If it is good for Zimbabwe, then it must surely be good for the Seychelles. What a farce at the cost of Tax Payers money.

Those who may find comfort in knowing our presidential election process due in just a few days will include international observers should be aware that the SADC Electoral Observation Mission is the same body that has gone on record saying Robert Mugabe’s presidential mandate bestowed by voters in Zimbabwe was achieved through credible elections allowing the result to stand, no matter that fairness was observably lacking.

“On the question of fairness, it’s very difficult to say everything was fair,” SADC election observer Bernard Membe said in the capital Harare as he summarised his report.
SADC mission members are in Seychelles again now after observing the 2011 vote, still refusing to disclose what was found more than four years ago on the grounds that, “they do not want to affect the current election by divulging any of the findings from the previous election watch ... “, and promising to illuminate Seychellois AFTER this election concludes.

It makes sense only in the context of African politics that disclosure of vote rigging would remain secreted away from the populace until another run is over, for why else would information on a four-year-old process remain under wraps at this stage of the game?

The SADC Electoral Observation Mission would have lost credibility in the eyes of the Seychelles people. Glad they having a wonderful holiday at the cost of the Seychelles Tax payers. They should not forget to include this in theirs reports.

Seychelles has no desire to be another Zimbabwe, yet it seems what works for Mugabe is good enough for the Seychellois.

If the political parties should have a protest regarding this election it should be that some Electoral Observer Mission (SADC) are not at all observing and not presenting timely report. Smells of a rat.


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