Here is a man who will not take part in any elections let alone the electoral reforms process. Today, Seychelles is at a standstill on every aspect of the political spectrum. Why? Because of walkouts instead of standing firm against Lepep. Gill's attitude on boycotting every ideals in which affects every Seychellois in their every day life is beyond contempt. He thinks standing on the sideline will hopefully lead Lepep into capitulation. What a bloody buffoon, a person who supposedly have a degree in law. It could be that he is following into Marco Francis footsteps!

Gill is still sore from all the beatings he got on facebook. He has been exposed for who he really is. He failed as a lawyer, he failed in real estate and failed as a politician. We all know that. People in Seychelles will never vote for a traitor like Gill.

He pushes people to do his dirty work and then lets them take the blame. In fact joining his enemies in attacking his own friends. Here is a loser. A big fat bloody loser!
He turned against his own family, insulting them in public. He accuses his own party members of what he routinely does himself, by helping the enslavers. In effect contributing to the crippling of his own integrity. He has sold his soul to Lepep and he wanted to be above everybody else, a sort of guy with a personality disorder. His biggest mistake was to defend a guy who faked his degree. Poor judgement.

On a small island like Seychelles, the Tourism Industry adds a tremendous burden to the local infrastructure which is already streched to the maximum. The waste generated by hotels and guest houses clog up the sewer system in which some are discharged raw into the ocean.

Tourism is a shaky business, yet they keep throwing millions of foreign exchange into it instead of high tech option like other countries. Money which they do not have.

On immigration, would Gill like the US Immigration and Naturalisation service to call him a "fabrike"? This was exactly what he would be by his twisted logic in the United States, a fabrike living in Guam.

When he talks about his time in the assembly, you would think he was there 99 years. What he does not tell the people of Seychelles is his 15,000 rupees pension he gets from Lepep every month. His friendship with Parti Lepep members, inviting them for dinner and a taste of dessert d'amour. What a pillock!

Now Mr Gill, it is my chance to get even, i will make you dig your own grave and then i will bury your fat ass.

The moment this fat bastard feel the pressure in Seychelles, he will run off to Guam.There is no political career left for him as he is trying to extort money from me. Threatening me with lawsuits because he is afraid i pass his emails and messages to Father Ramkalawan of the SNP. That is how it works in Seychelles, extortion and racketeering.That is all that is left.

Here pop goes the weasle! I will always beat him back to his hole and i will make him feel like feeble whimpers, pounding on his head, until he gets it into his coconut!


  1. Me Zot. Get Totof ek son gro vant. mank zis son Bum bag.

  2. The Big Interview with Rama Valayden, Chellen family lawyer.
    The communiqué says that the police feel that it is unethical, unhealthy and inappropriate for allegations or speculations to be made in such a high profile case at this point in time. The fact that there is a judicial process, being a public inquest in that case before the court now set to start in March; the police add that they will not make any comments on remarks made in this article. What nonsense! to do nothing and say nothing is the way with PL. This is why so many murders have been 'touffee' and never to be prosecuted.
    On a previous blog someone wrote under the name of 'Journalists sans Frontiers' mentioned about the Shirt and the Belt being crucial pieces of evidence and this is what the lawyer is talking about today, and Morgan and his foreign con-men are hopeless to answer!

  3. The image above is the likeness of Gill!s soul ,which has been sucked by somthing ........?????!!!!!
    Gill likes to label RAM as stooge of Pl,now pl can say it has a a political shilll.A decoy who acts as an enthusiastic ...who bedunks distractions to disguise his relationship with Pl.To get his message to chief Michel,he uses the intermediary of St Ange and Marco,by doing so ,like stooge who is not ashame to fake on camera,the shaneless Gill use backdoors in order to hide himself for public eyes.
    A guy with complex.Gill is many things,Too many things,to be real One hand,he tries to potry himself as the Convinction politician,who frequently and spectacularly change his mind.We disguise himself as a great Patriot who cheries our Constitution,,,then he is floor crosser,fake degree promoter,....we seychellois just can not get any clear sense of what this guy wants.. he is like ping pong ball.....

    REALITYTODAY,with the above article,you have put the spor lighter on a great Deceiver,his short attenpt to be a great leader is an extraordinary catalogue of politic switches,and personal cover~up,of a guy whose life is full,withcfalsehood.
    Engage in politics because of money,he thinks he could make a career out of flip~flop .and with a One~party man,who has place his own personal interests above that of common man.
    You a disgrace Gill, are now spun in pl la la land, with his eyes transfix on getting a lion!s share of PL enterprise.He is a one branding and distributor pipeline for shill politicians.when one loks at this guy,one feel a dull thud in the stomach,.He is a spoiled Egg that is infertile and can not be hatched.

    TELL us Gill,that you are hopeles and shaneless without balls.Tell us,that if Ram is the puppet of Pl,you are the muppet.
    Tell us,that you take politics as surreptitious objectives.Tell that you a fake ,who promises a bridge even when there is no river.Your moral decadence makes you a disgrace,Tell us that you have slave of your own selfish interests,
    You did dare,sacking JPL,ror accepting a bottle of guineness with Materi,now you sleep with StAnge,you messager and advicer.

    Shame on you humty dumpty...time to leave politics and take care of ile de Palmes and rbjoy your time brinking rhum with St Ange.Seychellois oppose one party system,as one party man.We have enough of dictators,and wonna be dictator like you.find a life bobby!

  4. As many tourist establishment went bankrupt,due to lack of tourists,Gill dance on steps with StAnge,.His new connection with St Ange and Marco,help him survive,suddenly he disinterest hinself fron the hardship of other,his selfishness nakes him a blind rat.Suddenly direct flights is no longer inportant for him,not even Mr Affif struggle to be licenced and allowcto operatechis Airline which would help create good connectivity and boost a shameless frivol different from pl.
    Your pant is on hoodwink people to advance ur personal coward......Mancham said you do not have you have proven him right......
    Ram said ,you a coucou....he was right.....
    You a Damn Fucking stincking asshole Gill....!!!!!!!

  5. 07.01
    The older posts from 'Journalists sans Frontiers' ring a bell, and remember Supt. Bursick giving a press release.
    Seeing them foreigners wearing uniform of senior ranks of the Seychelles Police, namely Huntter, Sculy, Bursik and Jacklin one may ask why they do not go out at night and do patrols like the local officers do, after all they are not paid just to sleep all night in their beds and sit all day in offices. This Hunter and his friends have made their own headquarters at the ex-Coast Guard site, shame to see the idiot Quatre going there each time he needs to see his deputy, instead of vice-versa!.
    Mr. Rama the lawyer from Mauritius representing the Chellen family, should ask all of them including Morgan, the big question "WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN YOU KNEW ABOUT IT?"

  6. 7,01
    Pl says is unethical to provide information to the public .Judges are public officials accountable to the peoole,and has an obligation to inform the public without restriction.What is unethical is the unwillingness of the court to adhere to proper norms,and the attempt to cover~up,hide information to the public

  7. 8,56
    All those foreigners gard in seychelles pplice uniforms are sovereign states in the world will recruite foreigners to control its national security action is unconstitutional,it rapes sovereignty a.d should be stpped immediately.....Dito to having foreigners as judges or Ambassadors....
    Foreigners can be recruited as advisoers,trainers,but to having direct control on a sovereign state institution.......when it so...that has nothing to do with the concept of sovereign state ,but neo~colonialism.

  8. Gill seems agree to,and inspires by his doom.

  9. EC office should and must remain open at all time according to law,Gappy has unilaterally decided that he will open it when he wants,,,Gappy acts as ifcthe EC office is an indian shop and the owner can open it when he wants.Gappy iscraping the law,and one can question his integrity and ask if he is independent or pl stooge as Gill.
    Who gave the authority to do that you want corrupt Gappy?

  10. Under pl jungle law,the President appoi.ted thecchief electoral commissionar he posite...Gappy is a Pl his mantor,he think he is above the law...and the law......for no rational reasons,Gappy the mini dictator tells Seychellois we would not open the E office as law stipulates but when stooge Gappy wants.....if we wants ,he can close it forever...beccause the EC is his private asset...
    Gappy is a pl stooge..he is the brain behind electoral frogery..

  11. It seems that the editor smeared shit all over Gill for welcoming the new year and this is the longest FARt comment ever written. An average human FARt 14 times a day only Gill.... he does it all day.....then he blame CHARLIE.
    Poor dude he was once born with a silver spoon in his mouth.... now even Marco is avoiding him...errrr except Gill! This man been lying for all his life even though he was trying to tell the truth......his way of democracy means 3 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner....
    If you guys been suportting SFP (the SEYCHELLES FAKE PARTY)for the last two years...then you don't have a heart...if you still supporting the SEYCHELLES FESS PARTY...then you don't have a brain. Even my grandson knows when he start to lie.....just watch his fuacking lips moving ...and if someone is close ...he might choke that person. Now you know why there are fire extingiusher around case his pants is on fire.
    Now,now,now.... I got load of emails from him....his friends been forward his mails to me for will be surprise to read some... never knew that he was that low.....he went low....

  12. Holly krap when did he start chewing tobacco?

    There is only trouble with this shows..... or maybe he forgot to wind up his mechanical brain in the morning!

  13. A genuine political leader cannot wear two hats at the same cannot on one hand,present o.eself of having a strong convinction and principles than ,on the other hand,act in shameful manners.

  14. The first time I met this humanoy on the kat koko I figured out his brain aren't fact in his case they're least there's one thing about his fat belly isn't as ugly as his face....but if i had a face like this..i'd sure my parents.
    Now you all know why all oppositions hated him?......errrr but not PL..........
    Because this fausking Guam has an atitude of : MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.


  15. The Idea..... way ,anyway,ain't noway or the high way...entails dictatorship traits.

  16. His been Leading like a Dictator--Ma way,no way,ain't no way ,or the High------ leads straight to the gutter.I shall be an autocrat,that is my trade,andthe good lord will forgive me,that is his.

  17. It is not hard to get a way ,when its ur way,or the highway.The problem is Gill!s way is no way.It seems more like a guy who has lost his way.....instead of my way or the is if “since i havw no planned way..hust go any way.That is a man walking to no fixed,pre~planned can be sure.should you follow gonna get loss.

  18. A genuine leader shoild not do it my way or the highway,but the people way.Thr later can make you or break you.If you choose their way they will lead you to ur destination,if you choose My Way,or the highway,they gonna break you,and send you to the prison gate way.

  19. AFTER ALL THOSE BASHING ON FACEBOOK .......HE WENT HIDING ......ONLY NOSE OUT. But new technology we can detect him with finding the blackbox!
    rECENTLY he has been spending some of the 15,000 rupees that belong to the floor crossing to have his family tree searched....and found out he was the sap...... so disappointed with it.... the next morning as he woke up..... he spread the Preparation H on his toothbrush to brush his broken teeth........

  20. How it became clear why gill showed his unco.ditional support for Marco.,he was offered an another award.This time,it was St Ange,gill !s pl spiritual who handed over the award,and was chosen for photo finish instead as traditional should be the case by Marco...Gill wanted zo avoid any photo with Marco to calm down pressure on him,after crossing floor,,which has tarnished his image.Onezime,thought did not missed this occassion to conctoct a flattering articles in regards to Gill achievement and zhat in pl style.Finally,both the communist style of glorification of Gill and the. Album of photos zhrown to us by Onezime,finally confirm that Gill if officially,without shame,a Pl opposition stooge,not different from his friends in zhe pl he for years criticed to hide his real face.You can run but you cannot hide,somehow,sometime,somewhere, must finally come out from his fake inage,it took Pl only a few little years to turn zhis bastard weak soul to bend low and got to his knees,like tonton Macham and start worshipping pl.This year,2015,would be a great year for stooge Gill,surely pm would give him more access to Nation,SBC now that he is officially confirmed he is a pl stooge.He will hear no criticism coming from Stooge Gill ,now that zhisaward is being used by plenzice him and at the same time shut him.What for be coward wicked bastard.He hoodwinked seychellois,then finally proudly join Pl for two awards..That pl can bought him not for some valuable pieces of silver but two pieces of woods,demonstazes how cheap this guy is.Ram az least pocketed a pension for lifr,Gill only two pieces of wood ,painted,vanished by Marco.

  21. Has everyone notice in the past.....this dude always wants to be the center of attention wherever he is visible......the last time he attended a funeral..... this dude cried...mean cried...WHY.....he feel sorry he isn't the corp!

  22. Its amazing to see the advanture of this Zombie.Greedy as he is,i am intrigue that he refuses to participate in elections as fakecopposition,with hope winning at least a seat for himself,in order that he can like his friend Ram,pocket a pension for life.Apparently,he knows he would fail,that explain why he opts for rackeeting.

  23. It was until now, believed that Mauritius` DODO bird has been extincted,Not at all!proof ,Look at this fat ,over weight DODO on the picture above.Seychelles government should Mauritian's Zoo,this big fat DODO named TOTOF,as tourists attraction.

  24. When would dodo Gill difinitively join pl bandwagon to loot dry Seychellois?

  25. Manm zafer lo pralen.
    Pouldo in disparet.
    Totof in beez mange tous.

  26. RAm has publicly announced that he would participate in 2016 election---can Gill tell us what is his position.

  27. Pouldo still existed for 20 years at LA Reserve Hotel ..than Pl allowed the destruction of mares thereby extincguishing the bird.



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