Pillay and Mancienne in disaccord

We have published here an email from the leader of LDS, Mr. Roger Mancienne to Patrick Pillay. It is clear that there is great disagreement between the two – when it comes to the protest that Pat Pillay was involved in last week. The protest has now turned into one big farce and a pantomime, which have   left eggs on the face of Pat Pillay.

In a stroke Patrick Pillay has broken up the cohabitation and the LDS is also fragmented as a result. It is clear that Ahmed Afif has now abandoned Patrick Pillay and he has cross over to the SNP to try establishing himself as the running mate there. Nicholas Prera has already fallen out with Wavel Ramkalawan over several issues that they cannot reach a compromise. This move by Patrick Pillay exposes Mancienne’s weaknesses as the leader of LDS; no one is listening to him – like Vincent Meriton of Parti Lepep; they are both fake leaders of their respective political party. Roger Mancienne was clearly agitated by Patrick Pillay’s decision to go and protest in Victoria: ‘Does it mean that Lalyans will go its own way, without consultation with the rest of us’, Mancienne wrote. Patrick Pillay ignored his party leader’s concern and went ahead with his desire to protest for the resignation of President Faure and for fresh election to be called.

The question that begs an answer is what will happen if LDS ever comes to power? Will they listen to the leader or the president or will it be chaotic at State House, with everyone doing his own thing without coordination and control? This is a dangerous proposition. What has Wavel got to say about this situation?? Nothing it seems. He must be praying for this problem to go away. He has a duty towards the LDS supporters to make his position clear on the matter. We are waiting…….    



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