India, Seychelles agree to lease Assumption Island for 'infrastructure development'

will be leasing the Assumption Island, one of the 115 islands that constitute the Seychelles.
On paper, the island will be leased for 'island development' for tourism purposes, but in actuality, it could be put to use as a listening and surveillance post.
This arrangement is similar to that with the Mauritius authorities.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently on a day long visit to the Seychelles, spoke of the agreements signed between the two sides with respect to Assumption Island.
"Our agreement today on the of in the gives a strong boost to this partnership," Prime Minister Modi said here.
"President Michel and I underlined the importance of comprehensive cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region. We expressed support for a more active and productive Indian Ocean Rim Association. Our development partnership is also a strong pillar of our relations," he added.
Prime Minister Modi also spoke of the 'unique' and 'special' relationship between India and Seychelles.
"We regard as a vital partner in our Indian Ocean neighbourhood. Our relationship is unique and special. It is founded on deep sense of mutual trust and confidence. It is marked by a spirit of respect and equality; and enormous goodwill and warmth. It draws strength from our shared values of democracy and inclusiveness. It is nurtured by a common purpose - progress of our people and peace and prosperity in the Indian Ocean Region," he said.
"Seychelles has made impressive progress. It has shown that size is no barrier to the scale of achievements. This visit and my conversation with President Michel have reinforced my conviction in the strength and the importance of this relationship. Our security partnership is strong. It has enabled us to fulfil our shared responsibility to advance maritime security in the region. It is a privilege to be a partner of Seychelles in the development of its security capabilities," he added.
Speaking of matters of security cooperation between the two nations, Prime Minister Modi spoke of the coastal surveillance radar project, that he is scheduled to launch with President Michel later in the day.
"Today, I am pleased to announce that we will be giving one more Dornier aircraft to Seychelles. Later today, I will have the honour to launch the Coastal Surveillance Radar Project. This is another symbol of our cooperation. These steps will enable Seychelles to secure these beautiful islands and the vast expanse of waters around them. Seychelles will also continue to make an enormous contribution to the safety and security of the Indian Ocean Region," he said.
"Our agreement today on hydrographic survey adds a new dimension to our maritime cooperation. I thank Seychelles for their confidence in India. We also hope that Seychelles will soon be a full partner in the maritime security cooperation between India, Maldives and Sri Lanka," he added.
Assumption Island is one of the 115 islands scattered over 1.5 million square kilometres of sea in the middle of the Western Indian Ocean. The islands fall into two distinct groups - the Inner Islands that lie within the relatively shallow Seychelles Plateau - and the Outer Islands that lie beyond the Plateau up to ten degrees south of the Equator.
The Assumption Island is 11.74 square kilometres in size and is part of the Aldabra Group.elations between India and Seychelles have been characterized by close cooperation and understanding, specifically in the defence sector.
In 1986, India had executed 'Operation Flowers are Blooming' in Seychelles, when on a request by then-president Rene, prime minister Rajiv Gandhi instructed then Indian Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Tahiliani, to dispatch the frigate INS Vindhyagiri to avert a coup.
In 2009, on the request of Seychelles, India dispatched naval ships to patrol its exclusive economic zone and guard it against piracy. India has also helped Seychelles' armed forces in capacity building.
In 2014, an Indian naval ship, the INS Tarasa, was gifted to Seychelles to augment surveillance and patrolling capacity of Seychelles waters. Several Indian ships have since made port calls in Victoria.
Seychelles had earlier offered China its harbour for refuelling and docking of Chinese warships stationed in the Gulf of Aden for anti-piracy operations.
India was alarmed by the development, though Beijing tried to assuage Indian fears that it was not looking at Seychelles as a military base, but only as a pit stop for refuelling purposes.


  1. Modi says in his speech,“we share democratic values“,is a one party state democracy,is zhe fact that i.dia saved Rene and his crooked government from being overtrow supporting democracy?“pl ,mr Modi,is not a democractic systen.but state terrorism,which defines dictatorship.

  2. We against any forms of foreign military present on our our teorritories and that be it Indian,Chinese,european,USa or whoever.Seychelles has nothing to do in India/China it to counter China or vice versa or anyone else.Seychelles should not let super power use and abuse its sovereignty,soil for foreign bases,including India...we might be friend to indians..but we would not anyone disguise as friends,rape our territories,sovereignty,and disrest seychellois people....seychellois share nothing historically,culturally,genetically,teaditionally etc with neither india nor china...our terrorites. Should not be used as battle fields of asians countries un their rivalry...No to indian naval base on to the laese of Assumption without consent and is all about depossing Seychellois from zheir land...we do not know the details of pl illegal deals,monry india would pay which will alow pl to rob,nor zhe real intension of india....

  3. If india wants to count chinese present in zhe region ,that is indian government concern,and we seychellois,a soverrign nation,with no historical connection wth either india or china,has nothing to do in their rivalry,and not should our territories be used by one or the other to extend theit own is illegaly,by illegaly disposse seychelloid from Assumption. To illegally gifted to.indian put our land in a position of siding on one side while the bedt szragety seychelles could follow to protect itd sovereignty and both chines and india,,by simply no allowing any countryaccess to its Ezz as a battle field..
    No to the leasing of Assumption to is a means of depossing of zheir land,including EZz for soon india would by dictates drmark zhe zone so zhat ,including seychellois fishermrn could sailbinto....which is colonial crookly allowing the illegal colonization and depossesion of seychrllois from their land.NB pl has allow concider our outter isalands as not part of seychellois territories but pl.private assets ehoch pl can sell out,lease for naval base, is time to execute pl monkeys and if pl does not stop its illegality,,it will be executed in 2016.


  5. We have told pl to set a small naval base in order that our coast guard can deplox faster in the region,by doing so a“low SCG more flrxibilizy,rapidizy,more patrol failed. Instead pl has decided to unconstitutionally gifted Assumption to india which is crookex and should be oppose by seychrllois who were not even consult they who have always oppose to any sort of forrihn military presenz on zheir soil.....Assumption will now be lost by seychellois,and indian military presenz.on this island rape seychellois sovereignty make it a military target by other super power and no mention the environment destruction indian is about to commit on zhis virgin,fragile,ecologic island,reefs,exploitation of its resources,closure to Seychellois,under the disguise of Marine development masterplan ,pl has bern blah blahing about lo.g before,and blur economy...

    I.dian intention id to colonize Assumption for Izernizy..which. means annexinf Assumpzion of centuries ,a USA to Dirgo Garcia.......zhe long term consewurnces for seychelles should be put before anxthings,not the short term and a for a handful on is about depossesion of seychellois form their patrimony,colonization for centuries by india including exploitation of its natural resources to feed indiand

    We do not need i.dian ptesent on Assumpzion,but a Seychrllois advance small naval base,,maybe,which ondia can benefit under Seychelles,conttol,operation,managemrnz,rzetc.....

  6. Who gave pl the auzhorizy to.unilaterally,unconstitutionally,without seychellois consenz and approval Assumption,seychrllois patrimonx to India and more deszurbing to be used as ondian nacal base?zhis issue need Seychelloid consrnz and approval...we calling for a REFERENDUM ON THE ISSUE SO ZHAT THE OWNERS OF SEYCHELLES NAMELX SEYCHELLOIS SAY YES OR NO.

  7. Seychelles media are full of propaganda in today nation on the first page to the last page news today only about kaka mal bar Indian primeminister on shore.And media! crowed gather at Palais de Sport was those crowed Seychellios who gather no the stadium FIFA gave us was full with expat indian workers modern slaves on our shore.

    Seychelles nation are full of propaganda.

  8. Were are oppostion leaders?All are fake politicians, coming in politic to tricks peoples only to benefit themselves and thier family.


  9. Euphoric at Palais De Sports,wrote NATION,during Modi entry in the stadium.......Yes,there was an euphoric Indian Expats crowd,over 30 thousands,to welcome Modi..Seychellois stayed at home,because for them,India is responsible for the 50 years enslavement by pl .If India did not helped Rene back to power,it might well have been and be that Seychelles today would be a democracy like India,and prosperous and not living of charity and Bondaid,.The euphoric I.dian Expats of Modi,showed Seychellois the over number of Indians taking zheir kobs,sucking their economy,putting stress on their natural resources,landuse,ezc..etc...They are colonizators Pl illegally inported to modofy,change seychellois culture ,tradition,and create imported ethnic conflicts to come on our shores.....we already see them.wizh zhe help of pl crooks,illegally building Hindu Temple on our shores,and conduct illegal Hindu religious proccessions on our has allow do soThe amount of indians on our soil stealing seychrllois breadbaskets,must be reduced draszically,and then.Qouta sxdtem.must be set up to control their total.

  10. Another piece of Seychelles is given away. Where there is money involved, Morgan is always present and ready to sign the papers. Michel must go and the Indian Government must know that this bilateral agreement made by Michel will be cancelled by the new President.

  11. Jj i ase generous pu donn malbar zil assomption antye selman nu lans Bay Police i pa kapab rann seselwa. Pe pran nu pu kuyon!

  12. Seselwa, all I will say is we have ourselves to blame. We cannot blame JAM, RAM, SAM etc... Look around us, we have Indians everywhere. Without the Indians, our construction industry, hospitality industry, medical, natural resources (Mr Nirmal Shah) Sports (Mr Suketu Patel), our provision stores (Kannu & Ramu)... would be at a standstill. We are already 40 years late with our one party mentality, let us not venture down the racial route. We need more Suketus and Nirmal... they can be from the Adrienne, Pierre, Savy, Esparon, Sinon, Aglae etc...famiies.. However, for them to be successful, they have to work hard like the Indians. They have to change their alcohol, drugs and lazy habits. So let us not blame anyone else for our failures. We have to blame ourselves......

  13. Seselwa themselves can make choice in the coming election or let kaka mal invade,because they give us rice or let them and come and pollute our island its up to you SPTC.
    Your right to vote but know why you vote Seselwa ask yourself question before you go to the pole.Is it for better economic is it for stoping corruption is it for better future for our childrens lots of Q to think before going to pole.

  14. No to foreign military presenz on our soil.No to being scapegoat in zhe geo~political fighht between China and India.No to the illegal deposession on party of our territories by Indian and pl,No to indian/pl environmental desruction of Assumption by foreigne forces and pl to neo~colonialization.Michel and Morgan must face justicr for raping Srychelles Constitution.

  15. TOTOF ,i was told ,approves zhe illegal deal Terrorist michel made wizh lndia,which will deposses seychellois from the land,rape our territorial integrity,rape our sovereignty,.


  17. Modi promised the Sri Lankan government information of gross money laundering between Ex ~ dictazor Rajapaksa and pl thugs....Instead,Modi is simply using this threat as means to get all he wants for pl thugs.Pl afraid of being exposed,gifted Modi anything and everything.....Michelvillegally decided to deposse Seychellois from part of its territories,namely,Assunption,in return for discrecy .Pl has no Constitutional authority to disposse seychellois part of its patrimony to gift anyone.We will not tolerate pl lawlessness,and crooked habits.Michel and his government must be investigate and face justice for Raping our Constitution and crimes against Seychellois people.

  18. Anonymous 13 th March 04:47
    I defend you for your valuable expression about the situation in my country at this time however you need fast rewind your memories a little! I don't have to say too much and I hope you understand the creole language of real kreole suffering.JUST GO TO ANNOU KOZE SESEL, produced by a person name JOHN.
    Look for the interview with MR LEWIS SAMPSON of Takamaka, if tears don't come in your eyes.....listen again.......and this time tears will come to your nostril!
    Folks this is all ALBERT RENE and his bench of KLICKS including JAMES MICHELLE responsible and this is WHY nowadys you can't see anymore creole owning shops in Seychelles.

  19. The man on the right is an educated MALBAR with educations and "earned" degrees.
    The man on the left is a BATAR MALBAR with minimal ABC degrees and fake doctor degree from none other the the same country.

  20. I am an African off Indian decent..cut my teeth on the teachings of Steven Biko and 'my'..Grand Pa Mandela and also live in that old SA ...ban form school because of my "politics ".From my experience I could see a steady slow move to racial tensions...but then suddenly this Eden on earth has been eroded by drugs..making the gap between the haves and the have not even more distant and multiplying this tension by 100 ...but in end the true nature of the Seychelles people will win ..for no where on earth you will get such loving and friendly people that I am blessed meet every day ...Remember no one can take this Island ..but just rent it for some time...


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