UK Watchdog Warns about Ftradition, a Suspected Seychelles Clone

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning to the public today against another broker it calls a clone firm. The regulator says FTradition (or Forex Tradition) is passing itself off as a member of the Tradition Group, an international group of brokers that is FCA authorised.

In December 2014, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) also issued a warning against the unlicensed Seychelles broker. The Dutch financial watchdog warned European investors not to respond to offers from Ftradition as the company is suspected of being a boiler room. A boiler room, the AFM explains, is a collective term for fraudulent individuals and organizations using “clever salespeople” to call potential investors to pressure them into buying shares that promise high returns (cold calling).
The FCA warns against trusting cold calls from the broker but does not claim reports of it happening. AFM has said in the past that it found that Ftradition Ltd. approached people without being asked for the purpose of offering them investment proposals.

Ftradition claims to offer “Stock Exchange Products” on its website but in some sections it also calls itself “ForexTradition.” At any rate, the broker seems to focus mostly on CFDs. Additionally, Ftradition says it is located in Mahe, Seychelles but the website domain address is registered by a company in France and it has a UK office branch. That might explain the European involvement.
As for the investment offers, the Dutch regulator said that: “In reality the shares are either worthless or non-existent.” The AFM has also established that Ftradition Ltd. does not have any European-compliant financial licenses.


  1. Just the name of the firm raises suspicion.As if is now common both nationallx and ,internationally the only gang involve in such illegally,racketing,robberx and so forth is party lepep,..a bunch of criminals disguise as polizical party..which in fact ,terrorists ..who zrrrorized seychellois in then instalt and practice State terrorism...with all its perversities similar to ISIS terrorist group in Irak/syria..
    At zhe helm of zhe gang is chief michel.and his money laundering assistance once a pro drmocratic activitist turned Pl stooge and collaborator Dr Paul Chow and many laeyers who over night proclaimed themselves Legal rxpert in ginancing to the likes Bernard Geotge,Lucas and others zhough they not qualified in the field...greed makes it possible..
    When will michel and his gang detoxicate themsrlves from the psychopathic wicked habits?


  3. Very soon JPA will proclaim that all these rumors are unfounded!

    Buy high....... sell low!

  4. Michel economic will still be the same like always blame the world economic for your corrupt system ,that mean to 2016 PP will be vote.This island will never get any better as long as those dickheads still seat above us. You know why Seselwa? to much paranormal living around State House and in the Assembly night and day those spirit from 1977 will not rest in peace and not find the white light to go and rest until morons are remove from power.


  5. Sorry vote out!

  6. ‘Seselwa ler in arive pour pran ou lekonomi dan ou lanmen e fer li marse’

    Apre ki i ti’n pronons diskour lo leta lanasyon yer dan Lasanble Nasyonal e deklar leta lanasyon konman prosper, pe bouze a en vites san presedan, Prezidan James Michel ti dir apre avek lapres ki mesaz pli enportan son diskour pour tou Seselwa se ki “ler in arive pour pran ou lekonomi dan ou lanmen e fer li marse e kre larises pour ou, ou fanmir e pour ou pei”.

    “Mon kwar lemoman in arive apre sa transformasyon ki’n arive Sesel apre reform 2008, ki ozordi Sesel in ariv en staz kot i bezwen son Seselwa pour pran ownership son lekonomi,” Prezidan Michel ti dir.

    I ti azoute ki Seselwa i devret met li pare pour pran ownership son lekonomi ki swa lo lanmer ou lo later.

    “Se pour sa rezon ki mon’n dir ki nou ti bezwen kapital etranze pour kapab ed nou pour konmanse, pour kapab ed nou anmenn lenerzi dan nou lekonomi e dan nou devlopman. Me ozordi nou’n ariv en staz kot Seselwa limenm i devret pran son lekonomi e fer marse e debourye,” Prezidan Michel ti eksplike.

    I ti fer resorti ki i pour sa rezon osi ki in anons serten bann zouti ki pou kapab empower Seselwa plis pour li kapab devlop son lekonomi e sa i enkli sa Lalwa pour Motivasyon Pti ek Mwayenn Antrepriz (Small and Medium Enterprise Incentive Act) ki byento pou ganny pibliye e ki pou donn Seselwa serten konsesyon e mwayen pour devlop son biznes.

    “Nou pe osi met a zot dispozisyon plis kredi pour permet zot antre plis dan bann aktivite ki annan pour fer avek devlopman lekonomi ble tel parey lapes, aktivite touristik e tou lezot ki lye avek lanmer osi byen ki lagrikiltir e lezot ankor.

    Me fodre ki Seselwa i sezi tou sa bann loportinite, i serye, i travay, i leve e i debourye e gouvernman pou donn li tou sa sipor e met a son dispozisyon tou mwayen pour li kapab fer sa,” Prezidan ti dir.

    So JAM is telling all Seselwa that after almost 4 decades he has decided Seselwa are qualified to take over the business in their country. JAM ase pran Seselwa pour Cou***. Your policy has always been to promote foreigners whilst disadvantaging Sesewa. This is why we are in Shit Street today. There are so many brainy Seselwa working abroad, be it in Medical, Aviation, Business etc etc...All these Sesewa were not allowed to benefit from their motherland. They had to leave Sesel to further their career. Now today you have single handedly decided Seselwa are qualified. When are you going to start paying qualified Seselwa the same salary and benefits you offer foreign workers ? Why wait for the economy to do better ? Invite qualified Seselwa back, give them the pay packet and benefits you pay to foreigners. Did you wait for the economy to do better to increase your salary and benefits ! JP

    1. Seychelles an empty shell.
      It is already too late for Seychellois to take over their economy. Corruption has plundered the little island, Arabs own the economy, the land and Government, whilst crime has invested the populace. The younger generation has been brain-washed to do as they are told - wait for a house from Government with renewed hope every 5 years. The consequence of refusing the Arabs the Cap Ternay project will be hard for Michel, right now his words are without substance for he does not know what to expect. He is offering back an empty shell to the people - Seychelles.

    2. I know a few want to kome but after almost four decades it is hard to get use to the Seychelles style. After 5 pm its a ghost town in Victoria, nothing to do......TV program is boring......movies suck..... can't go on StANNE BEACH for a picnic.....dogs barking all night.....voler tro good doctors if you are sick.....firemen show up when fire burn itself down.....LIST IS LONG!

      In the meantime those idiots saw a DREAMLINER for the first time they started LOL! and spray water CANON to welcome it.
      Hopefully next year we will see for the first time a new government formation....not through CANON but through BALLOT BOX.

  7. A dictor can quarantee stability.The unite he brings to the nation is as tenuous as his ownlife.Ca man alone is little.The life od as man,the heart of a man ,the head of a man,all that is quite exposed,quite perviuos to an Ak 47.National Unity and its main three causes are:non~disintegration of the Union/country,non~disi.tegration of national solidarity,and perpetuation of sovereignty.....sell out ,dipossession,and so foth...are not signd of neither unity not patriotism Thug other words,like Hilter,Thug Michel heigthens National Unity to justifies pl dictatorship.He think,Unoty is only possible by the barrel of an Ak 47 and dictatorhip..enslavement insreaf of democracy better server unity..People are more likely to be unite by fotced than when they arr free and than whrn cotizens exetcise their legitimate duty of participating in decision~making of their country.However,Srychellois are not as idiot,ignorant as thug michel,they know when Destruction is thr motive..any form of unity to the perpetrators of destruction is sinply dangerous.Seychellois refuse to unite with those pl thugs they oppose.Unity is all about COLLECTIVENESS Michel,not dictation...u a crook,a perverse criminal whose sanction for your crimes should be a citcus monkry michel,you belong to the zoo not at state house,monkey....

  8. Michel economy would stay zhe same for pl zhugs know nothing about modern economic practices than communist rconomic principles couplr with wild wild west,bush economic practices ...that is corruption,robbery,money laundering,rmbezzlement and fakeconomy.....Look eho Michrl chose as Financr Minister..Jrnpa,who studiedliterature with no economic and finance knowlrgde...Michel chose typifies his own ignorance in economy and the lack of solutions.

  9. 02,54
    U compleely right,we will never progress by bushmanship.....we cannot perfotm at a high standard with zhe less educated,zhe less evoluated,most ignorant at the helm of our country. GOD did not create monkeys to rule human beings .

  10. When asked about the ammut hotel project at a(grand police,monkey felt ambarrasse,for the project is about destructuon of environment and corrupt and in fact it has no different to zhat of cape ternay.we could also ask monkey michel what the purpose of more hotels when he can not fill the already existing ones?,would it be wiser tovstop any new hotel projects and inszead work out plans to get existing hotels. Fill up.?
    Michel tells his finance monister will be signing a debt relief wizh Parid Club,as jenpa signs zhr deal wizh his right hand ,he ask for more money with his left hand..he zhereby keep the addiction to debt and borrowing rolling.

  11. Cap Ternay Hotels call off for now because PP know election is coming but after election if they win they will go ahead with their project with out approved by Seselwa peoples this are game they been playing for decade those dickheads.

  12. 9:44




  13. Environment raper and cheif state terrorist Michel trlls his decision not to allow the construction of a hotel at Cape Ternay is because of environment destruction.shrn asked about the environmrnt destruction he and foreigners are planning to commit at Grand Police,he said those who oppose,that seychellois citizens in their majorizycriminal said is political tactic use by suppodedY the opposition. Or criminal and recividist michel the poeople is opposite....if it so michel,it then thr majotity support,the what the hell a monkey like is doing at statehouse?eho auzhorized to destroy Grand Police envitonment and our country thug michel?under which lae monkey?is seychellois patrimony for zjug michel and jis vohorts or seychellois monky michrl,?stop srll out and destroying our country pl.

  14. Guy did u see Jenps signing debt relief with Paris club...he was accompsnird by Laporte ...laporte must baby sit jenpa,for hr has no idea about economy and in finance......a bit like our two under educated privious finance ministrs Faure and Michel. -who bankrupt,,robbed,wmpoveridh seychellois......Jenpa seems on the way to repeat faure and michel gross failures....the guy is lots in thr figures and finance terminology.......soon we will get jenpa~economy which means destruction in which pl excel in.Economidt is a proffession of its own ,jenpa,..having the title of finance minister would not provide u with the economic knowlegde you to not have....u going to fail seychrlloid one more time as u have done thr last 5 decades maron.

  15. Seychelles needs Szateman not bushmanship has failed ud,desttoy zhr country,environment,deposse srxchelloid from their oen economy to give it to foreignerd,deposse seychellois from their land as michel isvgoing to do at Grand police,pl has alloe foreigners to illegally control our indtitutions from police,judge,ambassadors,adviser in.ministers anf presidrnz office,all foreigners,while seychellois is an independenz and sovereign country...Pl bushmanship id also whrn iz comes to be creative,innovative ezc..for instance,pl does not create new poosibilizy and mesns to increase seychrlles revrnue and Capizal by...creaze a national Cargo fleet which would benefiz deychelles,pl prefer zo worship Maersk,in a way as if Martdk belong to Seychrlled and seychrlles eould benefiz..Dizo,to One World,we had zhe feeling the way pl monkeys was crlebrating One World,zhry never seen a ctuise ship and zhe ship brlongd to seychelles.rrcent demonstration of pl bushmanship,is on zhe arrival of Ethopian Dreamerliner,pl make a show out of it as if ethopian dreamliner brlongd zo Airsexchelles and that seychelloid are so primitived likevpl marons zhaz somehow zhey shoulf see Ethopian dreamliner as a heavenly object and wordhipiz...why are pl marons so rezarded and primitive?,,when would those matons understand zhat zhry are zhr less evoluated in our society and stop instead learn from civilized seychelloid who.many have seen zhe modern eorld,accustom to zhings likr luxurioud cruser shipd,Dreamliners,,380 ,airbud planrs which i have myself used twice....rzc....ezc...?

  16. Mochel and his gang is planning to deszroy zhe intacz environmrnt of Grand Police to please Arabs.....Recividist michel thinkd it is not envitonmrnz destruction and depossesion ..,For Dr Climate Change Michel,whrn u cut down trees zo build concreze jungle,,it is all about environmenz protection.....michel thinks u better protect the environmrnt not by avoiding these illegal practices of pl,or by planting trees and reduce human impact on zhe environmenz...for michel is cutzing environmrnt proteczion...destroying intact forests is protection.....buildong in national parks....Ste Annr,Port launay,cousine island,felicize island,fragate island ,all that is environmrnz protections for thug michel..

  17. Thug michel simply confirmed that he is responsible to no one,no organisations,no social institutions and the people,but to arabs and himself.He created the impression zhat he hols in the palm of his hand the exisrence of every persons and ever, organisations.Since he has convinced himself zhat he is the most intelligent ...he wants to prove that,...he is potent,superior to any Seychellois,which in fact is nothing than his own illusion.
    Thug michel after pressure gave up the planned deszruction of Cape Ternay....he gave up the destruction of cape Ternay because hr has found anozher pirce of nature zhat he can destroy at Grand police....according to him,the planned destruction he is planning at Grand police it is not about cutting trees,flattening mounzaind,desttoy habitat.......for michel zhe inact nature,coast at Grand police is not replace nature by concrete jungle to pkease Arabs colonizators who michel has already allowed to.illegally depossessed seychrllois Hectars of their patrimony.....michrl must be beheaded for his crimes...he is a recividist..he need zo get deazh penslty by beheaded.......if no one has the Guts to axed his neck...I am volintary to do it.

  18. Zhug michel siad..Cape Ternay was all about proteczing thr Environmenz and our Heritage...Whaz abouz Granf Police is it not Seychellois heritage thug Michel
    ,he said he will increase Salary.........whrn possiblr....He has not done it in 6 decades whaz make him believe he will today or tommorrow on thr broken state pl created...he should instead givr up his pension for life..stop udong tax payers money to members of zhe coup and zhrir daugzhrrd and sons...replace zhe illrgal foreihn ambassadors pax in foreign exchane by seychelloid ,close useless ambassies like zhe ones in malaei,swauiland,north korea etc....stop putzing fires zhaz pl never investigatr zhe causes around zhr country..stop building hoteld everywhere,anyhow when he cannot fill existing oned and zherr arr each year any manx hotrld y wanz pl?what u looking mass zourism and morr rxpats to put stress on water,land,environmenz,healzhcare,etcc donkey.

    You a zhug zhat nreds to facr justicr..wr will be galde if u hold anticipating elrction and repeat Rajapaksa mistaked...we will vote you out and zherby allow thr nee government to start invedzigating pl multipled crimes.

  19. Michrl favoritr issue is Housings....listening to.michrl abouz building houses eizh Zax payrrs money for seychellois...michrl wants to give zhe impression mondy pl usrs zo build houses comr from pl,not tax payers coffers ..and somrhow seychellois should praise him for zhaz.......well when you use money belong to seychrllois to build houses for is normal zhat zhe houses you build go to thr owners eho are srychrllois tax payers......zhat you build houses for seychellois is constitutuonal chosrn bx seychrlllois whrn zhe wrote thr constitution in belongs to seychrllois notmal pl that what zheir money paid to built belong to seychellois not pl......bring our stolrn 2,4 billiond back michrl zhrn we could pay back our debts..increase workers salaty ehich nrver happrned in 5 decades ,except for pl thugs...etc.......

  20. Michel our old parrot simply repeated what pl has been blah blahing about for the last ,5 decades.zhe olg monkey can not evoluate....he seems stagnated in his spieced evoluation.

  21. We know that repressive governace has not brought the Pl pubilc confidence abd,or trust.In fact,it has alienated it,from the vast mahority totally.PROOF:michel conscious of this fact,drcided to conduct his SONA at 5 PM,when most Seychellois are still at,or just finished work on the way home.....
    Seeking political power,wizhout the backing of the population as zhr 1977 coup shows,is never the answer.The acid test of wise leadership and democrazic~learning change,is zhe capacity to subordinate one!s interest ,ego and ambition to zhe common good.
    Only genuine commitment to FREEDOM and Human Rights og all citizens would asure Seychellois sustainable and Eauitablr Grow and improvement in their lives.In turn,it is the Institunalization of these norms through Free and Fair Elections,that will establish a firm lasting stability,peace and National Reconciliation.~~Singularly,the most critical governance gaps in Seychelles.
    Under pl thugtocracy,Sexchelles is rotten,broken,and pl is making the country!s future bleak.

    Pl needs to go!,The faster,the better....BROKRN PROMISE,BROKEN STATE,BROKEN EVERYTHING.

  22. Srychellois must unitr,in anx electiond michrl might call for..let us ginish with pl State Terrorism..let us unite to get those thugs to montagne POSSEE.

  23. Many interesting things have been taking place in Seychelles lately and they are linked to external or internal events or things to come. Like the many instances of James Michel's strange behavior, had been attempts to win the Ibrahim Mo African prize, but ex-President of Namibia beat him to the millions.
    Mrs. Victoria Howard is forming a 'Street Pastors' squad to patrol the streets of Victoria, may be Mrs. Howard is trying to introduce something similar to the Guardian Angels of New York, or is she trying to revive the Militia?
    One that baffles imagination is seeing Mancham in a red shirt on the interview with Today newspaper, whilst Michel wears a blue shirt for his State of the Nation speech. Those strange signs are food for thoughts for things to come, or Seychelles is still on the same mode - plus sa change!

  24. Give Michel government the same lesson Sri Lankans gave to his crooked friend Rajapaksa.namely vote him out .

  25. Seychellois on the streets are debating on whether Michel cracked by pressure to stop the destruction of Cape Ternay(NB Grand Anse is still under Michel destruction plan which we need to mobiilze to stop this environment raper),or it was a political tactics.
    In other owrds was it power of the people or political maneouvering by Michel?I think it entails different things:1( it is a sign ;Yes,that Pl is slowly rottening and Michel feels the disapproval of his one aprty thugtocracy.His feelings of loosing power is more real than ever...prrof ,Michel hesitate between waiting for the 2016 election ro to call for anticipating election ..with the latter he hopes ,while RAM and the Oppostion are still getting ready,he could use this opportunity to call for an election which he has convivnced himself he will win(like brother Rajapaksa....and the result if Thug Michel takes this latter way will be the same defeat his frind Rajapaksa experience).29As Politcal tactic bymichel,,,it is not by announcing that he would not destroy until he change his mind Cape Ternay..his recrods in environment destruction is staggering.....Port Launay,Ste Anne,Felcitie Island,,Natural mares blocked and destroyed..ammuth hotels built on the coast where law says "No construction" Coco de Mer poching,Bush arsons,,Allowing Adam to poison coral reefs in the Bay on Port lauany (a Marine Park,so that Dr Adam can allow his luxuerous private spped baots to enter until the shore and that just for pleasure)...The people power?Yes.Michel decidsion was based on pressure from the streets...and the pressure if not other..thereis still GRAND POLICE that we need to save from Environement raper Michel and his gang.....He must not let this Monkey destroy Grand Police.....As Cape Terany ..Grand police should stay intact,untouch,,,not trees chopped down and mountains and hills faltten by morwe have enough hotels..many each year closed down because there is not enough arrivals....Pl cannot fill exsiting hotels why Michel is addicted to just build hotels on every still virgin coast,hBITATS IF NOT FOR THE PLEASURE OF DESTROYING NATURE?...Seychelles SHOULD STOP BUILDING HOTELS EVERYWHERE,ANYHOW...ELESE WE WILL COME A MASS TOURISTIC DESTINATION THAT MEANS MANY MORE TOURIST ARRIVALS SPENDING LESS...WHICH ALSO MEANS MORE PRESSURE ON NATURAL RESOURCES..ETC...MORE EXAPTS ..WE ALREADY HAVE A TOTLA OF 30 THOUSANDS WHICH IS TOO MUCH AND SHOULD BE REDUCED......ETC......THAT IS NOT SUTAINABLE DEVLOPMENET THUG MICHEL?THAT DESTRUCTION OF ENVIRONEMNT,NATURE,OUR HABITATS.....STREES ON NATURAL RESOURCES......wE MUST STOP mICHEL PLAN TO DESTROY gRAN pOLICE ..THEN WE WOULD HAVE THE CHANGE TO CLEARLY CONFIRM ,,yes mICHEL WAS STOP BY THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE ..WHICH WOULD MEANS mICHEL AND pL THUGTOCRACY IS ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSING SOON.

  26. Those morons talk about climate change but destroying this little island environment better shut their a** about climate change.


  27. Pl marons say"Blue Economy is answer to climate change?How illiterate are these o^monkeys?Cliamte is about cutting green house emmossion in the air and reduce pollution while blue economy is about exploiting marine resources......

  28. Pl new envvironemnt minister believe blue economy is the answer to climate change---Whati s in the Ocean that produce green house emmsiion Mr minister the fihes,crabs,salt water......?tell us Mr minister does fish create carbon dioxide..or cars,fossil fuels,...What about Green economy which is protection of Environemnt that Pl is destroying ..should that be more part of the NSWER AGAINST CLIAMTE CHANGE dR MINISTER?wHY NOT TELL mICHEL TO STOP CUTTING TRESS ,FALTTENING MOUNTAINS AND HILLS TO BUILD CONCRETE JUNGEL TO PLEASE ARABS MONKEYS?usE SOALR PANEELS DONKEY,CLEAN CARS(ELECTRICAL CARS ETC...

  29. Our ninster tells thr sea is the cause of greem house gas emmission therefore The answer is blue economy.i cN asure even my dog barked when he heard such redicules..

  30. Michel,thebroken sausage Grinder.since he took office by fraud, many pl munisters had quit...they refused to be led by a monkey.

  31. Thug Michel is addicted to power,he would like to stay President for another four years...but the problem is under Michel is breaking apart....his ministers left him by dozens,his party pl is undergoing internal discord,.....hence michel has no change of keeping office in any election.
    How can Michel fullfill his desire of staying in office,is there a possible alternative than electuons,for thug michel?,yes,there is.Michel can opt for forming a COALITION,TRANSITIONAL,NATIONAL UNITY GOVERNMENT,of which he can stay as SYmbolic PRESIDENT for the coming five years ,.Dors Michrl has thecbrain and intelligent to choose this last option of survival?

  32. PL says in NATION that Climate change is "AN OPPRTUNITY FOR WOMEN" How could be destruction by an opprtunity for our women Pl?U think if we come to the lelve when we are gong to vanish on earth,,WOMEN have a greater change of Survival therefore what Pl calls WOMEN OPPORTUNITY.Why are you still donkeys in 21st century.

  33. In NATION, Pl writes that Cliamte change is an opportunity for Women and grils for Climate change is a change for them to completely have their Huamn may ask,in which school where Pl idiots eductted...Huamn rgihts is about freedom,repects ,equality etc..instead of pseaking shit Pl..why CRIMINALIZE DOMESTIC VOILENCE which would help Women being constantly abuse to have their Huamn rights respected.Why not give Women holding same position as men ,the same salary?Why,Use many of our highly educated Women to replace these Illegal Foreigners Pl have illegally made Ambassadors.which is a violation of our Sovereignty?

  34. HUMAN RIGHTS PL DONKEYS are fundamental Rights humans have by the fact of Huamn beingsand that are nor can be abrogated by any government.And that ,Pl donkeys,Include CIVIL rights and Political rights.In a word ,Pl donkeys,it is about repecting a person Dignity be it a child,a man, or a woman....Human rights is not base of GENDERS Pl,,,,It is about a SEt of moral and legal guisdelines that promote and protect a regconition of our values(such as freedom expression,life,liberty etc..)our dignity.ability to ensure a basic standard of living.

    How does Cliamte change can provide Both Moral and legal values Pl,to women....Society is built on rules of law...apply rule of alws and that alone with make a big sdifferent not only Women but all Seychellois when it comes to their Huamn rights.


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