A dictator in the making

As the saying goes, charity begins at home. Someone who does not believe in justice within his own family, surely, cannot be relied upon to bring justice within a country. We all know about the case of Wavel Ramkalawan v/s his sister and half- brother, so there is no need to dwell on it any further…

But the point is that, this same man is today posing himself as the person most qualified to judge everyone else in the country on the alleged wrong doings committed in the past. This boils down to the fact that he is the “Chairman of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee” (FPAC) in the National Assembly.  What will Wavel do if he becomes President of the country one day? May the Lord never allow it to happen! Based on what we are seeing already, the man is a fierce dictator with an appetite for vengeance.

We are not saying that it is not important to correct mistakes of the past where there might have been, but it should not be treated as the only priority. What the country desperately needs today is not a politician who only wants to tell us what went wrong in the past, but one who can also show us the way forward to the future.  At this moment in time we need a leader who can inspire politicians and all Seychellois to mend fences with one another where there has been a rift in the past, but not one who only knows how to sow the seeds of mistrust and bitterness.

The law enforcement agencies should take up the responsibility of investigating the alleged criminalities of the past and the responsibility to prosecute must lie with the Attorney General – and any evidence of the sort must be passed on to the proper agency for prosecution and politicians should not be judge, jury and executioners. Wavel Ramkalawan and his gang must be the watchdog rather than being the Rottweiler itself.

The common observation is that Wavel is currently wasting a lot of energy on FIU and NDEA with only one aim in sight. He wants to get the satisfaction of seeing former President, James Alix Michel, appear before him for questioning in his capacity as the Chairman of the FPAC.  His animosity against the man, who defeated him in three consecutive Presidential Elections, is no secret to anyone.  It is his way of getting back at Michel.

Former President Michel may not be perfect and no human being is. That is what the vast majority of us   Seychellois who are Christians get taught every day.  Therefore the country will serve itself better by building on the many good things that the former President did during his time in office.

The ways of dictators always stay the same. Nothing is ever right in a country unless they are in charge.  They believe that they wrote the scripture of democracy. It lies with them and nobody else. It is only when they assume power; if it ever happens that the people will know what a catastrophe they really are indeed. Here in Seychelles, we have a case in point. The people had better be careful.



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