Former President Rajapaksa Alleged Seychelles Assets To Be Investigated: WB Assistance Needed To Unearth "Stolen Assets"

Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development Dr. Harsha de Silva said the Sri Lankan government would certainly investigate into the assets in Seychelles belonging to the former first family in Sri Lanka and their closest associates.

“There are various ways through which we can conduct investigations. We can seek the assistance of private auditors and proceed with the matter. At the same time, we can conduct inquires with the help of the Stolen Assets Recovery Programme of the World Bank. The government can assure the public that no one will be able to hide the ‘stolen assets’ in Seychelles and dodge local law enforcement mechanism,” the Deputy Minister told Asian Mirror on Monday.

“Seychelles is known to be a safe haven for stolen assets and a money laundering hub. But, we, as a government, have realized the gravity of this matter,” de Silva also added.

The Deputy Minister, when he was in the opposition, said that embezzled funds, including money swindled from development projects in Si Lanka, were deposited in Swiss banks through Seychelles.

Due to strict laws adopted by Switzerland, he said, the amount of funds deposited in Swiss banks under Sri Lankan addresses had decreased in recent years while deposits through Seychelles had drastically increased.

“The population in Seychelles is slightly more than 90,000 but the deposits under the addresses of that country are worth about 3,000 million Swiss Francs last year, which is higher than the accumulated deposits under Sri Lankan addresses,” he told media.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, nearly seven months before his visit, opened a Sri Lankan High Commission in Seychelles while setting up a branch of the Bank of Ceylon in the island.
Despite its population which does not exceed 90,000, Mihin Lanka, an airline started under directives from former President Rajapaksa, started a direct flight to the island last year.


  1. Rajapaska opened a branch of Bank of Ceylon in seychelles with ol thuggish regime to do one thing...facilitate,speed up money laundering.Rajapaska also invested,rather washed some of money by investing in SHELL COMPANIES such a his BEAUTY CLINIC,,etc.....
    In a democratic,with robust institions and honest government.....while Rajapaska is under scrutiny should be normal for a state to make its own investigation,even seize assets of culprit as investigation continue...not pl...michel minister of finance is probably working over time to disguise Rajapaska ill~gotten deposit in Sey banks,and destroying all evidence possible....but as mr Da Silva pointed out...the new Sri lankan govt is going to use of means and ways to find by going through pl....which typifies how this pl government is not trust both by its people and foreign states.
    Michel must be having cold sweat.....for any piece of evidence zhe Sri Lankan govt will reveal..i am sure we are going to see pl fingerprint on it too.
    PL thinks,it could get away with its organized crimes always,zhis time around,all seems to show,it would not be zhe case.Michel rushed to called Mr Sirisrna just after he was elected,in an attempt to Sirisena sympathy.....but it seems zhis new Sri lankan not prepare to be fool by thugs.

    1. Make no mistake Sri Lanka Government will get to bottom of:-
      1. Why a High Commission was opened when the Sri Lankan population in Seychelles is less than 100
      2. Why a Bank of Ceylon Branch, Insurance Corporation Branch and a Mihini Air Branch were established in Seychelles
      3. Why some Sri Lankans faked their employment in Sri Lanka to get jobs in the Seychelles judiciary
      4. Who sold an island in Seychelles to Rajapakse and how much was paid

  2. The new Sri Lankan government has literally confined Rajapakse under house arrest.MPs ask The Commission probing Rajapakse case,to Ban all travel,trips abroad for Rajapakse family membrrs and former Srilan Central Bank Director Ajith N Cabraal until i.vestigations against zhem havr concluded.
    Apart from that,Mps have order police to investigate what zhey callrd(diabolic Conspiracy) by Rajapakse to hold on to power after being defeated in the election last week.

  3. Pl conplice.And pl did not showed any shame to organized trips for Rajapakse as offical State Visit to hide pl and looter Rajapakse real purpose in Seychelles.Pl continues to illegally sell out seychellois patrimony to foreigners.

  4. 4,20
    It has surely came to ur attention,that zhe method use by Rajapakse is the same method uses by pl to loot and plunder seychelles treasury.
    As Raja...Pl also opens Ambassies,consulates in countries where there are no Seychellois residing in and have cultural,political,economical ties with.E.g Pakistan,San Jose..Costa Rica,Malawi,Swaziland,gyrgistan etc.....Guy Adam has even Offshore and other businesses in Panama and other S AmericN countires...

  5. And with all zhose illegal foreign Ambassadors....the secrecy is well preserve.

  6. Sri lankan consulate and Bank of Ce,lon might be forced to close.I can see rajapaskse remain stooges at Sri kankan Consulate and Bank of Ceylon working overtime to destroy,burn documents,evidence relating to the case.

  7. great robber rajapakse. hero to zero. do you believe he is a true buddist. no he is a war criminal. shame to all lankans.

    1. Ask General Fonseka. Rajapaska denied him the title of war-hero, so he can claim all the successes of the war and blame all the atrocities on the General. He rejected Fonseka and finally jailed him where he is still lingering. Same thing Albert Rene did to James Pillay at the end, he did not want to see him. Pillay did not go to jail but endured worse nightmare in depression and alcoholism until he died.

    2. At least the Sri Lankans had the guts to remove Rajapaksa. Give them credit for it. Some Sri Lankans in Seychelles are now worried.

      Expecting Rajapaksa to win Perera was seen just before the election in Sri Lanka trying to get dual citizenship. Intention obvious - to become Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Seychells with the help of his buddies - Rajapaksa and Michel. Plan misfired

  8. He butchered the Tamils and robbed them from their gold reverse and sold to Australian.likevMichel,he a crimunal with his hand full wizh blood.

  9. Now that the world is shouting 'enough is enough' with the staggering inequality where the Rich makes 1% of the world population and yet they possess more than 50% of the wealth of the world! No wonder Michel is playing reformist and paying lips service about unity. He is a nouveau-rich and an hypocrite, once he was a communist but now he is a capitalist, once he was an atheist but now he is a catholic, and once he associated with the poor but now he celebrates with his rich friends.
    The defeat of Rajapaska has upset the apple cart and an international investigation is the last thing Michel wants. The tiny Seychelles is involved in a colossal fraud that will bring shocking revelations to the whole world. With that kind of money involved, explains why no one was interested in politics, why everyone was bought, why Seychellois dance and drink all year round, and why the country is going to the dogs.
    The Seychelles opposition (if there is any) should join the Sri Lankan Government in demanding WB intervention and provide incriminating information.

  10. Look how Michel,Seychelles chief terrorist was keen of receiving his his criminal friend Rajapaska.Everything was arranged to make this ganster meeting between Rajapaska and himself look like State Visit,while their real intention was to put in place a vast operation of money launderying,theft,robbery,SHELL Companies,illegal sell out of our patrimony..and other under cover criminal activities.Michel alomost kissed Rajapaska on the mouth,the way he was eager and bosses by the perk he was going to pocket in this gross money launderying scam.We all remember how all Pl thieves lined up on the Airport to applaud,kneel in front of His majesty Rajapaska when he came here last year.With fanfafre,whole prgoramm of SBC glorifying Rajapaska as a honest,trust,holly man while in fact he is a brutal,greedy,criminal like Michel.

    Seyhellois knew that Michel show with Rajapaska was fake,an under cover comic show to disguise crooks hidden behind this official scam visit.Now Michel and Pl would have to face questions from Sir Lanka people and provide accountability to Seychellois.Definitively Pl thugs would end the same way Rajapaska has ended,and I am sure there are many within the Pl starting to question their collaboration with Pl,for slowly Pl criminal activites will come to light.

  11. As the article explains---What does Swiss government do when a dicatator in ousted and under investigation?The swiss government blocked all account of the ousted dictator in question...and corporate with the concern country judicial system in providing evindence etc.... until all investigations are concluded.

    Why is Pl government not doing the same with Rajapaska SHELL COMPANY in Seychelles?Why is FIU not opening its own investigations as it should be normal for a State t od in such situation?Why is Pl quiet and Where is the Oppostion? The later should by now Taken a leaf from Sir Lanakan new government election strategy---That use Corruption as the Rajapasak case to screw and pressure Pl.For any Oppostion worldwide ,except Oppostion in Seychelles ..this would have been a good opportunity to mobilize,galvanize using ruling party corruption scandals etc.... as tools to delegitimize the regime.Not in Seychelles ,RM,GILL,all are quiet as if the issue is a minor issue,and they find no importance of using the situation to galvanize the Opposition.Why because they are all Sttooge Oppostion leader.RAm prefers a little ridiculous march for 5 minutes on Victoria streets for CArs owners..hence a minority buzt issue such as corruption,money launderying that he could be used to rally more Seychellis around him...the stooge does not use and instead hide at Arpen Verte in his Cellar.Ram ,the bear has gone back to his winter sleep..We will see him next year telling Seychellois to vote for him..though he never provide alterantive program and cannot tell Seychellois what he would do beterr and with who around him.

  12. FAURE has been trying to present in public eyes as different than Michel ,his own man,But his actions on the side of Michel like on the above picture,where he stand in his red communist shirt speaks volmume of his Cameleon attitude..Dito to Meriton both Communist educatedfools who cannot like Fanny,Marco,adn other Pl what he study and where is his fake communist diplom..

  13. Rajapaska/Michel reminds me fo when Mulssolini and Hitler met in Rome in 1938.Back then Hitler arrived in Rome with an army of officials,close friends,collaborators and were greeted by Mulossini with fanfare.just as Michel/Pl didi last year when Dictaotr and >Tamil butcher Rajapaska set foot on our shores.The next Day was devoted to a tour of Seychelles Valley De Ami ...Mussolini brought Hilter on a Rome tour too.Hitler and Musolini held meetings back then on how to butchered and extincted Jewish people..Michel and Rajapasak was about how to robbed,disguised their ill-gotten money robbed for their people treasury abroad.Michel and Pl would aslo be investigated ,if not today,it would be surely tomorrow..but it will happen.Criminals must be punished for thei crimes regardless how long it takes to apprehend them and bring them for justice.Sometime they could ende faster as the think themselves Rajapaska has last week was so fast that he could not even use his arm gang to stop change,he was so shocked that he could not even escape overnight to his illegally obtained private island in Seychelles......he was in fact house arrest himself from panics and fear that the people come for him like Ghaddafi.Since,he is now under house arrest...he would have to collaborate fully with the new authority to save his ass and for that he would have to collaborate with the authority which means revealing all the information possible and Pl will surely be named and shamed in this process.....I am sure Michel has become worry as never before..he never thought that his crimes would even be unveil...Rajapaska process would do that....I wonder if Michel himself is not thinking of escaping before we come for Dictator safe haven in Suadi Arabia at the side on Ben Ali and other Dicatators.

  14. This morning police raid Rajapaska villa in Tagalle.Police a room teems will million of dollars,luxurious cars.arms,etc..etc...etc... Rajapaska was taken by surprise,could not even hide his ill-gotten bounty or escape...I an sure Michel is so worry as Rajapaska...for lots would be made public of Rjapaska crimes and collaborators including Seychelles Chief twrrorist Michel.

  15. The new Sri Lanakn government does not wwaste time digging out Rajapaska multiple crimes,robbery,theft,etc......Police open investigation in a case where 172 government vehicles desaspeared....Bank account on thr name of the brother of Rajapaske found in Ceylon Bank...probably it exsit also in Seychelles.Illegal arms found in a depot belonging to Rajapaska clans.Many projects that were supposed to be done by Raja√ľaska cancelled...for new government said all these projects which often are over budgeted,given to foreign firms etc was intended as tools to practice corruption,embezzlement,money laundering (just as Pl practice too etc.....In a looking at Rajapaska methods we find out that they are similar than that being used by Pl in Seychelles the same method and practices.....

  16. Pl facilitate money launderying by Rajapaska using already existing contacts Pl has abroad....probably the same guy who helped Pl loot U£ 2.39 Billion from Seychelles treasury is still active and still a Pl agent ..which explain why Rajapasak decided to use the contact,connection PL offers to transit millions into Swiss banks.


    "MR's Alleged Seychelles Assets to be Investigated: WB Assistance needed to unearth "Stolen Assets"

  18. All Companies in Seychelles created by Rajapaksa should be closed or seized immediately that includes his Beauty Clinic ,,Sir Lankan Ambassy should close too.

  19. Pl crooks wants to demolish the historical building Pirate arms which has been around for eons.Stop destroying our heritage Pl.


    Mauritius is calming the archipelago belongs to Mauritius.

    Well,The Chagos islands was seperatee from Mauritius(Which was still a birt colony) befoe Mauritius Indeependence in 1968(And before 1068 Mauritius a brit colony administered the islands from Mauritius ,but that does not means it was naturally part of Mauritius.Mauritius agreed to renounced the Islands in a deal before Indepedence.

    When British accede the islands accordance with the deal made between French and Brit in 1814.
    Morevoer,UK escised the Archipelego from Seychelkles administration in 1903 and attached it to Mauritius,then before independence Mauritius sold the archipelago for £3 million pounds to Uk brit.
    Note also that in April 1966 ,Brit bought all entire assets and REAl property oif Seychellois(chagos Agalega Company which owned all The Islands of BIOT...therefore Chagos islands too.(not the sell out was done under pressure of loosing everythings...Seychellois property owners have no choices than abide by Brit Dictatetion.

    Secondly ,GEOGRAPHICALLY it is clear that Chagos Islands can not be part of Mauritius.......And note also ......Marutius was not an independence government by a colony and the brit attached the isalnds with Mauritius itself a colony---so Mauritius actual governmentclaimed of the archipeego is ridiculous and absurd......In other words Chagos were attached to Mauritius solely for administrative reasons and not because it was naturalaly an assets to Mauritius.Just if you want Seychelles was under the French(a colony attached to Marituts where the French main administrative body was back then)

    Second clue to show Chagossians were more Seychellois creole than Mauritius ...they were all Christians while Most Maurituans Nationals are hindus.

    Mauritius claims on Chaogos is absurd for Maurirtius is claiming for islands that never belongs to them nautrally. just because under the French colony it was administrated from Mauritius.

    It is important to note that all BIOT ISLANDS were owned by Seychellois.and was forced to give away to Brit to construct a US naval base.

    Geographical .Seychellesclearlybelongs to Seychelles...and Pl government should start mobilizinf Chagossians both Locally and abroad to ensure that the Islands is attached back to Seychelles after USA force leave.

    Mauritius claim is based simply because under the French or Brit the islands were administered from Marutius itself a colony ,but apart from that br geographically,and that All biot Silands were owned by Seychellois ...Mauritius should not be left to claim this Archipelego and allow to deposes Seychelles from its assets.Many reasons can proved without much argument that these islands belong to Seychelles and Maurtius should not be left claiming islands that are not their....simply of the baisis that it was administered from Muaritius under Brit colony.

    Pl should work hard on the issue ,for the pontential offers by our islands isimmense be it tourism,fishing,etc.etc...etc...

  21. Tow ,three weeks ago...Seychelles coast guard, had training with Italian Navy...Did you our Spcial forces was equipped?Pl give them Lifejacket for normal sialors,,palced on the bulletproof vest..making then unable to recharge their guns if needed..These lifevests are not designed for Special forces...there are special lifevest for Marine Commandos E.g INFALTABLE PFD TYPE + SMA +=&= Series...or SPINLOCK DECKVEST %D +/= N PRO designed speciality for special forces...Can pl make us a favor by buying the right lifevest designed for special forces and stop making other countires laugh at us.

  22. U right....even the Navy personal uniforms can easily be upgraded--for instance...crew can wear short instead of (Always this trousers) Which sometime are too hot inside....Use CAPS instead of berets....and provide each sailor with a pair of sunglasses(as apart of the uniform kits...protecting their eyes avoid later health problems which might be costly)....

  23. Chagos did not belong to Mauritius HISTORICAL...THE ARCHIPELEGO WAS ATTACHED TO mARUTITUS BECAUSE Mauritius ITESLEF WAS A FRENCH AND THEN ALTER bRTITISH COLONY.mAURIRITUS CLAIMS OF THE ISLANDS IS ABSURD.No hisitorical reports show that prior to Frnehc and british colony of Maurtius Chaogs was already aprt of Mauritius(that is what Muaritius is try<ing to base its arguments on).The islands in 1903 were attached to BIOT of wehich Seychelles was part of and before Mauritius independence,(that still a brit colony)the Brits who owes the Islands made an agreememnt with Mauritius and paid them in order not to claim the islands(Whether they claim the islands or not..these Islands were historically never part of Muaritius,except under Dfrnehc and Brit colonization ..the French and Brits policies of attachment made it possible)Mauritius calims the islands was taken away from them before independence...well though the islands were attached to Maurtian administrative body ..adminsitrered does not means belonging to.......The isalnds was part of Seychelles and considered so..that hwy went the Brits formed the BIOT its detached Seychelles/chagos from Muaritius...which is an indication that Seychelles as CHagos blongs together...Mauritius can them calim Seychelles too. because under colonial rule Seychelles was administered by Mauritius so back then a colony.

  24. Should ordinary persons be appointed jurors to get involve in criminal cases?Does being a juror need no need to train in law...What kind of justice is pl trying to create?Anyone can judge even a gardeners.Does Constitutions allow such practice?Judges must persons qualified in law....You donot take a farmer and made him do not take a fruit seller and make him do not taek a fishereman and made him pilot...each proffesiona is different and in each eprosns must be trained.......Pl wants to replace trained judges by farmers.fishermen...And Estico tells us in 22 persons only four are fit to be juroror-How are they fit to be juroros...are they trained in law....are they lawyersd...How is A doctor qualfieited to be a doctor because Esitoc.Michel decided and say so....

    Let professional is law deal with law Pl.....Stop creating FANTASIE DONKEYS.


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