Rajapakses used Bank Of Ceylon Seychelles branch for money laundering

(Lanka-e-News -24.Aug.2015, 11.30) The Financial crimes investigation department (FCID) that is conducting investigations based on a complaint had unearthed a wealth of information regarding the colossal sums of money earned fraudulently via robbery of public funds by the Rajapakse family which have been remitted to Seychelles Island and are with the Seychelles State . It is also revealed that the Bank of Ceylon branch which  was opened in Seychelles some time ago has been used as a center for their money laundering activities.

With a view to obtain the relevant files and the details of the account holders  in connection with the complaint , the FCID had submitted a B report  B-663/15 to the Fort magistrate.
Investigations had disclosed that there is no valid reasonable ground to open a Bank of Ceylon branch in Seychelles. Yet , from the beginning , when considering the money exchange that took place, a massive  sum in excess had been exchanged.
In the circumstances , it has come to light that the Rajapakse family had used the bank branch for its money laundering activities, and such monies have been used by  the Rajapakse family.The FCID is also probing into the passengers who travelled to Seychelles via Mihin Lanka airlines , and the officers of the Seychelles bank branch are also being questioned.

Meanwhile Gotabaya Rajapakse is scheduled to appear this morning  before the presidential commission which he was dodging  for a while. A statement is to be recorded of his pertaining to his involvements with Rakna Lanka establishment.


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