Rotten Onions LDS Inner Circle

Guys. This is not going to be an easy one. I am being asked to comment on a recording posted that I never heard. Like most people I never got to hear the recording posted, which apparently had to do with a dialogue of sorts I had with Martin Aglae.

I have 2 recording of Martin Aglae, the first from the 6th. April which was his Press Conference (and that was recorded by a number of people present) and the second on the 08th April, also at his office.
There were 3 people at the second meeting. Apart from Martin and myself there was also a certain Mr, Dave, Martin’s deputy. That second one was a dialogue mainly between Martin and myself.
Martin is an intelligent guy, which explains why he quickly made it up the ladders in quite a few different opposition parties and in such a short time. He must in a way or another have impressed the leaders of these various parties, or were they so desperate that they all had special passes to allow unvetted newcomers and unknowns into their inner circles.

If one goes by the line that Martin is not intelligent, then that too is ok but it would say volumes of our leaders to allow themselves to be so impressed by Martin (who some say is not intelligent). Not only that but the leaders would have to explain how and why they would allow an unvetted and unknown person within their inner circles so quickly. They have done that not only with Martin. They would have done before and again after the 2015 elections. Guys we have a serious elections round the corner and we need our best team out there.

My only previous meeting (in all senses) with Martin had been some 18-24 months ago, when I had, at my request, met him (at the Yatch Club) for I had wanted to know him better and to know why he seemed to be all over the place. Did he have any principles and if so what. Did he have any loyalty? And if so to whom? I do not have a recording of the Yatch Club meeting. Maybe Martin has.

A number of people would have heard the recordings of my meeting some 3 weeks ago now. The recording would have made many rounds since then. I have no idea who would have heard the recording I have, but I imagine quite a few would have had. Not that I am bothered in any way, neither would I think Martin would be. He is/was in need of publicity and especially that his message be heard. Publicity he obviously gets plenty, especially with this recording posted, but clearly he gets much more than that.

Martin’s Press Conference practically left no doubt as to who were behind the ‘stealing’ of the Linyon Sanzman name. They too get much attention these days. The dialogue I had with him two days later clearly reinforces this. It is up to the listener to make up their minds. What was also clear from both the Press Conference and the dialogue with him was that the names of previous persons suspected/believed to have been linked to the ‘stealing of the name Linyon Sanzman were all cleared up but that did not diminish the interest into who may be behind Martin. That suddenly became a lot more interesting because people in the inner circles of LDS were being implicated. Martin himself, I now understand, was part of that LDS inner circle and attended their key meetings.

The amount of interest the recording posted by Gary Tall is therefore so natural. Unknown to any of you, but after the recording released by Gary, I would have been really bad mouthed by people Martin mentioned to me in during my dialogue with him. Again if necessary and if I can get necessary help I can post the same. This only reinforces the names Martin named.

The proposition, plan, strategy and game plan put forward by Martin impressed no one as he seemed to be talking from both sides of his mouth at the same time. His game plan defeated his said objectives. He had committed a political suicide and would not listen to reason. . I emphasized the need to for a common force at this critical moment. He understood that but..... Obviously he had no mandate for that.

Martin was to have me again a couple of days later and also again the day after the recording come out a couple of days ago. On both occasions he never turned up which leaves me believing that he is being stage managed.

I understand that Martin was also interviewed by RDS the week before but the interview is yet to be aired, if at all. I hope they do if they are to be a voice. I understand that RDS have not aired that particular interview in fear that it would hurt the LDS, opposition party. My opinion is that not identifying and removing rotten onions amongst us is what will hurt us. For our own good we really should put an end to this back door path to the inner circles of the party.

I want to thank all the people who have contacted me to load my copy of the dialogue with Martin on FB. Should the original post not turn up again, then I will be able to do so. Hopefully the Press Conference will also be loaded as it is important to hear his message and how anti – Wavel he (they) is/are. I understand that the original recording is to be re-posted. If not then I am getting my recordings posted.

I take this opportunity to wish all workers everywhere a happy Worker’s Day.
English River
30th. April, 2016


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