Frustration shows on faces of local Freemasons in Seychelles.

Under scrutiny for fair and proper due process, the frivolous tribunal of enquiry into Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey’s conduct was launched today.
Mathilda Twomey is a Seychellois lawyer and academic. She is the first female judge in the history of Seychelles and also the first woman to be appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles.
The local lodge had lined up 7 “interested persons” who were purported to have evidence of misconduct. One local Freemason Gerard Lafortune was part of this line up, under strict local lodge orders of “all hands on deck”.

The tribunal judges HOWEVER dismissed all of them in short order as irrelevant.

The hopes of the Lodge for a quick kangaroo court and a disruption of the CJ’s diary, were also dashed when the dates set for the hearing turned out to be 30th July onwards. This allows the CJ to complete her calendar and undertake her Court of Appeal work.

What became evident is the degree of corruption in the Freemason fraternity in Seychelles.

From the pained look of frustration on Danny Faure’s face, when he  tried his best on national tv to imply that the CJ must go without saying the words - to the outright damage limitation  propaganda from Freemason controlled institutions like the national TV broadcaster, it is clear that the cancer of corruption and dirty money had overrun Freemasonry in Seychelles.

The CJ and the remaining non-Masonic Judiciary are the last bastions of hope for establishing a healthy democracy in Seychelles.

The citizens of Seychelles, and fair-minded  people globally, must throw their support behind our CJ and start the fight back to truly clean up Paradise and turn it into a showcase of democracy. Posted by Seychelles reality Today


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