Clifford Andre went AWOL from National Assembly duties

One of the National Assembly’s most corrupt MNA decided to spend his Christmas as far away as possible from his constituents – he left even before the National Assembly had ended their debate on the budget for recess to go on holiday with his family. This is corruption and a clear sign that the MNA places his interests before that of the people who voted for him. It is alleged that Clifford left Seychelles in the third week of December with a team of ten people destined for Dubai to allegedly spend three weeks at the Atlantis Hotel. This hotel charges 20,000 rupees a night. If he indeed spend three weeks there, it would have cost him SCR 300,000. This is a man who was taken to court by a lady over a SCR1.9 million transfer of a plot of land at Turtle Bay, which she never got. Clifford Andre a former Parti Lepep MNA is not genuine opposition – he joined the opposition
when he got thrown out by Parti Lepep, loosing the privileges he was enjoying. He is driven by bitterness and nothing else. It is also not clear how he was called to the local BAR, maybe he can clear that one out by releasing his certificates.

This newspaper was approached by several residents of Anse Aux Pins expressing their dissatisfaction with the MNA – many people were looking for him for assistance over the festive season; for a small bottle of cooking gas and Clifford was nowhere to be seen – he was swimming with the Dolphins in Dubai. Maybe, next time they will know whom to vote for…..      



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