LDS: Letting Down Seychelles

Paying for the services of a prostitute is not a prudent strategy. As an irrational one-time gesture this can barely be passed off whilst as a strategy it has grave consequences. The results of such an action are emotional satisfaction and financial blunder. Both these results LDS: Letting Down Seychelles were on display this week in the National Assembly.

In the first instance, emotional satisfaction was gained by LDS in the rejection of Dr. Patrick Herminie ministerial appointment on political grounds. It was a victory of grand emotional value but a Pyrrhic victory at most. Which candidate that was presented before the National Assembly can aspire to the professional expertise, qualifications and abilities displayed by Dr. Herminie? Not liking the man is an emotion that should never ever be allowed to cloud any rational argument. This is especially so when the argument is objective and seeks to address issues that have national, regional and international repercussions. Worse still is the fallacious illusion that the candidate’s political beliefs are a threat to the nation. Winning the battle to lose the war is on the cards - LDS will reap the fruits of the seeds of strife it has sown. The bitterness of the same can be seen in the LDS reaction when the rejected Minister, in fact all the rejected Ministers, was given super-Ministerial status: Secretary of State!
The new Secretary of State, Dr Patrick Herminie 

The second issue of financial mismanagement was aired in the manner that the Supplementary Budget of October 2016 was discussed and approved. LDS has time and time again publicly criticised the financial policies of the Executive arm of Government. Also not sparred have been the previous incumbents of the Parti Lepep dominated National Assembly. At a time when financial and fiscal prudence were lauded as campaigning issues by LDS; when given an early opportunity to rise to the occasion they failed. The failure was abysmal and a fresh “banbara” thrown on to the beach on an exceptionally hot day would have performed much better.

Given that the supplementation sought was for expenditure incurred in the 2015 Budget LDS made a significant error. The above appointments and those that they are now crying foul over, would not have gone through had they scrutinised the budget.

Another important fact is that all government finances are open to public scrutiny – by Gaston, Alois and Troukler - our own Tom, Dick and Harry! Scrutiny will commence in the form of the Auditor-General’s report. Given that LDS agreed to the extra expenditure: what happens if the expenditure is not above board?

 Common opinion made following the public debate on the supplementary budget is that it is cheese cake. A very rotten cheese cake that is fit for maggots and vultures. Given that LDS is the majority in the National Assembly they also form the majority feeding on the cheese cake. The supplementary budget was passed by a majority.

It follows on from the above that LDS as the majority that approved the budget will have to burden a larger share of the blame should the supplementary budget not bear up to the scrutiny of the Auditor-General. This shows that the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) to be chaired by our own gospel-preaching “Kok Plastik” millionaire already has his work cut-out. How will they save face from a situation of their own making?

Chasing prostitutes are some people’s idea of fun but as a lifetime habit it leads to chaos and dereliction. The writing maybe faint but it is on the wall – it hints at failure and Letting Down Seychelles.



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