Joanna Nicette is a highly frustrated woman

The lady editor of Lavwa Lalyans is frustrated to the point of insanity. During the live press interview at State House last week the lady made an attack on President Faure that was totally uncalled for, considering that she is the editor of a newspaper that is the mouthpiece of Patrick Pillay of Lalyans Seselwa.

The lady editor told President Faure that he speaks as if he has just joined the government, when in actual fact he had been minister, vice-president and now president – insinuating that Faure should get the hell out of State House.

We are not in the business of defending Danny Faure, however, if Aunty Joanna would want to apply this formulae to the President, she must be mindful of the fact that she represent a political party and she is a former editor of ‘The People’ newspaper that have contributed to our present circumstances. In that case whatever rule she wants to apply on Danny Faure now must also be applied to her, Patrick Pillay, Simone De Comarmond, Noellie Alexander, Clifford Andre, Ahmed Afif, Terence Mondon and many others…

So you see Mrs. J you must start thinking first before you open your oversized gob again as not to embarrass your organization, your colleagues and above all else your pitiful little self. Have you never heard of the saying that “when you live in a glass house you don’t talk shit?”

This advice is for free, for nothing from a colleague…... now go smoke some pot to calm you down.



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