Hon Ferrari backtracks on motion for Stevedores

The Honorable member for Mont Fleuri has pulled back on his motion for increased financial assistance to the Stevedores to go and meet with representatives from the two main companies involved in hiring the services of Stevedores; Land Marine and Hunt Deltel along with the Stevedores participated. The said meeting took place this week on Thursday at 10am. This is a major conflict of interest by Honorable Jean-Francois Ferrari to allow the postponement of the debate on the motion and gives priority to a meeting with the agencies that stands to be affected the most by the outcome of his motion.

This newspaper has been applying pressure on Ferrari to deliver on his promises made over the last twenty years to the Stevedores; to fight for a better deal for them. He finally relented and a motion was tabled recently to discuss on how the Stevedores can be assisted financially in a fair and equitable manner. This could be done through an increment in salaries by the companies or the government can assist with unemployment and/or supplementary benefits plus pension arrangement to help Stevedores put food on the table for their family – especially when there is no work at the Port and when they reach retirement age. It is important to highlight that the Government has a scheme in place to help out with the 13th month salary for companies that cannot pay. We can have a similar scheme for the Stevedores. We are of the view that the Stevedores are being discriminated against by both the Government and the National Assembly. The contribution being made by the Stevedores to the national economy is not being taken into consideration; it is time to change this mindset. And Ferrari must stop “bull shitting” the Stevedores.

The fact that Jean Francois Ferrari allowed the postponement of the debate on his motion before the National Assembly this week to go meet with Hunt Deltel and Land Marine is proof that Ferrari is a charlatan!



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