Heroin, Corruption, Foreign Workers and Politicians will kill Sesel

The above is the dangerous mix that is killing this country. It is the Molotov cocktail that will burn down the Seychellois society as we know it. It was revealed in the National Assembly this week that there are 56 known financiers of hard drugs, 200 dealers and 300 black spots; peddling heroin and other dangerous substances at different locations in Seychelles. This information is more than is required to eliminate the drug epidemic. However, there are other factors at play that is making it extremely impossible to contain the impact of Heroin; it is corruption and politicians.

On Tuesday the Designated Minister was in Parliament to answer an urgent question posed by Hon. Charles De Commarmond. The Designated Minister had brought with her an entire delegation to the National Assembly, which included the Commissioner of Police. At one point in the debate the Honorable elected member for Cascade moved that the National Assembly should go in committee stage so that the Commissioner of Police could help with answering the questions and to clarify other matters that concerned the police force. The motion to move in committee stage by Hon. De Commarmond was seconded by Hon. Jude Valmont; it was a positive development in the right direction to try get to the bottom of the heroin issue and what the police was doing about it.

The whole country was shocked when the Honorable proportionally elected Leader of Opposition blocked the motion by refusing to support it, all the others in LDS fell in line like a pack of sheep behind Wavel and voted against the motion. This move by Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan meant that the Commissioner of Police was protected from answering any question on the fight against heroin, WHY?

This was a corrupt move on the part of the Leader of Opposition; he stood in the way of transparency, accountability and good governance. This is a man who wants to be president of Seychelles; he is too dangerous, he cannot be trusted with the highest office in the land - His move in the National Assembly on Tuesday was in the interests of the 56 known financiers. They have benefitted from the protection accorded to the Commissioner of Police on Tuesday by Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan. This means that the work to curb heroin sales in the country will become harder with the knowledge that the National Assembly is now providing the Escobars with cover. This is a very worrying sign, Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan owes the people an explanation for his action on Tuesday in the National Assembly.

The foreigners who are working here and their employers have realized that the politicians are weak and corrupt in Seychelles. They know that the ministry of employment/ immigration/civil status is a corrupt institution and many of the people in the private sector abusing the process are big supporters of LDS. LDS wants money and political support from them; LDS is a dog that will only bark and not bite. They are corrupt like PL. The business community is exploiting this situation to the maximum and the fact that only a few people are willing to speak out against the dependency on foreign workers and the abuse of the GOP system. The train will just keep rolling at breakneck  speed to Auschwitz.



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