What is the difference between the case against fired Freemason Karunakaran - and the case against Chief Justice Dr. Mathilda Twomey?

This is the question that has been popping  up recently to try and justify the local Freemason witch-hunt to burn the Chief Justice at the stake.

We will explain the difference in this article.

Karunakaran has a list of cases he has judged with no regard to the law. He has ruled in favour of whoever benefited him: A Freemason brother; The Political power that will protect him (SPPF, PL and LDS); or even an individual for whatever reason.

Karunakaran refused to accept the appointment of the Chief Justice, squatted in her office, acted independently with no regard to court systems and calendars.

Karunakaran held court and took cases that were not assigned to him, to try and get judgements on record to serve his corrupt fraternal masters and political masters.

Karunakaran has no justifiable excuse for procrastinating on closing cases where even his cowboy rulings could not save the party he wished to protect and pervert  the course of justice.

Karunakaran was openly in contempt of the CJ and thus the court on numerous occasions. An allegation that was extended to contempt of court at his tribunal as well. (Which incidentally will only be heard in September, while there is panic to try the CJ well before that).

Many of these were the findings of the tribunal instituted to investigate the evidence against Karunakaran.

It was a public hearing, at Karunakaran’s insistence. And yet the principal charge against the CJ is that the report should not have been made public on the internet 14 days after it was delivered!

Now to note that Karunakaran was openly supported by senior officers of the LDS party, and other vested interests who have offshore holdings to hide.

To note that the rank and file of the LDS supporters favour Karunakaran simply because he made an unauthorised biased judgement in their favour to try and help them win an election.

And to note that the current CAA is dominated by high ranking officers of the LDS coalition, to have itself initiated, investigated and pronounced pre-judgement of a removal case against the CJ.

It is clear where the quid-pro-quo lies here!

It is also clear that LDS does itself no favours on the stage of values and morals - if it is willing to stoop to this level of condoning injustice in exchange for power.

It creates the strong indication that the corruption that has infected Seychelles Freemasonry - is also in control of LDS itself and the democratic institutions it has recently taken control of.

Now compare this to the case against the CJ - which consists almost entirely of trivial technical events. All of which occurred during the HR process of deservedly removing Karunakaran from the Judiciary after the serious findings. Findings that incidentally are not being challenged for their factual veracity!

There is absolutely no comparison, and it is only an entirely “Corrupt Freemason” controlled society that would be able to pull of such an institutional miscarriage of justice.

It does not augur well for the future of Seychelles under an LDS leadership, or this peculiar “Danny Faure but not PL” leadership - in such a “Corrupt Freemason” controlled society. Posted by Seychelles Reality today


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