Clifford Andre, the scammer

Mr Andre was a key partner to Quatro MPN, both in assisting in forming the “holding company” in Seychelles, registered in 2008 and in providing providence for the false companies and businesses the Quatro MPN was conducting.

In October 2010 Mr Andre attended a Quatro MPN leadership meeting in person in Manchester, United Kingdom meeting and encouraging the business plan that Quatro MPN had laid forward. He ensured possible and current investors that Quatro MPN had gained approval by the Seychelles government to start a legally correct and registered bank in Seychelles.

The fact that Mr Andre was a former member of the national assembly in Seychelles (in 2007) added extra weight to his claims and no one doubted that the bank was approved and would be a big part of the investments made in Quatro MPN by the auspicious general public.

With his position as lawyer his words was the “stamp of approval” for many to invest in Quattro MPN and its fraudulent business activities.

Mr Andre sits on the following qualifications;

Academic Qualifications: LLB (Hons) (University of East London), LLM Maritime Law (Malta), MSc Maritime Administration (Malmo), Barrister (of Lincoln’s Inn)

Mr Clifford Andre also has education from Sweden in the form of MSc Maritime Administration and many assumed that this was how he knew the founder of Quatro MPN, Mr Asle Frydenlund who was of Swedish origin.
As a lawyer Mr Andre is well aware of the practice of “due diligence” and even the lightest Due Diligence conducted would not reveal that Quatro MPN was a fraudulent business and had no capability to provide the returns promised, and it was simple to see that such projects as the Qcoopers and the Quatro VGC was the simplest Ponzi and Pyramid fraud even for an untrained eye. It would also have reveled that the persons he was dealing with had a dubious criminal past, something that did not stop Mr Andre from partnering up with them.

Today Mr Clifford Andre practices law in Mahe Seychelles and we are looking in to the cases he has represented in the past to find further information of his business practices.

Comments we have received or found online from previous members of Quatro MPN regarding Mr Andre;

Anonymous Germany:

“The lawyer guaranteed us that the Bank in Seychelles was real and ready, I invested my money because of him. I lost all, I never get one dollar back from Quatro!”

Anonymous Serbia

“I meet boss Asle and lawyer Clifford in the big meeting in Manchester, they both say e-bank was ready and we would all get much monies from investing in Quatro MPN. Asle is scammer and Clifford can not be real lawyer”

Karin J

“It seemed so real, I invested 500 000 SEK, it is all gone now. I even meet Frydenlund in person in Manchester with the Quatro lawyer Andre and they both ensured me it was a good investment”

Zoltan, Serbia

“My name is Zoltan and meet them bouth in Manchester. Him is just an employe in Quatro worldwide, and i think from be almost 20 employe at the office in Manchester in july, its only 2-3 person left, so i think even the workers for Quatro found out it was a scam. I have been all my life in Amway, and lucky me i`m still is, but the Raid with Quatro who start in Serbia in 2009 has been a disaster, nothing have been working, not one single thing. I will warn you all about this, so many members have lost theire money, and the company even still continued this scam”


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