Ethiopian Airlines Route To Seychelles Futile And At A Loss

Sep 26, 2013
The Top Resa tourism trade fair in Paris was the opportunity for Gashaw Mekonnen, the new GM of Ethiopian Airlines, based in France, to meet Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, and Bernadette Willemin, the Seychelles Tourism Board's
737-800 to Seychelles

Director for Europe, and discuss a more aggressive approach for the airline when looking at the Seychelles.

Mr. Mekonnen was accompanied for his meeting by Mr. Christophe Labiche, the Head of Product at Ethiopian Airlines France.

The meeting in Paris reviewed the approach in place by the Seychelles Tourism Board Offices in making the Ethiopian Airlines route to Seychelles more known among tour operators and travel agents.
737-800 to Seychelles

The Seychelles Minister welcomed the new drive by Ethiopian Airlines and assured Mr. Mekonnen the full cooperation of the Seychelles Tourism Board Offices.
Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


  1. Thos Airlines such as Ethopian Airline as it was also the case for previous Airlines in the past, are not being treated on an equal footing when it come to open air etc... as for instance Etihad .This is an uncompetitive way of enticing other foreign airlines to our shores.

    Moreover,while more foreign airlines should be encouraged to fly toS eychelles,it is high time Pp government find means of getting AIRSEY restarting its operation at least once a week from our main market Europe.(travellers want the best affordable price,the best route and less time consuming flights.Wasting their time in transit in Dubai,is surely the best option for a traveller who wants to get as fast as possible to his or her destination).Direct flights are therefore,best for a traveller in regard to hours spend flying,price,etc... in a words non-stop flights provide less inconvenience than connecting flights.

    If you are trying to promote fair competition and attract more airlines then the way forward is not to shackle a company and its profitability but previledging some to the detriment of others PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. The problem is this: St. Ange waits of news of a pull out to work with a ailing route. That is the problem. He should be working with all airlines that fly to Seychelles, to build their seat occupancy full time, instead of tickling us pink with useless fairs and festivals.

  3. I am shocked that St. Ange stays silent while these flights run empty.

  4. Ehitopian air lines look empty.

  5. Air France has taken Air Seychelles to an international arbitration court because it broke the code-sharing agreement concluded in 2009.

  6. James Michel has no ideas how to lead the country forward, he has never been a 'my own man' as he pretended, he has been faking all along, reading speeches written by someone else without knowing fully what he is saying, he just follow the winds and accept what his hangers-on tell him to do, making a fool of himself just like dressing-up in doctorate garb!
    What he can do at this late stage for the sake of his legacy. is to show some energy by reshuffling this lame government, all his ministers have run out of ideas of faking and encouraging corruption. And St. Ange has run out of gas as far as tourism and culture are concerned, he is punch-drunk with fairs, festivals and buffets!

  7. Zaffair y plis boyo ki l'heure nous ti na pas Forex. Au moin nous to capable gagne un ptit ticket lo Air Seychelles pour alle Singapore, nous ti capable monter et descendre avec tous kalite piece loto - la roue, silencer jusqua gardbou! Ou ti capable faire un loto entier boute par boute, mon dire sa akose mon conne un dimon kin faire li.
    Rappel comment Agnes Mondon ti pe fouille dans nous derriere Airport? oli li azordi? Arabs y entrer sortir san checker, Forex yne bouse trou fesse Rene, Michel avec tous zotte Ministre!

  8. Michel got African Development award eexcellence,African dictators show us what development Michel has done for his country especialy in infustrutcor. That's why african will never move forward to much dictators on this continent they always see opposit think what they doing its good but its not.This idiot have lots fish under his ball he could developt our fish industries letting Russian mafia to control what belong to Sselwa and stealing million.This award african dictators you should had give it to the chief of Masai,his doing better jobs than instead of this lazy crook..

  9. The Award is for taking Seychelles First in Debt GDP RATIO in the World.
    Gold Medal for most indebted country in the world.

  10. It is the tenth awards this clown has received so far, and the world is full of 'Dr' these days, wonder what Dr.Ken Giami is playing at, the NGO he represent does not work for nothing, lobbying for James Michel for Mo Ibrahim award???????

  11. A classic case should be investigated by Seychelles freedom party.why? Because they did predict the outcome well before.
    The case surround the selling of Oceana fisheries company by the co owners Joseph Tirant and Redley Weber.The company has been sold to the Russian Mafia am told.
    The worker are due to be paid their compensation,they are been told that they tommorrow,next month, tommorrow and you know fully well that tommortow will never come.Can SFA look into this case of abuse of local employees ?Thank you.

  12. Givng Michel an award for Bankrucy,sell out, dependency on foreign aid which perpetuate poverty etc.. is a farce and an insult to the people of seychelles.The real award that can be honored by the people,is the one Pp must earn from the people all the rest are useless and not recognize by Seychellois.

    The fact is,in order ot achieve sustaianable development a country requires democracy. It is only in a Democracy that people can be empowered to demand and shape better policies not one party system.Good governance is essential to achieve development while true participatory democracy ensures that developemnt is equitable and sustainable.

    St Ange can not comment on those empty seats of Air Ethopia.Should he does that it would means PP policies are not working and abnove all he knows then that proffesional in the Tourism industry as ordinary Seychellois will call on him to get our National Airline AIRSEY operating driect flight from and to Europe ,something Khalifia refuse though it is essential for our tourism industry.Instead of getting our Nat.Airline operating to its main market Pp waste times making deals with countires such as Vietnam , countries which are not known for having a culture of travelling as tourists and whose people cannot afford to travel.Ussually serious governemnts defend their interest unfortuantely PP does not defence our interest but that of foereigners.A policy which is destroying our economy,country,and reducing our sovereignty.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Government policies of clientalism and preferences is affecting such Airline like Ethopia.We remember the main reason given by Qatar,Turkish Airlines and other for their pull out namely"Landing fee etc... are too high.Liberalization in pratice should led to more competition with it traffic growth and sustainable growth.It should also provide moe afrodable and interesting price for passengers.The polices of favoritism makes that impossible which disadvantage travellers and provide not real competition especially on price between airlines.

    PP must revisit its policy when it comes to open Air space--All airlines should be treated equally PP.Favoritism affect our tourism industry and discourage other airlines to operate to our shores.Time to get serious St Ange.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. In Africa when you are listed as Failed state,most indebted,corrupted,bad ogvernance,dictatorship etc.. you are seen as successful.That explain why Africa is stagnated and since Independence its continues to move back ward.In fact African Continent is poorer than during Colonization time,more wars,illness,diseases,environement destructions,and so on.

  15. These arabs will screw the Seychelles just like they have screwed the Middle East, while Seychellois stays passive. Too many Idiots on these small Islands!

  16. St Ange and PP make deal with ffreign airlines to fly to Seychelles but do not provide the right conditions to make it interesting for them to do so,. PP and St Ange expect those Airlines to spend every cent from their own pocket to advertise Seychelles as Tourist destiantion as if they are our National Airlines.Those Airlines St Ange priority is to advertise their routes in order to Sell their ticket and ensure their business generate revenues.They are not going to expressly spend money from their own pocket to advertise Seychelles as tourism destination, that is the job of Seychelles governement,Hotel establishement,Travellagencies etc... and do not expect them to operate at lost to please Pp government.

    And finally,Since Air Seychelles new CEO seems to have the secret tactics to make an airline profitable may be he should have solutions on how to restart operating AIRSEY to our main market this would help him break the record he set months ago.Remeber,Air Seychelles told us that it double even triple its revenues in a few months after taking almost three years to make a meager reveues of U$ i million dollars last year..With the magical formulae that Air Sey CEO hold he should be able to turn things possitively with all jhis magic spells..I think that AIRSEY is the only Airline in the world which triple its revenues in a few months.All CEOs around the owrld are trying to get hod of this maigc formulae to also be successful as AIRSEy and break their own records of revenues by 100 to two hundreds percents by< maigc like AIRSEY this year 2013.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. 2.51
    Seychellois are not idiots ,it just that after 40 years of being forced to stay paassive,passivity to act has become noramal.But there are occasions when Seychellois have demonstrated their oppoistion against PP : At La misere,Takakama,La Digue etc... In othe rwords,Seychellois are not hapy about the system and do not support it,and want change,but what is missing is a united Oppostion to direct them in order to act Nationally.And as the saying goes"A divided majority creates a strong minority".That is what impeding change in Seychelles not PP but Oppostion refusing to uniteShould f the Oppostion unite today ,tommorrow morning PP will be toppled and sent to find a life.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Then, do something about it. Words only will not change the Seychelles. We need action.

  18. Jeanne D'arc is 100%.

    "A divided majority creates a strong minority".

    Pl has systematically divided the opposition. Those who refer to themselves as "clever" have been the boot of the division now for years.
    PL will deny overseas Seychellois the right to vote, is this division? Yes.
    PL gives housing to only its professed supporters. Is this division? Yes.
    PL finances the opposition and its own retired politicians to remain silent. Is this division? Yes.
    PL colludes with SNP to play SLOVAK MAFIA. Is this division? Yes.
    PL can successfully divide the Nation, because we have sell outs that claim to be opposition.
    They oppose only the discussing of their fat cat pensions.
    They oppose only debate which will expose their weakness.
    They oppose exposing their executive members who collude with PL.
    PL has divided the opposition so much that today:

    A. Mancham is under PL Pension;

    B. Ramkalawan is under PL Pension;

    C. there is no Democratic Party anymore;

    D. there is active practice of extortion ongoing in the opposition that destroys any chance of unity and any chance of change in Seychelles.

    E. Opposition engages in drug trafficking with PL and this divides the Nation.

    People of Seychelles, the time to wake up from your deep sleep is now, or you will lose your country.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  19. Is some Seselwa politicians waiting for us to use force for change?Its depend on those sell-out politicians.They have a choice free Seselwa peoples from this captivity and misery and restore our peoples dignity or we are coming to bring change,because some of you politicians seen years you should have bring change some dont got the balls for it and the prever to sell their country and they dont belong politic for change and some have come in politic just for money and being corrupt and for big pension seen years .We have to stop it when the time is right.

    Do something about it! joind freedom loving Seselwa if you want them to do someting about it. what about you are doing something about it.Anonymous 23 .10 ?Typical Sseselwa waiting for other whoes got ball to do it,seen years you been in politic know?

    Ram,Volcer,Judas,Boulle seen years they are around in Seychelles politic they have just been ivoled in the sell-out not for freedom and democracy for their peoples.Ram is man that has lost faith in god and god has lost faith in him now you must get out of the church (tir sa rob blan) and get lost in politic ban sell-out.

  20. Ramkalawan should join Mancham and push for change!

  21. Ramkalwan will make a very good vice president with Mr. Mancham. I support that call.

  22. They should challenge Michel for the leadership of Parti Lepep. We should lose untie our narrow-mindedness and open up to new blood. What about Gill and Henriette? Or, maybe the woman's league of SNP should take over the leadership of their party.

    If this was meant to be a job, then, why not M. Mouse and D. Duck!

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  23. Herminie ,i agree has publicly shown discontent aginst his own party.If he wants to play a bigger role in achieving change ,he can start by asking the members of the Assembly he preside to Oppose PP dictats whenever ministers like Fuare,Payet come to forced them vote on illegal issues like selling out our land to foreigners,or just oppose such moves by Pp polit Buro.For instance,Herminie could publicly made his oppsition known on Marek case,or El Amteri ,or illegal land sell out by PP handful of crooks,etc,etc,, this in itself would empowered others within his own party who are also opposing Pp in secret to come out public and make their oppostion known.He would then do Seychellois a great favour.

    Note also that Chris has always said that anyone who is ready for change and firmly beleive in genuione change can join SFP or work with it,and that regardless of the person past in condition that he or she is real in their actions and with no criminal records or blood of their hands.

    The door is opened Herminie,make the change within yourselve firs then do not hesitate to join or support those struggling for genuine change.Fighting state terrorirsm is a duty,a honor for any real Seselwa rasin.Be part of the change now!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  24. St Ange is heading to New York soon,to avoid the long trip he could rent Ethopia Ariline,a direct to NYC to avoid all those transits on his way that tourists trying to reach Seychelles much take.To fill all seats he could be accompanied by RAM ,JPI,Pierre,Darjarques,Gurkas,and family members all inclusive paid by tax payers.


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