The Dangers Of The Middle East Hubs

The Seychelles delegation attending World Travel Market in London (WTM) is saying that all is looking more positive for the island on the UK market.
“The continued interest by the UK Tour Operators, the support displayed by the press through the many interviews carried out on the Seychelles Stand at WTM and the new business drive are all positive signs said the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange who was personally heading this year’s delegation to the UK Tourism and Trade Fair.
“Airline discussions have been held and new investments inquiries attended to. Our arrival figures are showing signs that the UK Tour Operators are pushing the islands once again. We launched new marketing tools and our e-marketing Department is today more on the ball than ever before”  said Minister St.Ange
This year the Seychelles had a big private sector delegation participating alongside the Seychelles Tourism Board at WTM.


Foreign Office issues worldwide terrorism warning for British tourists

British holidaymakers travelling anywhere in the world have been told to be vigilant as they are at risk of being attacked by Islamist terrorists.
The Foreign Office on Friday night issued a worldwide travel warning, saying tourists were at a risk of attack as a result of Britain’s intervention in Iraq and Syria.
The warning applies to every country in the world, and the FCO updated travel guidance on its website. It reflects a “generalised threat” to Britons, rather than intelligence of a specific and credible attack.
The warning states: “There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time.”


  1. Watch out Seychellios PP crooks have brought jihadist on shore just one attack on our shore no more tourists for years! zot a mange kaka.

  2. In other words they should not go to Seychelles. Seychelles is an Islamic state. A strong supporter of anything barbaric Islam commits. Seychelles doesn't have an efficient police force or army to deal with such attacks. All the men in uniform in Seychelles have been bought by Arab terrorists. Therefore British tourists should stay away from Seychelles until a democratic government is elected where the security will be efficient and not waiting for orders from UAE when a suicide bomb strikes. This bombing is imminent in paradise raped by Islam and James Michel.

  3. PP was after oil money from arabo and don't think oil money can bring terror on our shore.

    .Araze Largent.pou fer zot maler

  4. Aljazeera! Pirates have not attack a ship for more than 2 years now,what Faure are up to in UAE about pirates?

  5. Toursim shows sign of taking off said St Ange, --it is normal as it is our high seasons during the period of the year,but the over rule arrival quota is stagnated because of NO DIRECT FLIGHT from our Main market EUROPE.As long St Ange and partilepep ignore the heart of of the problem Seychelles arrival quota will hardly sky rocket.IT IS NOT THE EUROPEAN TOURISTS THE PROBLEM ST ANGE ----BUT THE BAD CONNECTIVITY.

    As to TERRORISM risk----by allowing and helping Khlifa to brain-washed Young deperate Seychellois(often ex-prisoners)to convert to Islam----and allowing Arabs to promote Islam in our country--partilepep has created a kind of ethic-religious group ,inexistence before 1977, thereby paving the apth for real potential --religious conflict as well as the potential of breeding,hatching ,catering and forming Local toeerrorists right hereat home inour majority Christian land.

    Recently history of toeerrirms show undisputably that todays teorrrirsts are MUSLIM because they do believe that their relgion though 1000 years younger than Catholic the only true religion and all none muslim are unbeleivers and should literally be radicated.We have also seen ,that though youngsters from Muslim families (those migrated to Western countires)though born in their new host country,having a western education,and even generations after are ready to go to fight in the name of islam and that against their host country that give them very things.(Eg many >Euroepan of immigrant origne are in Syria fighting along side ISIS and else where)That gives you the idea of the threat pose by these for example ex-criminal now converted to Islam at Mosquee built by one of the world Well known sponsor of World teorrism the Arab countires like UAE.Qatar,Saudi Arabia ,and these same one Partilepep is selling out our Christian country to,and helping to force islam on us ,with the hope that he will give away our own identity,culture,tradtion,custom and force us to dress into robe,wear sandals,use our fingers to clean our asses,make our girls,women semi-animal,,,,, in a word---make us primitive,slave and force us to worship a guy who proclaimed himself as last prophet if not god himself.

    Partilepep has been active .even proactive in supporting the artificial rise of Islam in our country by--allowing arabs to force islam in Seychelles,aubse National Media to promote Islam while Seychellois do not have access to their National medias,crookly allow Khalfia as fanatic Muslim to decide the faith of Seychellois,control our government,even illegally palnning how our Christian cities,coasts would look it for us as if we donot have a brain and cannot decie what good for ourselves and all that because of state terrorists in the partilepep gang with Terrorist Michel at its Helm.

    The same partilepep who allows Khalfia to force the introduction of Islam in Seychelles .is als othe one preaching atfighting terrorism --probably because Partilepep knows too well that its polcies of colonization,promitng islam in our Christian country would in the future produce the end result partilepep is lloking for namely creating ereligious conflict and the prapration of local JIHADISTS right her int our christain land once peaceful and far away for World problems that we never had and should never have.

    The real terrorist threat today for Seychellois is partilepep teorrist government which if we donot get rid of ,would be much more stronger in a few decades when the Mad fanatic of Muhhaamad grow int our country.Then we will have bobms in hotels,churches,markets, etc.. and regular religious conflict like we see in Phlipinnes,and elsewhere where Islam exist.

    Partilepep should stop advertiseing Khalfia Jihadists on our National Medias,stop illegal contruction of mosque in a our Christina land,stop allowing foreigners be it Khalfia ,foreing Imans,etc... influence Seychellois Muslim but allowing radical Suadis Iamns and others to access our territories and come a radicalize our people at home,I

  6. To fghitn potential terrosits attack on our Christina land we must firstdeal with the root cuase of teorrism in our country which is Partilepep State is partilepep who has illegally allow Rabs to the likes of Khalfia to get access to our Christina land,and for bribes allow then to force Islam on our people especially by opening to them prison doors to get access to weak souls,desperate youngster get brain-washed by crooks garbs is robe,wearing dirty bears,wearing sandal,riding Kamels to indoctrinate these young ex-prisoners and make them fake local JIHADISTS ready to act at the calls of the foreing Imans ,ready to destroy their own families,Nation in the name of imported ISLAM ideology that have nothing to do with --our indetity,,culture ,tradtion and history.

    Seychellois Christina religion is not just a religion ,it is a main aprt of our identity,who we are,where we come from,and our Christina faith has been the moteor in producing the Nation we are ,with open-minded,modern thinking nATION WE ARE TODAY.aLLOWING fOREIGNERS LIKE kHLIFA ITH THE HLEP OF pARTILEPEP ATHEIST FORCE iSLAM on us is dangerous and wil create gre<t risks for our Nation existence in the coming future,it will destroy our tourism industry,culture,tradtion,and retarded our Nation development.

    Foreing Mian imported fro fantic Islamic states like UAE and elsewhere should be forbibben to practice in our land as had done many Euroepan countires(France,Uk etc...)to avoid that fantic fand primitves from these Arab countires come right here at home to radicalize our Seychellois Muslim community as they have proven to be capable fo doing in UK,and other UEROEPAn country.

    Our CHristain Religion is over thousand year OLDER than ISLAM and there no reason that we must follow MUHAMMAED a criminal who proclaimed himself the last prophet and ignore all prophet teaching before him.We refuse to follow MUhhammed as the SHIIT do--because we beleive the teaching of our christain prphet who are hundreds were the first and exist long before Muhammad whose bleive is simply an ideology.And NB also that MUhaammed was not the one who created the KORAN because the former was illiterate but a JEWS who converted to Islam and gave primitive Muhammed the idea to "Wirte /Have Abook like for CHRISTAIN The bible,JEWS TORA etc.. else Mohammed the illiterate would have had today not KORAN.

  7. It is high time that St Ange to bla blainh on increase of arrival during the high season which is normal in all Tourist destinations during their high seasons and start listening to proffesionals in the tourism industry.That is both Locals experts,and Intenrational epxerts,What has those Lcoals and International experts told St Ang/Partilepep and have considered a priority?t is the same call for the introduction of direct flight service.

    Local experts,French experts ,now UK experts are teeling Partilepep marons the same thing---you need direct flight--good connectivity donkeys to get ouyr tourism industry on trak --and you know what those partilepep donkeys just to not get it but instead continue singing their off beat song of TRANSIT IN DUTY FREE IN DUBAI as transit means direct connection.

    On the blah blah ôn piracy by aprtilepep teorrists is all to pelase Khalfia-Pirates if exist--exist iônly the GOLF of ADEN --that is between Somali and Suadi Ariabia,YEMN and not in our EEZ-The Arbs despots want to drag Seychelles in their own fights and make us preach in their favor and thereby promoting Seychelles as a risky ctourism destination,just as the call for caution by Uk against toeerist strick in destinations of which Seychelles would soon be part and listed as such because aprtilepep and Khalfia have illegall introduct the threaof toerrism right here on our Christina soil by allowing illegal construction of mosques and sponsor by toerrist know state like UE;SAUDI ARABAI.QATAR etc...

    The cancer of teorrism is partilepep----it must be radicated in orde that after we stop the growth of imported islam our our soil and that of himduism -the later has been allow to walk annually on our Christina streets in religious rpoccesion though they are foreing workers and have not jurisdiction to benfit from these illgal processions on our is all because of State toeerists call partilepep lead by Chief-of -teoprrist Michel the Butcher the grand traitor.

  8. When a country depending of tourism cannot provide good connectivity and make connectivie a priority in achieving the country tourism strategy----things cannot be positive as St Ange wants us to believe.The problem is that both St Ange and partilepep knows that the irresponsible deals without conditions between Airsey and Khaflia Airline is the root cause --creating problem ,collapse and reduction in tourist arrival to our land ,but still for reasons known to them only they pretend not to know the cause,ignore it even when bothlocal and Intenratzional experts tell them and continue with their policy which involve allowing Khalfia/ETIHAD to dicdates tis polcies on Airsey though the later is the biggest shareholder in the deal and should have more say in decision-amking regarding AirSEY strategy.It seems Morgan/mCihel have taken heavy bribes from Khalfia to raped Airsey ,that they canot alter the crook deal they made in their own names with Khalifia.They even try to stay quiet on it as if they want that Seychellois stop questioning their illegal deal,and they hoping that Seychellois would stop challenging them in order to keep the status quo of AIRSEY beinga secondary Airline to ETIHAD .We can also see their unwillingness to allow New Airlines such asMr AFIF airline to kick start for Khaflai has dictated to them to avoid ,impede the deal,or nay deals that would remove the monopoly of EITAHD on this route.Partilepep is not a government of the people ,they were never one but one for Khalfia and arab despots.This illegal partilepep government must be removed,and they will be removed sooner than latter and culrpits will be severely punished for their crimes against the country and people of Seychelles.

  9. Seychelles Nation because of its culture,tradtion,and history was spare from amyn conflicts we saw in other countires where there are tribes,ethnic groups and different religions----But partilepep thinks this natural peace Seychellois enjoy is not good for stability,peace,tranquility,etc.. .so aprtilepep imported Hinduism to our land and is doing everything to allow Hindusim and Indains to modify our culture,Nation, its history and traditions by allowing Khalfia to import and sponsor Isllamization and and INDAIZE our land by foreign forces be it Arb despots or Indians .

    Partilepep aubes and use State Medias not to rpomorte Seychellois culture ,tradtion and history but Import iSlam and illegal Hindus religious proccseeion on our streets and consider it,Advertise it,promote it as if Hinduism is part of Seychellis religion,cutlutre ,tradtrion that they even wanted to make it an integral part of our ceremony,festival etc.....What is partilepep is doing by allowing Indain Exapt workers conducting religious procession on our Christian streets is telling the indains that Seychelles is their home while the same Indains do not recognize ,like other religion though other religions whose beleivers RE iNDAINS TO EXIST BUT THEY DO THIK THEY AS eXPATS WORKERS HAVE A LEGITIMATE RIGHTS TO MAKE PROCCERSSION IN A COUNTRY THAT IS NOT THIERS AND HAVE NOTHINGS TO DO WITH THEM AND SHOULD IN ANY WAER ALLOW TO CONDUCT ANY SUCH THINGS AS BUILDING hINDU TEMPLE,hINDU PROCCESSION AND ANY ELSE AS EXPAT WORKERS IN A LAND THAT IS NOT THEIR AND THEIR IS A nATION THEY SHOULD RESPECT.

    Hindu s religious processions and any hindus activities must stop in our land ,and equally this illegal Hindu temple must be destroyed for Seychlles is not part of India,Seychellois are not hindu and Exapt hindus worekrs have nothing to d in our land.

    Partilepep must stop allowing Indain Consulate to raise their hindu flag with the present of SC each year on our soil which is a sign of colonialism demonstrated by Indian each year.Our National Medias must stop being rape to promote Islamic,Hindu illegal religious procession,advertise Khalfia policies and ofr any non Seychellois interests.

    Seychellois must laos dig in their brain and minds that these imported potential threat such as Mosquee built by Khalfia who wants to islamise Seychellois,Indain rasing their Flag each on our soil are acts of treason committed by the same criminals who bankrupt us,robbed us,sold us and raped our liberties in 1977---that we must be ready to eliminate them or at least provide their full support to those who are ready to eliminate these partilepep monkeys killing our cuklture,tradtion,religion,existence as a sovereign Nation just because these donkeys a4re communsists,atheist,brinaless. crooks.

    As SISI,ALIADA;HAMAS partlepep though it non Arabic name is as wicked as these teorrists groups and must be treated as such and all means must be used to eliminate this grand threat to our Nation existence nam Partilepep with Athiest and self claimed semi-god Michjel the butcher at its helm.We must not compromise with teorrists be it Intenrational or home grown.They must be dealt with in the most harsh way imaginable and without emotion,fear etcc..

  10. Terrorists !!Pl has started to bred them in Mosquee built by Terorist Khalifia, supported by imported fantic Imans for Suadi Arabia in order to brain-washed them and radicalize them and finally use them as Human bombs in Hotels teemed with Jews/USa or Euroepan National right here on our Christian shores in the name of ALLAH;KHALFIA and aprtielepep.Then Seychelles as a Christina Nation with it its tourism industry would deasaspear forever and Islam can take control and our people especill women can be animalized and be used as human bombe to please preserve.

  11. Sad, Sad, Sad... This is how you view one of the great religion of the world. In fact google Islam/Muslim you will be surprised to learn it is the fastest growing religion of our world. It is unfortunate there a few misguided followers who has hijacked this religion for their own reason. It is the same here in Seychelles. You cannot blame all Seychellois because of FAR & JAMs action. The more we bash Islam the more people flock to it. Did you know a great amount of Americans converted to the religion of Islam after 9/11 ! After 9/11 there were a lot of people around the world who wanted to learn more about Islam to understand why human beings can be so barbaric towards their fellow human being. To their surprise, they ended up learning about the real Islam which promotes peace and harmony. They quickly learned that 9/11 were the result of misguided individuals who happens to be muslims... So the more we bash this great Religion the more people flock to it....Here in Seychelles we have always had all the great religion of this world. We have always lived together and respected each other. I hope we can carry on respecting each other and carry on living in harmony. Jean Paul

    1. Jean Paul get this: We Seychellois will never accept Islam. We will never accept our churches to be bombed. The only thing Islam is great at are: beheading people, sending suicide bombers and raping all women and girls. So shut the hell up.

  12. Bring 1000 Iraqi Christians on our shore to escape SISI from chopping their head I will come them on our shore but no jihadists.

    Jean Paul Great religion of the world why are Muslim killing Muslim? And why most Muslim countries are at war with out end like Libya,Iraq,Syria etc and great religion should learn how to forgive and live with their brothers and sisters Muslim in peace but devils have destroyed a great religion.Why? must of them like Britain convert all are ex trouble makers on London streets and been a few years behind bars for stealing or drug trafficking or not welcome in society no friends the feel lonely and than they convert to get friends in a mosque.

    Christian +

  13. What J.P. is saying is full of bull sh..! Seychelles has always been a Christian land and the values inherited were Christianity, that is why there were respects, tolerance and harmony. Everybody who lives in democracy and freedom will tell you that Muslim is on the rise today not because of its teachings but because of the Arab oil money! People like J.P. today glorifies Khalifa not because of his religion but because of Khalifa's wealth and influence.
    Everybody in the Christian Seychelles has gone dormant because they have been bought and looking for hand-outs.The day is fast approaching when oil will not be the main source of world's energy, then we shall see who praises Arabs and Muslim in Seychelles.

  14. Christian
    `Muslim have been killing each other since the death of Mohammad.Shite and Sunni are killing each other because one side worship Mohammad and the other side the Father of Muhammad.Isalm is the fast growing religions in bankrupted and poor countries.

    Many Americans converted to Islam, as many are often originated from Islamic countires and immigrated in the USA.their sons daughters born in the USA convert to Islam for amny reasons such as felling rejected,different etc.... and finally join Islam because they loss.It is also true that many are forced to be Muslim beucase their families are and must therefore follow their parents faith,especally women.

    Committing criminals in the name of Allah is nothing great in it--if it is so it therefore right to say ,Partilepep is a great party for it butchered its people and even foreigners.In other words,criminality is great.

    Seychellois as Nation--has it history,culture,tradtions greatly influence by it faith--we are call RENE,MICHEl not by accident but because of our roots----I cannot imagine changing my Christian which is part of my identity to rename myself as ALI. MUhamad for by doing so I will lose my identity my roots and therefore be a nothing like a tree without roots---you cannot exist.Whe new refer to on history and identity it can only be found in roots which includes my religion.

    Saying Islam is a great is a great relgion is sad.for firstly it is not a religion but an ideology---animalizing women and make then second class Human like in Indian Cast system there is nothing great about it,for we were all born equal-----

    That Asking people not to wathc film,etc....and telling us Muhaamaed say so in the Koran is ridiculous simply because back then no one including Mohammed knew that hundred years later men would discover how o make film.
    Or having Arabs telling Seychellois that their COCO_DE _MER entry stamp in passports is NA OFFENCE to the Arab religion is redicule --for it would means that Mohammaed refuse GOD(Allah creation and consider that ALLAH created COCO_DE _MER because he wanted to offenced himself.

    Telling people that they must stoned each others----is nothing prophetic and godly in it -but pure murdering.

    Asking people to kill those who believe in Jesus ,the alter was over 500 years before Muphammed and consider that all those teaching by those before Muhammaed are not truths--is the teaching of anti -God not the last prohet sent by GOD.
    Trying to tell Christians that though their religion existed almost 500 years before Muhammad and that they must change and convert to Islam and worship Muhammad is an insult to both God teaching and its followers.

    That Mohaamad Raped Aichia at the age of 6 years old and then justified his crimie by saying to Aishia she was sent by God to be raped by him--is anti-GOd and crimie---God teaches us to Love,care for our kids and that of thoers and rape is not a way fo caring for a kids Mohammed.

    That men in Islam can married seven times while women must be slaved of men(patriarch)is not the teaching of God but that of Mohammad a criminal.

    God tteaches us that he is the only judge and when his teaching are not follows it is solely up to GOD to punished us on judgement day and then you have a criminal called Mohammadthat old us ----he can murdered others in the name of God---this is not god's love or actions of a prophet but simply the act of a psychopath killer.

  15. Mohammad was the first Islamic terrorists.He butchered thousands of people who did not accept his ideology.though God teach us that he is the sole Judge of men.Mohammad over-ruled GOD's teaching and rules and butchered others because he bleived he is GOD.Maohammad was a prophet of DOOM.

    The myth that is islam is a relgion of peace is amazing and disturbing---For Mohammad and followers butchering those who donot accept his stupidity--is peace.
    Calling of followers to butchered christains,Hindus whose religions--the former dated back 500 )hE IS THE DOCTRINE sole PROHPET(SELF-CALIMED PROPHET OF COURSE)

    GOD if we believe Mohammad loves Suicide-bombers
    Islam is a pile of falsehood and inconsistencies--proof islam forbib Alcohol consumption on earth but promise rivers of alcohol in heaven.
    -it claims to support adultery but yet sanctions the prophet to take his son's wife,sleep with a six years old,allows Muslim men to married with five to seven wives ,and provides Muslim men with 72 virgine in heaven.
    In a word--Mohammad is thwe prophet of DOOM therefore Islam is the relgion of doom.There ismore than 100 verses in the Koran inciting murder.God teach to love one another ,Mohammad tells us to kill each others if they donot abide not with God teaching but the teaching of Mohammad.

    You know Fasle Gods always demand the blood of innocents.
    Islam teaching differs tcompeltely from the Gospel --teaching .wrtting by prophets who lived thousdans of years before Mohammad.Isalm teels us that Jusese is not the son of God--but a slave on whom GOd shoes favor,But yet else in the SURAH we are told the the MESSAIH is NOT A SLAVE(SURAH 3:45)and the inconsistency goes on and on and on.

    ISLAM and CHRISTINAITy are foreover diametrical oppsed:
    A tenet of Islam is that both Mohammad and Jesus of Nazareth wre both Muslim.Islam says both were prophet sent by GOD.If this were ture(JESUS who existed thousands of years before Mohammad would had told us that),then it is mandatory that these two great prohpets must coincide in all points and never contradicts each other.

    Our Religon Is more than five hundreds years older than Mohammad ideology and we would not follow the teaching fo a fake,self-proclaimed prophet of DOOM.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Jeanne D'arc don't waste your time with Jean Paul. Every educated human being knows Islam is about savagery. Jean Paul go rape your sisters tonight. It's allowed in Islam stop your bullshit here.

  16. P10.45
    artilepep is not Seychellois people.or like Mohammad you trying to make us believe Partilepep crooks are prophets and doings are God's wills.Are you also a folloer of DOOM?

  17. I am a follower of those who taught us GOD'S TEACHING THOUSADSN FO YEARS PRIOR TO Criminal Mohammad.I am a follower of FATE.The supposed of religion should be of MORAL PERFECTION,so Should be his representatives on EARTH.Allah duly claims the same about Mohammad in the Quran.Therefore,The HADITHS would outline a character and personality of Mohammad that would be a moral perfection.if there is anything said in the Quran or any character and personality traITS OF mOHAMMAD in the HDAITHS lack of moral perfection,that would negates te QURAN to the word of GOD,and Mohammad's claims of being a prophet.In other words,or deeds of Mohammad in authenticHADITHS shows him spreading unjustified hatred on non-muslims.unjustified degranation or denigration women or any Huamn beings,unjustify acts of violence,etc...

    Mahammad molested the six years daughter(AISHA) of his closet disciple and friend ABU DAKR.Can that be a follower of Allah or simply a devil disguise as prophet.

  18. Partilepep are crooks not because I want you to believe, but because their records show and confirmed that.Partilepep dos are criminal inspire by the devil.

  19. When you have powerful people converting to Muslim, then there must be something wrong with them. These powerful people does not need the arab money. Look up Cat Stevens, Abdul Rahim Green, Dr Bilal Phillips, Muhammed Ali.......I agree there a lot of people who are nobody joining this great religion. But who are we to judge, God will be the only judge of his creation.

    1. All these so call powerful people are drawn to Islam for it's violence. Look at their track records before you write bullshit.

  20. Definitely, all your supposedly powerful people have something wrong with them now or in their pasts. Your first nominee Cat Stevens is regarded as an hypocrite as far as religions are concerned. He was searching for a crutch in his life. He flirted with Buddhism but realized it was not suitable for him. He "tried Zen and Ching, numerology, tarot cards and astrology." His brother, impressed by a visit to a mosque in Jerusalem, gave him a Qur'an. Eureka! Mr. Islam had found his calling. An ideology that promotes polygamy, honour killing of wives, daughters and sisters, hacking heads off non-Muslims, stoning women to death, hanging homosexuals, female genital mutilation (circumcision), suicide bombings, execution of apostates, child marriages of little girls, and more. And anti-Semitism, a virulent hatred of Jews and Israel. His CV includes an arranged marriage and the wild days of Rolling Stones. On his conversion to Islam, he wrote: "I found a religion that blended scientific reason with spiritual reality"

  21. To 11:05 Read about Cat Stevens Conversion to Islam

    While swimming at a Malibu beach, Stevens nearly drowned. Facing imminent death led the singer to make a promise: If divine intervention could save him from drowning, Stevens would devote his live to honoring God. According to Stevens, a wave pushed him to shore as if in answer to his prayers. Soon after this brush with mortality, Stevens' brother gave him with a copy of the Koran as a birthday present. The book made a deep impact on the musician.

    In 1977, Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam and converted to the Muslim faith. Along with his adherence to his newfound religion, Stevens mandated that he would no longer record secular music. The following year, A&M Records released Back to Earth, a backlog of previously recorded tracks. The release experienced mild success.

    In September of 1979, Stevens entered into an arranged marriage with Fawzia Ali, and founded a Muslim school near London. For the most part, he lived a quiet life devoted to his family and faith, and wasn't heard from until the late 80s. In 1989, Stevens claims he was misrepresented as supporting the death sentence for exiled novelist Salman Rushdie. As a result, Stevens' music was largely removed from the airwaves in the United States and he was blacklisted from the music industry.

    In the mid-90s, Stevens began to release albums of spiritual lectures and Islamic-themed music. But these, combined with his philanthropic efforts, couldn't seem to erase his previous stigma. Although he vigorously condemned the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, he was placed on a "no fly" list which prevented him from entering the United States. He was also accused of funding the Hamas paramilitary group, but he denied doing so knowingly.

  22. Christopher Ganster said this to partilepep mouth piece Nation"Ripping off guests reduces the changes they will come back"When aprtilepep ,fro instance ,force Visitors to transit in Dubai duty free and force them to spend their saving in DUBAI duty free rather than in Seychelles,is a from of ipping guests.Whne partilepe hike prices of alcohol and that with thousands percent hike--it is ripping guests ,when MIRN of PUC rises price of electricity supply by fossil fuel generators while fuel cost is at free falls,it is ripping both Seychellois and guests for the increase cost is diverted on them by businesses ..etc..etc..etc

  23. Marco must not be treated as a criminal for he is not though it must be recognized that for a person known until now for his honesty .Marco case is ,as Chris says,not the most serious matters.Maroc action destroy Marco himself not the country or Seychellois people as the multiple crimies both National and International commited by partilepep this case it is the reputation of Maroc at stake and not that of neither Seychellois nor Seychellois.In thoer words ,we must not turn an act of naivity/demeanor into an act of should not,it can not and must not.

    It is a shameful mistake that is destroying the person of MARCO.And Marco can takes some steps to rehsbilitate himself by recognizing this unfortunate mistake which would at the same time clear his name from being a partilepep crook,and allow Seychellois to geive him a new change in life,for he does not deserve to be treated as partilepep criminals.

    Marco must not make the mistake of acting in denial as it icommon palce within aprtilepep gang
    -Marco can repair this bad unwanted and undeserved reputation by being himself,acting as he use to do namely honestly,by accepting that this act was unintentionally committed by naivity and so

    The lesson Marco's delimma teaches us ,is that when fighting and lving under the force of darkness ,one must always stay alert else we could easily fell prey to the force of darkness.The later purpose is simply namely to destroy you.

  24. Not defending MArco for his mishap,but for the fact that his mishap has nothing to do with the job as leader of Seychelles commerce he has been doing brilinatlyand has proven to be effective,talented,good which has allow him to make a name amongst proffesionals in the business community.

    Again,you cannot ask a Airline captain to resign a Airline captain because he frauded his driving license--it is two different things and should be treated as woseparate different issues.I think that is where we hearing attacks on Chris because his position differentiate what Marco is doing now as a successful lear of Sey Commerce and his fake degree ,which has nothing to do with the fact that he is successful or laeding the business community .If it was a Business degree that he fake and then hold the peadership of a business organization ,then asking for his resignation would be justified buêucase it has a direct relation for the job his is doing.Forging a Bachelor Degree in Law,has no influence,relation with the business world as such,at least in Marco's case.So that is where there is lots on disagreement,becuase the twoe completely different things Fake bachelor of Law and a good ,effective Business leader has nothing in common.

    Now as example given above--namely a airline captain cannot be asked to give away his Pilot license or position because he fake his driving license......Should those who have the power to deal with fake degrees etc.. think he should be investigated or actions taken against him--that their problem ,their duty and responsibility but no amalgam should be done between having Marco as a successful business leader and having fake a degree law.

    Finally,we donot necessarily ask a driver who commited an accident to give away his driving license, unless the accident is so grave that it is necessarily to do so.All depends of the gravity,extends of the accident.Nor should we ask for instance,Pieere known a JUDAAH to give away his degree in mathematic because he is a political stooge of partilepep,this is two different things.

  25. Marco should not leavbe his actual position as Seychelles Commerce leader-----for his fake degree in law does not have any influence of the job his is doing which has to do with businesses and not alw.He is not practice law,or being a solicitor,Attorney anything direct in relation with his fake Bachelor degree in law to force him quite his actual job.I would agree only if his fake degree was a degree in Business studies that has influence him for gaining his actual position.It is not the case.

    In other words,Maroc did not fake a degree in alw to allow himself to get access to the head of the business Roganization for his Law degree is not a condition for achieving such position for their is no relation betweem Business and law.

    We all have the righrts to express our positions for or aginst,but at the same be focus on the real issue and we should not under discomtent amalgate different things that does not belong together just in order to justify our miscontents.

    He did a mistake for faking a degree in law,but he has made no mistake in the job his hold and a fake alw degree does not influence the way he was chosen for the job,his decisions in regards to the business community,their interests,their image.etc...

    1. FYI

      Numerous countries across the globe are taking stringent actions against the elements found guilty of submitting phony documents to meet the eligibility criteria for recruitment, to get salary raises, to lure clients and to win seats in the legislative houses.

      A former Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan, the ex-Swedish minister for employment Sven-Otto Littorin, noted British politician and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Jeffrey Howard Archer, an eminent Greek political figure Kostas Margaritis and a Lebanese parliamentarian Antoine Zahra etc have paid a heavy price in the past for forging their educational qualifications.

      These above-named international politicians had mainly suffered because their countries had long been intolerant on this count.

      Other eminent international personalities who are known to have been pleaded guilty of acquiring fake educational degrees include British science fiction writer Ron Hubbard, former Senior Director at the US Department of Homeland Security Laura Callahan, former member of Canadian Parliament Jag Bhaduria, Toronto Stock Exchange’s former Vice President Terry Popowich, famous international football coach George O’Leary, Ireland’s Government Science Adviser Barry McSweeney and noted South Korean movie star Jang Mi-hee, who later became a theatre and visual arts professor at a prestigious college in her country on basis of forged documents.

      All these afore-named personalities had to relinquish their posts after they were found culpable.

  26. I agree with you,but first an investigation must be conducted by the state and then only actions can be taken if any against Marco for forging a degree but not for being a seccussful businessman .He was chosen by the business community for his business talent and his faked degree in law was not a criteria for his chosing as Haed of Sey Commerce community--there must be no amalgam between the two.

  27. For example I believe that MIChel who when Minister fo Ecomony and finance portrayed himself and was pontificated By NATION as expert of Economy should have not only resigned from public office for he as no knowledge of economy but wanted to make Seychellois believe he is a qualified,experience economist which has result in our country bankrupcy therefore having devastating consequences on all Seychellois .

  28. FYI
    I agree with you ,but again Marco did not become Seychelles Commercial leader because of a fake Bachelor in Law but for his demonstrated capacity as a business man ,recognize by his counterparts in the industry.

    I think you should be must more concern about CLUAS invovlemnt in Money launderying as a Lawyer and who is still exercising law after raping all ethics of alw.This should be a case whereby a crook should be asked,and pressured to stop practicing law .Or Gonvinden as AG lying on envdinece in the death of Chenney,he should resigned.Or Chief-of Staff of the army robbing SR 6 millions from military coffer ,and still chief-of staff.Morgan in phony deal lost or robbed 4.5 million dollars.Or Michel the President of Seychelles opening fake OFFSHORe Comapany abroad,And of ocurse our 2,5 billions in swiss bank.

    1. No matter what, this guy has committed a criminal offence as per Education Reform Act 1988 in the UK

      Use of the word 'degree'

      The Act uses a common technique in UK legislation in that it makes it illegal to offer or advertise any qualification that appears to be, or might be mistaken for a UK degree. This restriction is then removed in respect of qualifications from bodies on a list maintained by Statutory Instrument.

      In the United Kingdom the institution offering degrees must be accredited and a list maintained by the Department for Education and Skills.

  29. As a nation we cannot see a fellow Seselwa like Marco do well in his position as head of SCCI. His fake degree was not a criteria when he was elected. On the other hand we had an army Doctor, turned businessman and was hoping to become president of Seychelles one day who was widely accepted as the head of SCCI. This is a real problem with Seselwa mentality. We need to break dow this 'wall of bad mentality' within ourselves if one day we want to bring down this SPPF wall !


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