John Denis refutes Baseless And False Allegations Against Him

Apre tou sa ki mwan John Denis monn fer pour esey amenn en sanzman Sesel, ozordi mon vwar mwan pe ganny ensilte par bann dimoun kin dan sa menm lalit ki mwan. An Septanm 2015 monn kit Sesel pour mwan al a letranze pou fer detrwa keksoz personel ek mon fanmiy. Mon ti fer tou dimoun otour mwan konenn ki mon pou absante pou enpe letan. Ozordi deryer mon ledo zot komans fer rimer lo mon lavi. Zot pe dir ki James Michel in pey mwan en kantite milyon pou mwan kit pei. Eksa kwa ki pli fermal , sa I sorti dan labous bann dimoun dan lopozisyon. Bann menm dimoun ki ler mwan mon tipe ekspoz bann voler dan gouvernman, zot zot tipe maske sa bann voler e protez zot. Mon pros pou bez nonm zot non sa bann karya…. Mon leker I desire ler mon tann tousala akoz mwan zanmen mon deza ganny en sou ek personn. Le 25 out 2014, mon ti ganny aprose par en state security agent kit i dir mwan prezidan I oule war mwan, e dapre li I pou fer mwan vin ris. Mon ti dir li ki mon pa oule larzan prezidan mwan, mon oule sanzman Sesel – plito mon mor en zonm mizer me avek mon dignite. Mon ti dir li ki mon pa pou zanmen vann mon nanm pour larzan. I dir mwan ki enn mon dalon in pran e I ris ozordi, mon ti reponn li; ‘’mon zonm pa tou fanm ki fanm devi, I annan ki vann e I annan ki annan dignite” - e ti konpran mwan.

I annan 17 an depi monn demann gouvernman aste en morso later leta e zanmen monn gannyen akoz mon afilyasyon politik. Monn ganny victimize dan diferan form dan sa pei e dernyenman mon lavi tipe menm ganny menase. Ozordi mon viktimizasyon I sorti dan mon prop kan. Mon kestyon mon demann mon lekor; ki ou kapab fer ek sa Seselwa nou nasyon? Eski sa I lafasyon pou remersye mwan pou mon zefor ki monn mete tou sa bann letan? Monn ganny beze dan sa lopozisyon, kaso mwan menm, toultan monn devan. Ozordi bann kapon kin toultan reste deryer pe akiz mwan pou en keksoz malonnet. Les mwan dir zot ki John Denis pa pou zanmen vann son nanm – larzan sorti kot James Michel se larzan DISAN. Tou sa kin pran sa bann kalite larzan, zot in amenn Karma lo zot lavi. Mwan lo mon lekor ek mon fanmiy mon pa pou zanmen amenn sa kalite malediksyon – plito nou reste mizer. Lopozisyon I devret pe konsantre lo sa eleksyon kip e vini e tir sa malfeter o pouvwar – ouver zot lizye get bann dimoun dan lopozisyon kip e pran larzan ek James Michel. Byento ki nou pou konnen lekel ki pe vreman pe vreman larzan. Bann kip e al fer PPB pou Parti lepep. Mwan mon konsyans I kler e mon ankor en zonm mizer parey monn toultan ete – sa ki mon annan I mon lasyer. Mwan de zour pase monn offer Ahmed Afif ek Ton Pat pou fer en PPB pour zot pour sa eleksyon. Mon pan fer PPB pou Parti lepep mwan – tasyon ler nou vwar bann kin fer nou bez en latak. Alexia Amsbury antraver Alexander Pierre in demann mwan si mon kapab ed zot pandan bann letan kanpany e monn aksepte. Mon pa travay pou demon parey James Michel mwan – mon travay pour lopozisyon menm si zot menm ki ensilte mwan. Mon pardonn zot avek akoz mon leker I ankor toultan ek zot. Ozordi mon pe demann tou dimoun ki annan levidans ki monn ganny larzan ek James Michel pou vin devan e montre lemonn – akoz mwan larzan DISAN mon repete mon pa oule dan mon lavi.


  1. Welcome to the Seychellois tradition!
    I was born in Seychelles and that is the true culture!
    If you say or mispell a word the next day for sure you will have a nickname.

    So hang in there high and be yourself.
    The person who is trying to bring you down in the opposition is the one who got big bucks with PL to spread the rumors and accusing you.

    Anyway one question for you Sir....when are you coming back?



  3. "If you oppose me ,you my enemy.."...this is the raw machismo of tyrannausor Michel.......Trait of psychopath in disillusion.Get this monkey Michel to the zoo in December once and for all.

  4. It has just been announced that Charlie Morin has been appointed Chief Electoral Officer for the coming Presidential election. Always the same individuals on the list of presidential appointment? People are sick and tired to see the same faces, surely there are other capable people in the Seychelles or do they need foreigners to do that too! This Charlie Morin has been a long time arse-licker for LP from the early 'napa' days, together with Agnes Mondon he was instrumental in searching for Forex. Is he an expert in every domain or an enforcer in James Michel's government to make sure that the ballot boxes are properly stuffed?

  5. En serten minis PL in tir son ban fanmyr e dalon vot pou Lalyan .
    Akoz in fini konan ki Lalyans pou ganny eleksyon e son louvraz i garanti.
    Alors i pe kanvas pou Lalans anba anba....... Sesel sa!

    Bef dan disab saken veiy son lizye.

    1. This is not fault allegation,its true and we know that for a long time.

      They were both SNP's.

  6. 5.17
    a new government can overrule Michel finger picking must stop........Ec must be chosen by votes...first there must be candidates who apply for the job ,and than a vote must be conducted ........President finger picking is an undemocratic cannot continue........EC must be independent ,and indepdent means also allowing members to be chosen in a more democratic manners ...
    For instance.......

  7. We use to think Pat Pillay was a PL long alike!
    Then John Denis assured us that Pat Pillay Party is not attached to PL

    Now I am asking one simple question.........what happen to John.
    Apparently this Ralf is not so aggressive with Annou Koze.
    And this is my personal oppinion, "PL will buy ANNOU KOZE tres bientot"!

  8. Totof of SFP is the luckiest dude on Sese!.
    If he was going to put his candidacy for this e!ection we were going to EXPOSE him.
    He dodge the s!lver bu!!et!
    No wander he boycott once more.


  9. Hey guys,,,Michel afraid of his defeat,pass his time sending congratulations to African dictators who elected themselves of Power by fraud....he hopes that by doing so ,this would increase his change of facing a hard blow in the face by the Opposition.
    I think the mandate of Chair of the EC should be the same as President ,,that is not more than 5 years.And any chairman can be chair once only ..

  10. My advice to you John is "keep calm, annou kontinyen koze." The path to freedom is littered not with petals but thorns, you don't need me to tell you to expect from the devilish conniving traitors PL are. We the joe public may be accused of passivity but we're not stupid. Rise above my friend and hold your head high trouble waters ahead. I've been incarcerated for speaking the truth, nothing hurts more


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