Going back to my roots

The Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan is now so desperate to be the President of Seychelles that he is faking it all the way to State House. This situation can be a dangerous proposition for the welfare of this country and its people; Ramkalawan is playing too many games and cannot be trusted with the levers of executive power; he has no clear direction as to where he really wants to take Seychelles. He is trying to manipulate his way to the presidency. We need to stop him before it is too late.

The Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan was in India recently to participate in a conference for legislators of Indian Origins, sponsored by the Indian Government in furthering its influence around the globe. However, there was more to be gained by Ramkalawan who had been appointed chief envoy by State House to conduct final negotiations for Assumption Island, with the Indian Government.

The Indian Government ‘pulled out all the stops’ to coddle the leader of opposition to see things their way. Honorable Ramkalawan was taken on a free ride, all expenses paid we presume to Bihar to meet with his distance relatives, where he was fussed over like never before in his life. There was no way that Ramkalawan was going to say no to the deal to surrender part of our sovereignty to the Indian Government. Ramkalawan had stayed very quiet here in Seychelles on the fact that President Danny Faure had given him a copy of the agreement; it was between him and Danny. The Assumption Island deal between President Faure and Honorable Ramkalawan was conducted behind closed doors in total disregard to Faure’s inauguration mantra of transparency, accountability and good governance.

In the end everything depended on how the Indian Government would host the Leader of the Opposition. According to the many interviews Ramkalawan did with the media in India, it is evident that they (Indian government) succeeded in seducing the ‘powerful leader of opposition’. Ramkalawan also did a lot of talking to the Indian media; he said things that he would never say when in Seychelles; like he is going to run as the SNP candidate in the next presidential election.

Since, his return from India Honorable Ramkalawan has been on a damage control exercise to try and pacify the uproar within the LDS ‘rank and file’ and the populace in general. This newspaper’s front page article last week applied more pressure on Ramkalawan and also on State House to reveal more on the Assumption Island deal. This week Ramkalawan gave Today in Seychelles an interview, which was published on Monday, that same night at 9pm, he was in a television “hard talk” programme to answer questions from Mr. Emmanuel D’Offay, our very own ‘‘Larry King’’. The Foreign Affairs Department held a press conference on Tuesday to brief the nation on the Assumption Island deal with Indian.

Both, the interview in Today and the SBC television ‘Tet a Tet’ programme were very shallow with Ramkalawan staying away from issues affecting the people; choosing instead to promote his bid for the presidency.

Last year when Patrick Pillay called for presidential election, Ramkalawan said that Seychelles was going through a healing period and that we need to wait to allow time for the atrocities of the past to heal. Now it turns out to be just a political manoeuver on his part to allow him to secure funding for his campaign? Has India promised bulk support to Honorable Ramkalawan and now suddenly he is calling for fresh presidential elections? Wavel you are welcome to go back to your roots, but please don’t surrender our sovereignty in the process!!!  



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