Opposition witch-hunt turns paradise into hell.

Salem Victoria Seychelles 

A true story of political revenge, social hysteria and abused justice by overzealous self proclaimed experts, accusers and bigots, in the name of truth and accountability.

Salem/Victoria, the persecution, condemnation, victimisation of dozens of innocent citizens is unfolding with the blessings of President Faure and the new cohabitation LDS.

The United Nations declares that racism is still igniting and fuelling violence and conflict throughout the world and that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance are among the root causes of internal conflict.

Seychelles is a party to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination :1969

Hate crimes and hate speeches are often rooted in xenophobia and all relevant actors should pay attention to the early signs of warnings including marginalisation and social exclusion.
Bernard Sullivan surrounded by LDS representatives

During the last presidential and legislative elections the opposition LDS have based their campaign on hate speeches on social media and activists were trained as trolls and cyber terrorists to vilify terrorise and abuse their opponents. The leaders themselves were interacting under fake profiles on face book blogs. One of the administrators of an opposition blog was the well known extremist Bernard Sullivan.

In 2011, the supreme court of Seychelles upheld the decision of the registrar of political party to reject the registration of a political party on the grounds of propaganda of hate speeches and discrimination, the classification of citizens into groups : Rasin (group being superior and having the right to be elected, appointed and to hold office). Fabrike (fabricated citizen naturalised citizens having less rights and liable to deportation and revocation of their nationality)Bernard Sullivan was one of the leaders of this party. He later joined the SNP and later LDS. He was arrested and detained for threatening the President on FB and his lawyer Derjacques (SNP) made a shocking call for the repeal of ‘criminal slander.’

Constitutional Court postpones judgement

« Yesterday morning a three-member judge panel of the Constitutional Court postponed a ruling, concerning the petition filed by defence counsel Anthony Derjacques, which calls for the repeal of the section on criminal slander in the Penal Code of Seychelles.

Lawyer Derjacques is representing Bernard Sullivan, a staunch Seychelles National Party activist who was arrested in 2010 and temporarily jailed for ‘criminal libel under section 184 of the Penal Code of Seychelles.’ The case has been bogged-down in the Magistrate Court for over a year and a half and appeared stalled yesterday yet again »
Bernard Sullivan

Throughout the election campaign Sullivan was a administrator of an opposition blog on FB which spewed hate speeches, racism, gender violence, abuse and xenophobia. Cyber criminals were encouraged to vilify and intimidate their opponents. Even women indulged in gender violence and hate crimes some well know political families close to the opposition took part, bullying and inciting violence. Leaders condoned and the victims were condemned to silence.

More shocking were violent attacks against the chief Justice Mathilda Twomey. This was started by two prominent leaders of the opposition SNP and in public ; leaders of LDS encouraged and continued their attacks calling for the impeachment of the chief Justice. Lies and insults were thrown at her on social media and she was threatened and spat upon in Victoria. All this went unpunished and the higher authorities did not intervene to stop the abuses.

Xenophobic rants against foreigners especially the Indian community and vile attacks against the Arabs and Muslims are common. The latest speech by the speaker of the National Assembly warning foreigners to respect the Seychellois appears as a threat to the expatriates working in the Seychelles.

As the Witch-hunt intensifies in the National Assembly, a restless mob hungry for revenge fuelled by their leaders are waiting eagerly for the gates of hell to open. Have we reached the point of no return? Will democracy survive the committee of revenge? The fate of a once peace loving and multicultural society does look grim. Finally who will be responsible for a bloodbath and the collapse of democracy? The leaders themselves as well as the opportunists, all those who are remaining silent in the face of adversity and injustice.

It was in no one’s advantage to save the witches of Salem. Most were hanged in the most horrendous historical mascarade of justice and bigotry. Whereas those agreeing to resort to lies and to denounce others, they were saved from the gallows.

LDS/SNP united purports to be the great defenders of free speech, fair enough, activism plays an important role in a democratic society it is a fact, yet to condone and allow hate speeches, racism, gender violence, abuse and call for violence (pil lo li) to go unaddressed in the name of freedom of expression is worst than undemocratic but rather criminal and fascist.

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