Sailors and Marines aboard USS Carter Hall Volunteer at School in Seychelles

PORT VICTORIA, Seychelles, Sep 03, 2013 — Sailors and Marines aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) participated in a community service project, organized by the U.S. Embassy, at Beau Vallon School in Seychelles as part of the ship’s port visit, Aug 26.
A total of 50 Sailors and Marines participated in the event, which allowed those involved to give back to the people of Seychelles.

“We were able to landscape and clean around the school, and we also painted the school,” said Religious Program Specialist 3rd Class Shawna Fitzgerald, who helped organize the project. “They really appreciated the help, and we had a blast being there.”

There were many weeds to clear and trash to pick up around the school. They also trimmed hedges and did a general sweeping of the grounds. A fresh paint job made the school look newer and neater for the kids who attend the school.
“Thank you so much for volunteering. When the kids come back to school in September, they will have a nicer and cleaner school than when they left it thanks to you,” said Marie-Anette Ernesta, a Political/Economic Assistant in Seychelles.
Although school was not currently in session, Sailors and Marines also were able to interact with local children who were playing music in a classroom. Sailors showed the children some American dance moves, and the children demonstrated their dance steps as well.

“We were laughing and clapping our hands as they played music with drums and other instruments,” said Fitzgerald. “The kids were very cute and friendly. They also thanked us for being there.”
Service projects like the one conducted with the school serve to continue Naval Forces Europe-Africa efforts to strengthen maritime partnerships with East African nations like Seychelles in order to enhance regional stability.
“It is very important that we have gatherings like these,” said Ernesta. “Historically, Seychelles has a very close friendship with the U.S. and events like these continue to cement that friendship.”

Carter Hall is part of the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group and, with the embarked 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, is deployed in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th and 6th Fleet area of responsibilities.


  1. Something nice :)

  2. These pictures show genuine and lon^g realtionship entranched betweem Seychelles and USA people.They were welcomed with open arms , back in the seventies when the USA operated TRACKING STATION and they are welcome today in the same way as back then.

    They donot need to ask PP to illegally allow them to parade on our National Day like Chinese for us to like them,but we like them simply becuase " THEy and We" share the same values such as respect of Human rights-liberties etc...

    This is real ,genuine friendship---Best firends are people you know,.Friends-fight for you,respect you,include you,encourage you,need you,deserve you.A firend is someone who knows you and loves you just the same.As Aritotles said"Waht is a friend?A single soul dwelling in two bodies" that qoute pseaks volume of what Seychellois consider real friends.Not those fake friends found by Thgotcrats Michel the Butcher like Chinese communsit,Arab Despots,North Korean tyrannt,etc....

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. They tell us our government is corrupted and yet they only come to clean up the infrastructure and leave the real trashes untouched.

    We have always been friends of all and enemy of none. We love the Chinese, the americans, the arabs, the Korean and the other nation of this world but we hate their government for abusing human right. If Michel is a thug then Obama and his allies are all thugs as well.

    Where were are friends when we really needed them? If I remember correctly, they left us to hang and take their embassy to Mauritius.

    I do not know who you representing here, but as far as I am concern, you only speak for yourself.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  4. They alreada acting--They interantionally helped us made PP known for Sex slave and Huamn trafficking,and other important issues.In the future they might even should we ask,provide us with still classfied information on how the PP sold arms to Rwnadan genociders and how much Pp pocket in the transaction,They might provide Michel conservations with Khlifa on illegal land deals and many more.Be sure they donot know who is who ,and who does what nad who organized the butchering of many innocent Seychellois Like Gerald,Mr Tall and amny more.

    Yes we have always be firends of all and enemy of none.but under PP ;FAR and especially Michel the butcher had created enemies like Khalfia ofr Seychellois and of course Every action must have a reaction--Thus we just do no love Khalfia for instance.

    I am speaking for my self ,but on the streets Seychellois are speaking for themsleves iwth the same owrds and positions namely WE DONOT LOVE KHALFIA andChinese neo-coloniser.I guess you have not forget how they demonstrated Their positions.At La Misere,Takakam.La digue.Recent Beau Vallon.It was not a show as you used to see preforming by Pp thugs but real anger.Nad who would vbeleive Seychellois who have conscience would love those who trying to dispose them from the land.rpaed thier rules of law,destoryed their land,etc... I guess it could only be PP monkeys.Did you see any chanting Khalfi we love you,Khalfias you our King or it was Khalöfi go home?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. To MICROBIOME, I back your views and sentiments all the way. Jean Paul

  6. Mauritius!Neapalese students want to bomb school in Mauritius,if they dont get refund back their money.Pp also have bring immgrants of those kind on our shore.

  7. It is true when one thinks about the speech OBAMA gave when he took office in his first term,on corruption,good governance,etc... we have reasons to be unsatisfied like many other Nations.

    Yes.we have been always been firends of all and enemy of none.But real firends repects one another.When Chinese concocted with PP and illegal participation in our National day parade to make us love them by force,this is not firendship but a sign of arrogance,disrespects,and Chinese in this case cannot be called a frien,dito to Khalifa.Note also,North Korean is a firend of Pp thugs not Seychellois.Seychellois want to be firends with democratic Nations not despots,dictators,tyrannts like Kim,Mugabe,Castro,and the rest.

    On thug-- if Obama and the citizens of USA consider it a such ,they have functional democratic institutions in place to challenge him on any wrong doings.we show that In Clinton/Ovensky case etc..

    Thug Michel the Butcher institutions in unfunctional,banrupted ,thus it cannot be compare to that of the USA.

    I am on thid blog speaking for myself,but i think when LaMisere,Takama,La Digue and recently Beau Vallon citizens say stop destroying our land,stop shitting in our rivers,etc.... they acknowldged the same position as i do.I did not hear them saying Welcome howem king Khalifa,we love you but the contary.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. 22.39
    Yes.indeed.pp illegal pratices is paving the apth for such terorrist activities on our shores.Note that those potential terrorist di not came to our shores own but imported by PP foreign investors firends .The altter simply use the beauty of our land to make themsleves rich,and seychellois poor.No tax,no law that force them to repalce fexpats workers by Seychellois or if there is not enough seychellois trained,the operate tax,duty fee,no law to encoruage them to keep their profits in seychelles.In fact,PP is pratciing the same old corrupt,unsustainable policy adopted since 2008 when Michel took power.Recent corrutp pratice is being perpetuated by BARRY FUARE .He gifted him self Ile Soleil,and now after pocketing bribes he is about to give the island to a unknown foreign owner presumeably a South African racist,, for 100 years for SR 1 rupee.Instead of 60 years least ,renewable,and not law to encourage new foreign investors to recruit Seychellis etc.etc.etc..No approval by Pp one-aprty Assembly,No public debates as stipulated in Constitution,for Pp thugs are above the law,and the law.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D`^Ârc

  9. We should fight the system NOT spread hatred!

    By the way, real friends do not spy on each other!

    Seychelles and the USA are both bankrupt. The democratic institutions that you mentioned are all dysfunctional, bought and paid by corporation and some influential groups. Most people in the USA have no faith in the system and not too many of them participate in elections.

    We cannot condemn all arabs for the crime of one Khalifa or all Chinese for their government participation in the Seychelles Parade. We cannot blame all US citizen for Obama's drones attacks on civilians or every jewish person for the crime of the zionists. If we do, then we become the biggest bigot of all time.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  10. WERE SEYCHELLES STAND ON SYRIA WAR?I come back on it after my work.

  11. We don't care about Syria. Let these Muslim animals kill each other. We should focus on removing James Michel from power

  12. La mon tande ki sodomy inn araser laba dan prison montaine posser.zot ki manyer creole inn arrive comsa?

  13. The Seychelles government does not stand for morality so it is hard to determine which side they will pick on this matter. I'd say, they'll do whatever the King instruct them to do. As for the Seychellois, we need to hear all sides of the story before we can make even start talking about it. Then we can participate in a pole to see where most stand.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  14. We should ,must and will fight the system.As to hatred is the result of 40 years Pp polcy of division,sell out,corruption etc...

    In the history of spying,also real friends spy on each other.So does Isreal on USa, USa of European and vice versa , is part of the game.

    We cannot condenm all Arabs for the crime of Khalfia ,but we cannot say that most of them seems to have the same custom,mentality etc...that are those of the bronze age and have not palce in the 21st century.As to Chinese,they are also victim of one-aprty state ,thus state roganized crimes and state terrorism.

    Now if what you attempting to say is,"we should not condenm all Pp thugs or collaborators this is something completely different to the allusion you made.CUlprits and collaborators in a crime act are all eqaully guilty,thus must be dealt with equally and punish in accordacvne to the gravtiy and particiapation in the crimes committed.

    Where Seychellois stand on Syria?Well,the answer is in the diplomatic position Seychelles took on Indenepednece day namelly "Non alliance"(Neutralitiy).

    Jeanne DArc


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