The people of Seychelles and environmental friends of Seychelles are up in an overnight national uproar over the clandestine announcement by the PL regime that three large hotels and private marina projects are underway.
All three of the projects are in zone A environmental zones established by the Minister of Environment Dr Rolph Payet himself with the intention of protecting for generations.
"Zone A" environmental areas means that the area is highly sensitive and paramount to the eco system in the area, in these cases, we are referring to tropical costal marshes that provide life to coastal creatures and bird life that in turn keep the ocean healthy.


Two of three projects are being built and advanced by Shiekh Khalifa Bin Nayan Al Zayed the great powerful high profile ruler of the UAE who is hell bent on making Seychelles part of his royal court and Seychelles 90% Muslim and 10% Christian, before he retires. Seychelles is currently 90% Christians and 10% other denomination.
This obsession has become more apparent as he has chain and poodle the President of Seychelles, Mr James Alix Michel, into giving him everything he wants from tax free status on construction materials to build a mega palace that would make Bukingham Palace in London look like a horse barn and the White House In Washington D.C. look like a skating ring, all in tiny little Seychelles.
Shiekh Khalifa bails Mr Michel out from his bad ideas and then Mr Michel is indebted to Sheikh Khalifa beyond what the public can imagine. In return, Mr Michel approves blantant offensive projects, irrespective of the consequences to the environment or the people of Seychelles. It is indeed a vicious cycle Mr Michel is threading on.


One project is situated at Grand Police Bay, provides for a Marina to secure Shiekh Khalifa's floatila of private mega yachts. This project calls not just for draining of the marsh, but also for the destruction of a coastal beach head to house his mega yachts which can cost up to $200 million or even more. When one is the ninth largest oil producer in the world, one can buy yachts, presidents, and yes, even countries according to the PL Communist folklore that is developing in Seychelles these days as they court Khalifa in an endless love affair, that involves even windmills run by a electric generator.
Ironically, Dr. Payet, a international Noble leaurette honorable mention candidate for his doctorate on Coastal Erosion is right at the forefront of advancing these projects to meet the demands of his president, who is stuck on a rats threadmill to please Mr Khalifa. With that, Dr. Payet has placed political expendiency above the quest of knowledge and science. He has violated his oath as a Doctor of the Environment specializing in Coastal Erosion.


We call on the university Dr.Payet received his doctorate to revoke with prejudice since he used Government of Seychelles funds from the national budget to conduct his research on coastal erosion contrary to the National Assembly approving this expenditure.
Additionally, he is now in conflict with his Oath to further knowledge and the betterment of mankind by approving and being the main voice of these mad projects for the PL rouge regime.
In his defence, Dr. Payet, now a Minister of Enviornment tells us that 51% of Seychelles terrestrial area is under reserve, this figure is higher than New Zealand. Well Dr. Payet, why don't you tell us that most of this area is Praslin and Silhouette and not Mahe Island or other surrounding islands. What about the destruction of entire islands like Coetivy, used to create prawn farms, then proposed as a mega site for a PRC military base in the Indian Ocean? Was this preserving the environment or was PL making the Indian Ocean a Nuclear zone?

It seems this Government plays the environmental card to raise funds.Then it revokes the card when Shiekh Khalifa is willing to pay more funds to destroy what it was protecting in the first place.
Dr. Payet must resign if he does not stop or revoke this project.


The PL are advancing more projects but yet Mahe does not have any adequate infrastructure to cope with existing demand. Is that just plain stupid or is it really smart PL?
No roads, a current trip by car across tiny Victoria can take 45 minutes, the same time it takes from San Jose to San Francisco about 80 miles apart.
Sewage lines are bursting in front of Eden Island, because the pumps are literally "full of shit".
Water is being distributed by trucks since PUC does not have adequate pumps and adequate water catchment and stocking infrastructure.Where are the new dams that the EU are willing to fund to alleviate our year on year misery?
Electricity load shedding is common, everyday, throughout Seychelles.
Unemployment rate is 3% is made of 4,000 drug addicts who cannot work. In education, we are undergoing an all time breakdown and collapse, and pupils coming out with certificates, cannot read what is in their hands when they turn up to a job interview; they submit to you a paper full of "D's" "F's" and you ask them did you do well in this subject, they reply: Yes, very well. What employer in his right mind will hire someone that lies or cannot read their own report card? Where is the human resources department in the Ministry of Employment?
Instead of visiting five star hotels for a meal and attention with camera in hand, why don't the Minister of Employment start creating job training programs, apprenticeship programs, that the students need and the existing industries need. Get to work, instead of reading A4 fancy speeches that only show, you are still learning English like most of our students who have come out of PL's virtual education program.
How many more houses will we have to build to cater for foreign labour?
Where will we get the land to house them?
Where will we get the water to bathe them?
Where will we get the electricity to light the night for them?
Yes, do not forget the same Seychellois, PL sell outs, who cannot face the challenges of a Nation like real men and women of ability!

Pathetic bunch!

I call on all Freedom Loving Seychellois, and all friends of Nature, of the environment around the world to help us fight back the greed that big rich Shiekh Khalifa has landed on our tiny shores.
We Seychellois have dignity and we love our paradise, and we do not want to see it destroyed. The Preamble of our Constitution mandates us to fight the destruction of our environment.
Take your money and go build a beach in your dessert, build a new atmosphere to cool it down, plant some trees in your ugly Abu Dhabi, spend your money turning camels into horses.

We are not for sale. Those that are for sale, can tend to your camels.

Take them with you.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

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  1. a sight for sore eyes! ARABS GO HOME!

  2. Chris don't give up. I am so so glad you are no longer associated with Isaac. I gave up on SFP a long time ago because of Isaac. Thank goodness he is gone. The party can now restore it's credibility. By the way Isaac I am not Tall writing.

  3. Payet told us investment have brought them 250 million revenue from tax.Payet investment that have done in the last few years should had brought us billion not million.How many your goverment spend in Eden islan?billion know and you come and told us tax revenue is 250 million.

    Pp their focus in invsetment are only in distroying environment and in tourisum.Why we have his sea water stop depending only EU vessel lets get also our own fishing creat jobs for the youths instead letting them going in heroin and getting death penalty.And in our sea there are not only oil and fish to exploide lots of thing to
    bust our industries.Pp always spoke how many billion EU vessel made,but imagine having our own boats.Today they will be need for begging from IMF and foreign investment that are distroying our natural beauty.Who remember when Far open his mouth on sbc saying that Seychelles will recieve to fishing boats from France,but after Pp come and told us the caught on fire.but were is the compansation FAR?i remember.

    Arabs dont have natural beauty like Seychelles,they have only building made by man and desert.What they want to make Seychelles become a desert Island?

    This new blog i already told all my friend.Sesel pou Seselwa.


  4. R Payet and Faure was so voclaled in the Assembly trying to forced PP members to approve and legitimate the destruction of Grand police and Cape ternay.It seems though ,that many Pp members on the Assembly are disturbed by the sell out and destruction cause to our environement the trademark for our tourism indsutry and country's economy.

    Moreover,Seychelles is already infested with hotels and no hotles exceeding 100-150 rooms should be authorized.Amenities,nights lives should be the focus and devloping OFF_SEASOn tourism.Furthermore,as Adam's hotel at Prot Launay and Raffles and lumuria on Praslin have shown,these kinds of voer-demonsional hotels do not bring wealth to our country ,do not create jobs for Seychellesois and donot protect environement.In fact,Bog hotles are the main source of the invasion of uncontrolled amount of ofriegners to our shores.

    None of those five star hotels can fill their rooms(occupancy to 50 percent any time of the why those big over-denmensional hotels?.Land used now by each of those hotles could have been used to consructed two smaller hotels with quality and standard on each plots.Thus sustainable developemnt.

    Why over-demensional hotles?Well,it is a good execuse to import more ofreigners ,they would tell you Seychelles do not have enough work force instead of the truth that is cheap labour increase their allow one single foreigner to dipossess Seychellois from their aptrinomy at one go-Which is also a way for those foreigners who are given land first to ensure that no potential concurrence come and build near them.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Pp emembers of the Assembly refused to support R Payet and Faure sell out and destruction.many are getting aware of the destrcution and are unhappy that only Fuare.Payet Michel and a few in PP benefit from the millions involve in the sell out.They would liek a piece of the pie,but Payet,Faure nad Michel pocket all for themselves while forcing to conspired against their country.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. DICTATORS are making school childrens demostrating with plakart with the slogan (ARET VOL KOKO DE MER)BULLSHIT should write on it(ARABS STOP YOUR DISTRUCTION GO HOME)money make the world go round but some sucker politicians make the world go down.Why you teachers at school learn more what are distroying our environment.Its those distruction from arabs that are causing damage to our environment and Seychelles beauty not coco der mer been stolen,and if coco der mer are been stolen are peoples in PP that pay some guys with out jobs on Praslin to do dirty jobs for them just like with heroin.You are making a foul of our childrens demostrating taking Praslinios pou kouyon shame on you PP: We are having none of it next time we will be demostrating PP and MICEHEL not school childrens.A coco der mer stolen it grow again and you can find those who steal it Praslin is a small island and punish them,why dont put rangers in Valle de mai 24 hours give jobs to Praslinios.But bulldozing our land it will grow up and rebuilt again after only herozion.

  7. This abuse of our vhildren's rights:We could also ask,where are the parent's of those abused children?Why are they accepting that PP terrorists abuse their childrens's rights to create a window dressing when in fact Pp thugs are the same behind the theft.Why i told you PP is behind the theft?You remember last year when coo-de-mer nuts where being stolen almost very nights,well after SFP expose PP,Pp acted over night not a single nut was stolen.The rapidity PP was able to bring a stop to this gross crime was amzing ,it happens in 24 hours later ,thus letting us beleive PP governemnt Know who they are.

    Ii would be interesting to know how can those parents allow PP to abuse their children to ptomote itslef,and how did they failed on the other hand to mobilize zhemselves against the massive land destructioj by Raffles whereby most of them opposed?

    It must be pointed out though,that PP likes presenting itslef as Ecologists,it is a mean of hiding their real sell out policy.Each time PP premeditate an illegal sell out ,weeks prior lots of shows,preaching on environemnt take place on SBC verywhere possible and none stop.Lets us take fpr instance,Prof .Dr R Payet--after being chased by Takama population with the support of political parties and NGOs PP gave up and Payet exposed.IN his attmpt to make us forget his scam,he rushed to Praslin and performed an Environmenttal show to fool Praslinois.He even swaggered around Curiuse,Kissing Tortoise and telling them that +the best way zo prtoect them and their environment is by destruction--a new protection method developed by PP and Arabs"

    Jeanne Dàrc


    The real agenda behind the arabs existence in seychelles. do not be fooled


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