Cracks in the Opposition

Patrick Pillay has made a good start as Speaker of the National Assembly. In his deliberation during the second sitting of the new assembly, the speaker was gracious to the outgoing president and called for members and the population to show respect for the president. This change of heart has taken many by surprise when compared to the vitriolic he was spitting out before and during the election campaign; there was no love lost between him and President Michel. But things have changed and Speaker Pillay’s LDS coalition has achieved its stated aim of removing James Michel from power. So what now for the opposition coalition? This newspaper have previously pointed out that at no time has Mr. Pillay criticized Vice President Faure. In fact they had kept their channel of communication open in the background.

Now that Danny Faure will be the new President, it would not be surprising to see Mr. Pillay and company either go back to their old SPPF roots or collaborate closely with them. After all they are all good old friends who share the same political philosophy. So far all the signs point to collaboration and possibly re-unification between Pillay and his old SPPF colleagues. This could spell trouble and isolation for Ramkalawan. Pillay and his members are all one big red family who had a little misunderstanding with the head of the family. With Mr. Michel out of the way, this little misunderstanding is now resolved and the family can once again be reunited; all will be forgiven. Pillay and his team have more in common with the SPPF than they do with SNP. Their affiliation with SNP is viewed by many as only a means to an end and that end has now been achieved. They do not believe in Ramkalawan and see him as an impossible person to work with let alone one whose political philosophy they do not share.

It seems that the pawns on this political chessboard are slowly moving in Mr. Faure’s favour with a little help from Ton Pat. As the days go on, it is abundantly clear that Ramkalawan will end up being the loser once again. But, all is not doom and gloom for the Anglican Priest he has his plastic toys to keep him busy when he is not planning on how to destroy people.



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