Wavel wants control over both the CAA and ACC

The defacto Leader Of The Opposition in the National Assembly the Honourable Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan is hard at work trying to assume control over both the Constitutional Appointment Authority (CAA) and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). The strategy is simple enough for the seasoned political analyst to understand and detect, but harder for an amateur observer. This newspaper is going on intelligence that has reached our office and on small talks between the players in the legal circles whilst sipping on 12 year old Chivas Regal – during network building and planning our future.

It is obvious that Wavel has a big problem with the composition of the CAA board members – he has made that clear during deliberations in the National Assembly – he wants to have a say in the composition of the board, maybe he should, but all things considered, he will have to wait for the current members’ mandates to run out. Many people believe that his main target is Jane Carpin, that may also be true, but Wavel has bigger goals and huge ambitions; he basically wants some sort of control over the appointment of judges. We know of three persons that Wavel would appoint Supreme Court judges, tomorrow, if he had his way; one lordship and two ladyships. He has also been applying pressure for the ongoing investigation against one Supreme Court Judge to be annulled and the Judge reinstated.

A quick look at these situation shows that if he could get his man and two women appointed, plus the reinstatement of the other one – he will immediately be cutting favour with four Supreme Court Judges. In fact he will have full control over the judiciary when the other ‘snakes in the grass’ are taken into consideration. This is why Wavel is putting pressure for the CAA Chairperson to appear before the National Assembly, it will provide him with an opportunity to force the dissolution of the current board – if that happens he will have a very big say in the composition of the new board – he will ask that the nominees comes before the National Assembly for approval and with a majority in the National Assembly, he will pick his men and/or women to do his dirty job. This is a serious matter that must be scrutinized extensively.

Now, the Anti Corruption Commission board members are also a big problem for Wavel – he wants it disbanded and fresh members appointed. WHY? It is for the same reason that he wants the CAA Board disbanded; he wants influence over the ACC to accord protection to certain (CORRUPT) persons who are now in his camp. We will publish an article to expose this particular shenanigan and who he wants to protect in another edition…...... watch this space!



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