Honorable Father Wavel Ramkalawan getting away with murder

The Honorable Father is now a man of great power and most people are afraid of him; even institution like the Appeals Court of Seychelles is scared of the leader of opposition. Last year we wrote about an inheritance case that Wavel lost in the Supreme Court of Seychelles. The Judge had ordered him to pay his sister and brother their share of inheritance, which Wavel had denied them by transferring a house that was worth over 1.2 million rupees in his name for only 50,000 rupees. He had also not discharged his responsibility as Executor of the estate of their parents in a manner that was efficient and/or transparent.

The Honorable priest has appealed the matter – he is being represented by another cowboy; Attorney Bernard Georges. It is now a whole year and the Seychelles Court of Appeal has not seen it fit to pronounce a verdict on the matter in all that time. Legal observers are saying that the Judges of Appeal doesn’t want to cross the leader of opposition as they don’t want to become a target. This is a sad situation for our justice system.   



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