Seychelles: Stop the Cap Ternay & Grand Police hotel project developments

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This petition will be delivered to:
State House President James Michel, Minister of Environment and Energy Dr. Rolf Payet and
Minister of Tourism and Culture Mr. Alain St. Ange.

Two pristine coastal environments in Mahé have been earmarked for large tourism developments. Both Cap Ternay and Police Bay are planned to be turned into multi-million dollar properties with hundreds of hotel rooms. These two much-loved areas, which are always ranked highly in tourism publications such as Lonely Planet, will be irreversibly damaged in the process.
The Government of Seychelles says that it is proudly committed to conservation and protecting the natural environment. Allowing these developments to go ahead will not only be detrimental to those ideals, but to the areas in question, which serve as important marshlands, support our ecosystem and are part of our national heritage. The two hotel projects should be stopped immediately to protect these sites.

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Government of Seychelles to halt the two hotel development projects planned for Cap Ternay and Police Bay. In the past, Seychelles has been very vocal in the international arena on topics such as climate change and coastal erosion, and it is surely time to stand up for those ideals at home. We submit this plea for a complete ban for the following reasons:
1) These two areas are undeniably part of the Seychelles national heritage.
2) To build privately-owned hotels on them will deprive Seychellois and tourists alike of their natural beauty.
3) The planned hotel projects contradict the Government’s stance on conservation.
4) It is detrimental to the image of Seychelles, which prides itself on having a largely unspoilt environment.


  1. Mr Marc Houareau, Good Luck with your petition. I support you 100%. The proposal to develop Cap Ternay & Grand Police amounts to State Terrorism and should be stopped at all cost. It will be worst than the palace at La Misere ! Seychellois, wake up and defend your Seychelles. I have been visiting your beautiful Islands for the past 20 years, I must say I am very disappointed with various hotel schemes, which will take away the beauty and uniqueness of your beautiful Islands. The Raffles at Praslin is an unwanted scar on the hillside of Praslin. The grotesque hotel at Beau Vallon is far too big for Beau Vallon. This new hotel will put additional pressures on the basic fragile Beau Vallon infrastructure. Beau Vallon should be cleaned and beautified rather than introduce new hotel. Seychelles needs small, good quality, intimate hotels of no more than 50 rooms maximum ! (An Englishman)

  2. I call on all Freedom Loving Seychellois and all environmentalists and those who love the beauty of Seychelles, to endorse Marc's petition and make your support for our environment Public.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  3. Please feel free to comment on the above item of discussion and keep to the point.

    The administrator of this blog will not tolerate insults to anyone by anonymous.

    Seselwa unite!

  4. Great job cuz, proud of ya!

  5. Let us hope that this petition works. In the past no one could stand up without being victimized or murdered. PL government failed us years after years. It is time for them to go and take their bloody arabs with them.

  6. We would like to restore the old road that Raffles diverted to built its mega resort because nowadays vehicles has to climb the steep hill and this is causing extra pollution to the environment that can be easily avoided.


  7. Retoring alod road won't bring back the thousands of trees chopped down by Pp thugs and Artb camels.But ,forcing he owner of this hotel to reduce the side of his ever-demensional hotels ,make it smaller thus make space for others too.Dito to Adam^s hotel at Port Launay,Lumeira on Praslin too etc...

    Seychelles needs sustainable tourism developemnt -that means developemnt that create jobs for the poeple of the host country (seychellois,it create wealth,protect environment not the opposite being created by those large five star hotels whose revenues stay in foreign banks.

    Morevoer.having too much hotels might give the feeling that toursists have increased but the fact is Yes tourists will increase But CHEAP Tuorists or mass tourism which have more negative impacto n environment,strss on water,land use etc...

    Seychelles need small quality and high standard hotels not massive Hotels just ot fullfill Arabs fantasies of creating their own imaginary Disneyland in our land.

    Seychellois in their majority as have been the case with our ancesters have a genetic appreciation for environemnt that why Seychelles is still beautiful and not destroyed like other island states such as Haiti etc...S

    Thus Seychellois is not the danger for oue environemnt but those handful 9of crooks like Payet who gard himslef in the dress of ENvironemntalist to better camoufalge his criminal instinct.Pp is the cuase and source of the destruction taking around the country and it not even the ofreigners who are dispoposing our poeple from the aptrimony that we must blame in the first for whithout PP State teerrorists no foreigners regardless who would had bought and destroyed or owed land on our shores.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. retoring the old road won't ,the damage is done

  9. Don`t let your beautiful country be destroyed by crooks! Very proud the you have the courage to stand up against them. I wish you good luck. A Seychelles lover from Austria.


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