Want to f**k John Denis. Let’s do it guys.

Yes guys let’s blame John for all that goes wrong.
Let’s shame him for our lacklustre PPBs.
Let’s blame him when we lose.
Let’s blame his absence for our poor performance.
Let’s beat the shit out of him.
Get real guys.
John may not be here with us to vote but that will
never ever diminish the value of what he did for
democracy in the country.
He probably singlehandedly did a lot more than
the rest of us put together. – put his neck out , used,
reused, packaged, repackaged and recycled by all, none of whom provided support and protection to him and his family, in spite of everyone knowing what difficulties he was going through and his needs and threats he had to face because of what he did for us.
Taunt him and goad him as you please. John is irreplaceable. All the more reasons for him to remain safe at this juncture. Remember Micheal Arnephy, 2013 and Wavel Ramkalawan, 2006; after they had their skulls slip open; they have never recovered, probably never will. They are not the same person/fighters they used to be. Splitting one’s skull is very effective in silencing anyone. Not only does one end up with a split skull but apparently seem to lose their balls to stand up to anything. Now, we would not want that to happen to John would we? We still need him to help take this country forward. And he can do it in ways like none other.

I wonder why you guys do not direct your anger and frustations against all the opposition party leader who have sold us. No one, no opposition leaders challenged the new Electoral Law which came into effect on the 11th. May, 2015 and the fraud, statistically impossible electoral list. This is the day we lost the elections. This new law was/is a setback for democracy and is a lot worse than the previous one. Instead Wavel tells the world that it is a big improvement and everyone swallows this bitter pill as if it were honey. The silence of Ton Pat and his Committee, who would have used all tricks (fraud) in the book (obviously with their friend Gappy)to inflict defeat upon defeat on the opposition parties in all previous elections, , leaves the whole electorate numb. None of the others talk about it, nor challenged it.

You guys have no balls to take on the leaders for failing and selling us, yet you do not hesitate to crucify our only HERO of the hour.

You say that ‘Seselwa Annou koze’ was team work and that you are so so stronger and more powerful than John. No problem except for the fact that in the same sentence you add that he (John) had promised you all that he would, more than 2 months ago, be doing some interviews and PPB for Alexia Amesbury and then you go on to remind us that 2 months later you guys are still waiting. Well if you guys are so fucking good, why wait for over 2 months, and still waiting, to get Alexia interviewed?

With John not around, Seselwa Annou Koze has gone into paralysis. If John dies then Seselwa Annou Koze also dies. Simple as that.

Such a post, denigrating John Denis is totally ridiculous and tasteless. It is not a one-off. Such posts appear every so often, with the obvious purpose of influencing the thoughts and feelings of the populace against John. I hope that I would have explicitly and in no uncertain terms have told you what we the people feel about him and what we think of your tasteless manoeuvres to denigrate him.

4th. December, 2015
Viral V. Dhanjee (Union Vale)


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