Fraudster set to lose Austrian millions

Benefit fraudster Wayne Patterson will lose the $3.3 million he has invested in Austria, after the Crown won a case to retrieve it.
Wayne Thomas Patterson was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison in 2007 after pleading guilty to stealing $3.4m in multiple charges of benefit fraud.
He faked 123 identities to claim up to $28,000 a week for three years before his arrest in 2006.
The Crown has recovered the $3.4m that was taken, but it has also spent the past eight years in a legal battle in Austria to recover Apple shares and cash that had increased in value to about $3.3m.
Patterson, who employed an Austrian lawyer, has argued that the Crown has recovered what it was owed and the outstanding funds were rightfully his.
Despite telling the Parole Board last year that he had instructed his lawyer to release the funds to the Ministry of Social Development, he has continued his fight to retain the funds.
In September, the Vienna Court of First Instance heard the Crown's claim against Patterson and his Seychelles-based company Westgate Holdings Ltd, which he set up to hold the stolen proceeds.
On October 30, the court ruled that the Crown was entitled to the cash and Apple shares held in the Anglo-Irish Bank in Austria. Patterson was also ordered to pay the Crown €48,300 in legal costs.
Patterson and Westgate have until mid-January to appeal the decision.
A ministry spokesman said that if the ruling was not appealed the funds could be deposited in the consolidated account early next year.
Patterson, 55, is to appear in a judge-alone trial in January on seven charges in relation to writing forged letters in support of a failed bid for parole.
He was denied parole in March, with the Parole Board finding he could not be trusted not to offend again if released early.
The board took into consideration advice from the ministry that said Patterson was trying to thwart the ministry's attempts to recover profits made from the investment of his stolen funds.
Patterson's current sentence ends in July next year.


  1. IJN democratic societies fruaders and other criminals regardless who they are ....are dealt with accordingly--not in rogue states like Seychlles whereby fruaders,criminals are parti memberswho confiscated National insitutions to commit tthier crimes,cover them up and protect themselves.

    Take for instance,Morgan--he made a scam deal with one of his ofreign Friend and lost U£ 4,5 million--in fact the cou8ntry lost the money but I am sure Morgan pocket his share from his foreign firend after.Chief-of Staff of the army robbed Sr 6 million rupees from military coffers and he is still chief-of -staff and would probably be promoted to genral soon for theft by Chief-of Thieves Michel.Lucas is still practicing law,Peter Simon who is involve in robbing Sir Lnakan business people with his cech friends is still not being investigated but insteaed partilepep deicded without court ruling to deport the cech so to protect Peter Simon from being investigated ,name and shame.Lehmann brother fraud by Pl,and any other frauds.

  2. The case teaches us how important it is, to have independence judiciary,and but also Lcals as judges and not foreign illegal judges corrupted by one party system to rape justice to protect partilepep criminals and cover up their criminal activities by abusing National institutions.

  3. correction---Not UN but IN

  4. U£ 3.4 million dollars is a lot of money,what about U£ 2,4 Billion dollars pl robbed from our coffers and safed it in Swiss Bank?Should Seychelles government does like Austria and investigate the case ,so that the people of Seychelles can have their money back in order to pay pl mammoth debt,mess,and stop dependeing of International Charity, and depict Seychelles people as World beggars?

  5. I saw Dr Laporte signing deals with UEa which would increase further our already ammuth debt created by his gang.WOuld it be much better that Dr Laporte work to get our U$ 2,4 billion dollar stolen by his party and hidden in S2wiss Banks back to its owner Seychellois ?

  6. Magistrate Adeline tells us"we must understand why the court is slow in dealing with cases of sexual assaults"Thec fact is the Seychelles court is slow as a tortoise in all case and that has beenthe case for the last 5 decades.The reasons are--incompetency of the court,under qualified judges,illegal foreing judges,the lack of indepedency of the justice system,,uncompetency of investigation experts from Forensic to medical,etc....

    A sexual assault case should be rapid.Delaying cases not only harm investigation but it also communicates daming messages"we donot believe you,"etc...
    RApid DAN tests by Hospitals,labs,to assist law inforcement of sloving crimes but also creating a better circumstances for prosecuting a case.etc..etc..etc..

    1. No smoke without fire......... As always there are always two sides to every story. It will be a money pit for tax payers, money the country do not have..... First we need to define the meaning of "sexual assault."

  7. Cap Ternay hotel project is back?Them crook keep quite for us to keep quite them been using those tatics seen years,how to go foward with construction with out approve by Seychellios peoples.This you call democracy moron?We will bring democracy to you.

  8. NDEA are framing innocent Seychellios its a matter of time Seychellios start to turn on them in a aggressive way letting foreign Escobar importing heroin on our shore than try to fram Seychellios peoples, stop it enter in our country suckers a small island you dont who are importing it you well who are Escobar on this Island.Kontiyen pran Seychellios pou kouyon and harash Seychellios.

  9. They are more concerned about hotel projects, off-shore banking and how to live 'devant et vivant' as Rene says. Right away no one cares about Ebola! For tourist sake there is no threat as long as Seychelles is no part of Africa! But today an outbreak of plague in Madagascar has killed 40 people and infected dozens of others, the World Health Organization says. It is getting closer home, better be realistic and stop living in a word of make belief and fantasies.

  10. If I was one of the Port Glaud mizerab at the meeting I would tell them: you go ahead of your huge hotel project, but find you own fresh water supply. NOU PA POU DONN ZOT DELO.

  11. A word on the Oil spilling incident.In fact ,I have a question for partilepep .Why Seychelles has no or not enough marine firebrigade ,equipped with all the tool to deal with oil spilling,fire fighting at sea,etcc...?Instead of explaining why there has been no internvention by fire bridges ,Partilepep vmouth piece NATION makes comment like"the oil comes from left from right etc..."We donot need ridiculous comment partilepep ,but intervention to pump and get the palce clean immediately before it spread into the Ocean which will have more consequences.The reality is that after 5 decades ,Partilepep has done little or nothing .No real marine fire brigades.etc...

  12. it is time to organize marches against Partilepep dictatorship,marches for democracy,marches for real political changes,marches against foreign interventions(Likes Khalfia,Indain)in our internal affairs,Marches against Indains and ofriegn invasion of our land,illegal sell out of our patrimony,passport.marches against occupation and colonization of our institutions like the justice,police forces Ambassies by foreigners Marches against partilepep state organized criminality and state terrorism.Marches for free anf fair elelctions.

    Donot let partilepep dictates which march we should amrch but march in stpes to the marches that will free our people and country from a gang of thugs call partilepep.

  13. Seychelles NOGs want more Hreports on Human rights in Africa but failed to ask partilepep to provide reports of government unilateral decision,on abuses in Seychelles,in a word ask partilepep to be accountable and transparent by for instance--that when ministers travel of official visit abroad then face National press conferrences to answer the Medias about their visits ,that include having Michel the Preisdent facing not ONEZIME in a room at SBC but in a coference room to be questions by all press.Reports of SEPEC revenues and operations ,IDC revnues and operations,Signed agreements in Seychellois names etc.... get things done at home before going to give lesson abroad.

  14. I am beggin Oppostion parties and NGOS to organize MAARCHES aginst Partilepep state terrorism,for free and fair elections,for government accountability and transparency,for public participation in their country's decision-amking,against Indain illegal hinud religious march on our Christian streets ,against the building of Hindu temples for Indian Exapts workers and stopping to make it as if ti si aprt of our culture and traditions,the illegal occupation of foriegners of our instituions,for free and fair elections, WE CANNOT ALLOW partilepep crooks to dictateswhat marches we should do and what marhches we should.We must fight against dictatorship by refusing to take dictates from partilepep but instead march for causes that we have at heart such as free and fair elections,ministers answering questions from all Press and medias in press conference not in Assembly in front of partilepep thugs,stop illegal sell out ,stop gifting our passport to foreigners including our land ...tetcc

    it time for us to exercise our rights of freedom of expression ,assembly,marches,etc..

  16. Danger of drunk and drive, so smoke and fly .Though driving drunk is a problem ,it is not the biggest problem in our society,,Therefore I would like partilepep monkeys to deal and find solutions to real problems with societal consequences like dealing with hard drug addcits,demoestic violence,child abuses often by drug addicts,rape,colonization of our land by indian,etc.....

    I would like partilepep to show statistic that show that drive drunk is a major problem above that of hard drug consumption,invasion of our land by Indians,dictatorship, corruption,robbery by partilepep ministers etc....

  17. Seychelles Police kill for driving drun and than jungel court free them on bail that mean every Police that kill can walk free for their crimes.

  18. What they gona put in this hotel more camel family?EU tourists are back in Greece and it was a record for Greece this year on tourisum.

  19. James Michel's friend is facing a revolt. The Health Minister of Sri Lanka Mr. Sirisena, has left the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mr Sirisena said that Sri Lanka was heading towards a dictatorship and was blighted by rampant corruption, nepotism and the breakdown of the rule of law. Including five other Ministers - Rajitha Senaratne, Duminda Dissanayake, Rajiva Wijeysinghe, MKDS Gunawardena and Vasantha Senanayaka have all decided to back Mr Sirisena in the 8 January election. Do the Ministers of Seychelles have the balls to do just like the Sri Lankans? or are they too dumb? Time will tell!

  20. Unfortunately, we Seselwa have left it too late. With all the new Seselwa Fabrike & Importe the balance is now tipped against the Seselwa racine. I noticed tonight on the road to Providence. After almost 4 decades of independence from Britain, we now have South African policeman & Nepalese Gurkas teaching our policemen how to conduct random checks on drives and vehicles. After almost 4 decades, we should have been out there teaching people on mainland Africa. We are doomed, it is too late to reverse the clock.

  21. Sesel nepli pou Seselwa. Sesel pou etranze. Foreigners will use Seychelles to wash their dirty money. I see Savoy Beau Vallon is up for sale. What a great way to turn black money into white money !

  22. Don't be surprise if one day you woke up or come vacation you see Port-Glaud is separated from Mahe. You will see signs that read slow down CAMELS AHEAD!
    Those Arabs will do what they wish with Party LePep.
    If you think I'm crazy.... give them 5 more!


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