Christmas has come early for LDS/PL Regional Councilors

The nominated councilors by PL and LDS will receive 7500 rupees each per month and the chairperson will each get 10,000 rupees. There are 42 members in all with an additional 7 chairpersons. This will cost the taxpayers SCR385, 000 per month, which will add up to SCR4, 620,000 over twelve months. Many people are not happy about this situation, since, most of them are in fulltime employment and already earning big salaries.

A closer look at the people appointed will reveal that they are all practically activists of LDS and PL. It is fair to say, that the two political parties have used this opportunity to reward their loyalists. This is another crime against the people, by LDS and PL. It is also proof, if it was ever needed that these two parties are very similar in nature; they don’t practice what they preach. The LDS is showing its true colours, and that if they get power one day, nothing will change in a fundamental way the country is being ran today. They will only replace PL and it will be business as usual.

This is a great shame for the people, who had expected that things was going to change, with a victory for the opposition in the 2016 National Assembly election. The “Ek nou pa ek nou” philosophy is still being used to manage the masses by both PL and LDS.

It was a great shame, to see both Sebastien Pillay and Roger Mancienne in a News Extra programme trying to justify their actions. They said, that the people voted for their district council representatives when they voted in the National Assembly election in September 2016. We couldn’t believe what the two rocket scientists said in the programme. They looked like unwilling participants, in this charade to try and fool the viewers.

LDS with PL have trampled on our democratic rights to choose our representatives at district level. They have forced their party activists onto the district councils, to keep a whole on political patronage in the communities. This is not the only time that LDS has departed from what they said they stand for… it seems that when they get a little power they want to keep it all for themselves like PL. The same scenario played out when the Mayor of Victoria was appointed, they screamed and shouted and cried. However, when their man gets in unelected LDS just stays silent and celebrate. Food for thought!  

 heir salaries: This is how the taxpayers are being robbed: 42 MEMBERS   7 CHAIRPERSON 42 MEMBERS @ 7500scr ALLOWANCE PER MONTH = SCR315, 000 7 CHAIRPERSON @ 10000scr ALLOWANCE PER MONTH = SCR70, 000 TOTAL PER MONTH = SCR385, 000 TOTAL FOR ONE YEAR = SCR4,620, 000.



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