The Home Stretch

Viral Dhanjee

‘Pti Dimoun’ enters the ring & all bets are off.
Whilst all the world leaders are currently, at COP21 in Paris, addressing ways to save humanity from man-made consequences of Global Climate Change, this evening we the people of Seychelles we will be subjected to the final round of PPB in the people’s fight to remove the devil that is, once and for all.

It is not the fact that the opposition parties have been sleeping all this time, but JAM has to realise that the only thing that matters to the people of Seychelles is the CHANGE we so badly want. The opposition parties may well have been sleeping, but the people NOT.

Jam was already on the back foot by the voices of the people on the social media well before the opposition parties decided to wake up, but now that they have what a powerful force has emerged.

You can trash the political parties over and over again JAM but how do you fight the power of ‘dimoun ordiner’ and the ‘pti dimoun’ JAM? Ready for the knock out JAM?

JAM is cornered and is on the back foot on the issue of corruption and the guys tonight must keep the heat on.

Some opposition hopeful will no doubt try to convert some of the very popular support and empathy they enjoy into votes. It is an uphill task and hope they do a good job of it. They really must convince the electorate to give them the votes in the FIRST ROUND as this is crucial to defining the opposition for the next 5 years. In the SECOND ROUND all can VOTE FOR CHANGE.

I hope the opposition does not repeat their solution to solving the crippling drug problems on the country to evoking divine powers and divine intervention. For if divine powers and divine intervention is to solve our crippling drug problems, then we might as well leave the solutions to all our problems to that solution and just get the hell out of the way.

Neither should the limit of our efforts to solving the education problems (if this issue is again addressed) be defined solely by having benches and tables for all and having walls and windows painted or by increasing discipline and control. Nor address the difficulties and short comings of the ministry of health (if that is also addressed) by addressing only the eliminating favouritism and intimidation in the workplace.

Jam has to do damage control and I won’t be surprised if he brings in some heavy bats from the bin of history, the likes of FAR and JRM. I also expect him to hit below the belt at Ton Pat who continues to bleed him, like finish telling us the story he started telling us in his last PPB, about the embarrassment in London that led to the removal of Ton Pat there as HC. No doubt he will also have a go at Wavel.

No doubt there will also be some ‘’he said this; she said that; he did this: she did that’’ but all should never forget that we have serious problems in the Seychelles and we need serious people to solve them. Convince us of that tonight.

I hope the guys take off the boxing gloves as well tonight. Let the knockout be tonight. We can have a replay of the knock out on the 5th.

1st. December, 2015
Viral V. Dhanjee, Union Vale


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