, NO. Print House is for Marc Houareau, but he is not alone. How much is Xpress Printing invoicing as well. This is at Regar at Arpent Vert. Again no tender and not the cheapest by a long way. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really?

Office Rental by Government is a Pandora Box that has been opened. Philippe Boulle at Victoria House also has Government Offices as does Teemooljee and Trinity House of the Anglican Church. The three bodies mentioned here all form a happy family. Boulle is an Opposition Party Leader, Ramkalawan is an Anglican Priest and Teemooljee is Teemooljee. Procurement Department and its Oversight Division tell Seychelles how much rent is paid by Government in these buildings and was there a Tender Process carried out. This is big money paid for by Seychellois to fill the pockets of a chosen few. Do not wait for the National Assembly to react as these are too close to them. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Joseph Albert Family with their land, Edmond Hoareau of Hunt Deltel with his businesses, Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey, former Minister Alain Ste Ange, Kathy Mason, Lady Kate Mancham, former President James Michel have all been subject of character assassination attacks in the National Assembly by Opposition MNAs. This they are so good at, and they seem to do nothing else but that. For the wellbeing of Seychelles and the Seychellois they are doing nothing. A Government that pays MNAs to do nothing destroys these MNAs willingness to do anything. Cost of food, electricity and water is still expensive and workers salary today does not enable families to make ends meet, yet MNAs sit and do nothing but talk. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Lady Kate Mancham’s Rupees 70,000 rupees payment was actually the Security Payment by Government for Roy Fonseka. That was highly interesting news and you know what, NO TENDER Process at all was done and this contract went on for years. Little wonder an MNA said at the end of the deliberations as they were all standing to exit that he did not care if people know what this company was getting because he has benefited enough all these years with Sir James Mancham. Procurement Department and its Oversight Division are busy at Maison Mahe when Government Funds are being dished out left, right and centre. Do not wait for the National Assembly to react as this is one of them. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Government subsidized fares for Pensioners on Cat Cocos to Praslin may have to stop now that Hon Ferrari has questioned it. Joe Albert is not a department of Social Services and will only provide the special fares to those who pay. Like at “HOME 2 OFFICE” exclusive shop of Premier Building who does not pay does not leave the shop with anything. Jean Francois Ferrari is a real friend of the Pensioners and they are so thankful to have helped have elected him as the Mont Fleuri MNA. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

“This we freeze” is a line heard Afif say in the National Assembly on Budget discussions. So intelligent and pointed a statement delivered by the statistician. The only bit he seems unable to freeze is payments for the Constituency Clerk that his wife is the recipient for the Anse Etoile District. Instead of allowing a poor Seychellois benefit from this payment some people want everything for themselves. As Hon Wavel Woodcock would say everything for one person. Is it corruption to employ your wife to receive a second payment from Government Funds ? This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Seychelles Airline is coming. Good news indeed, but Hon Waven Woodcock may have something to say to Philippe Boulle and Hon Ahmed Afif on the same line he attacked Joe Albert of Creole Travel Services. Staff at Creole Travel Services are biting their lips waiting to see who will be first to lose their job if Joe Albert needs to reduce the size of Creole Travel. Well done Hon Waven Woodcock of Grand Anse Praslin, you and Ramkalawan are now a friend for life for all Creole Travel Services Staff. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

La Digue lorries and pickups will be cleaned out next year. This Breaking News follows the intervention by Hon Jean Francois Ferrari on having to walk in the shrubs on La Digue as he questioned Minister Bastienne in Budget discussions. Well done Ferrari, you and Ramkalawan are the friend indeed of all La Digue lorries and pickup drivers. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

Budget discussions waffled around reality and the Ramkalawan approved Budget 2018 will see Seychellois in the same mess as they have been in this year. Lots of talk and the same shit remains is what everyone is saying. Truck drivers are still parked waiting at the Stadium, Taxis are still at the airport and at Cat Cocos Jetty waiting, Teachers are still unhappy, Nurses are still angry, Fishing Boat Owners are still in the same unhealthy situation, Stevedore Dockers are still underpaid and overworked, Home Carers are still struggling, Government workers or Civil Servants are still dissatisfied, Rock Blasters are still no better off and the list goes on and on. But the National Assembly spoke for a month on the Budget and for them all is well. All the hours of blabbing away for no results for the Seychellois. Cost of food, electricity, water, fuel is still hurting Seychellois families and will continue to hurt Seychellois as they sit scared every night in their homes. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really ?

The Chairman of the SBC Board with 14000 rupees and board members with 11 thousand when they were legally entitled around three as per official regulations. The SBC Staff only get 7 to 10. come-on Lafortune, be reasonable. Yes Ramkalawan was part of the discussion when your name was floated to be Chairman of SBC. Today you need to do the right thing and refund what you took over the prescribed amount. The same for your Board Members. Staff at SBC are angry with reason. Your action was not just illegal but day light robbery because the Government had its official payment for your Board in regulations. Shame on you. Ramkalawan will not say anything but people have taken note. This is what some are saying is OK.…. but is it really?

This is it from Ugly B for this week. As my sister Pretty Kelly said before, keep your feedback coming The Independent Newspaper of Mr. Ralph Volcere. We love the feedback. The letter from the Americas from the family of a man who hung himself is rather disturbing. I had to show him the letter to Pretty Kelly. They have a recording of the phone calls (and we now have a copy of it) he made wanting his money that kept being promised but that never arrived, and worst is the recordings also has Madame on it. She is heard telling the man not to call the house phone again and that he was sick. No wonder he killed himself. President, not the one in waiting for ‘State House Anytime Now’ dumped the Budget discussions for a London Trip for a special Seychellois evening. Amazing or just a disgrace?

 It seems that ‘Plastic Ramka’ left Afif to represent him. One influential MNA said ‘We have seen it all’. ‘Fake Prea’ was Vice Presidential Candidate, ‘Coconut Henri’ is waiting, ‘Angry Ferrari’ and ‘Houdini Georges’ have been at it since day one, but  ‘Johnny Afif’ understands Statistics and bluffed them all as he walk passed them sitting with their mouths open looking at the figures he gave them to study. ‘Witty Loizeau’ and ‘Faithfull Arrisol’ were really impressed and ‘Rolex Florry’ just played in her hair amazed by the figures tabled justifying why he needed to be close to ‘Plastic Ramka’. Yes five million dollars (over sixty million rupees) for four passports was paid, and no one in the National Assembly says a word. We now hear one hundred million for Assumption Island to be given away and again like for the passport money the Government and the People of Seychelles get nothing. No procurement and no tender needed. A new flag will fly of what was a Seychelles island before this healing process. Albert Rene was in hospital and was refusing to go back home to Barbarons. Service is better and the caring more family like except Seychellois are paying for what he should be getting at home. James Mancham was home to the end and happy being at home with his one million rupees security paid with no tender whatsoever. I really have to salute those brave Seychellois who are keeping the flame burning on Social Media. They are hitting all sides as they try to free Seychelles. “With their small, small axe they are cutting down the big, big trees”. Your Social Media posts are really a must for all to read.  Like you we want leaders who have the credentials to lead. Seychelles has been let down by the Ramkalawan approved Budget. If you do not like it you say No and you Vote No.  Yes the next elections will be really sweet. The racist Black Bull article of Le Seychellois was only written by a  ‘Coconut’, My Man from Jamaica said.  A confused personality this ‘Coconut’. Did Irene go to London to visit the Queen? I do not know but anyway sing “Good night Irene goodnight, goodnight” and keep the Man calm because nothing else works. The Mayor has a budget for domestic travel on his jurisdiction and this is just in Victoria. People are sarong it must be an allowance for shoes and soon his office will have shoe racks like Imelda Marcos had as culture dies and artists are more lost than ever. Next week SWITCH & SIB Chairman Lebon. As you can see we have a lot to talk about, but talk we must…. so we have a lot to talk about in my column. And again this is what some are saying is OK… but is it ?

Hope Pretty K is proud of me.

Bye for now, till next week.

Ugly B.



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