Two Ticking Time-Bombs

Change for the better is a good thing but Change for the sake of change is alarming. The two main protagonists for change in the National Assembly, Wavel Ramkalawan and Jean-Francois Ferrari are the two most angry and vengeful people in the opposition LDS; they are both former SPUP/SPPF and they both share the same fiery characters; they hate each other. Those two opposition politicians are blinded by their anger and their urge to seek revenge for events that happened many years ago. Both Ramkalawan and Ferrari are prepared to lead this country on the road to destruction in order to achieve their aims. Compromise is not a word that exists in their vocabulary.

Strangely enough, the two of them do not see eye-to-eye on a range of issues and given absolute power, they would be a disaster. Albeit, Ferrari is politically smarter than Ramkalawan and consequently he has a very low opinion of his boss. They have clashed many times in the past and Roger Mancienne has had to intervene and act as referee. Both these two men cannot stand each other but have come together purely to accomplish their mission of revenge. For the last five years, Ferrari did not speak to Wavel Ramkalawan but being the opportunist that he is, he could not afford to miss the political gravy train that was leaving the station. He came back after the first round of the presidential election, when James Michel had failed to win an outright majority. This was the move of a typical opportunist.

Ferrari and Ramkalawan both have their origins in the ruling party as stated above. Jean-Francois Ferrari is the son of Dr. Maxime Ferrari, who was one of the main architects of the coup d’├ętat in 1977 which brought the Rene to power. As the Coup d’├ętat unfolded in the early hours of 5th June, Albert Rene set up his control and command centre at Ferrari’s house. The two did not live too far apart in the secluded hills of San Soucis. That night, the 17 year old Jean-Francois was the tea boy for the two coup masterminds. In a sense he too has blood on his hands.

The next morning, once the coup had succeeded, Jean Francois was seen roaming around in Victoria with other armed men and holding a revolver in his hand. For years he enjoyed the good life and the power as the son of a minister until his father fell out with ex President Albert Rene. It is only then that Jean Francois started complaining about the system. The same system his father had helped to create and propagate. Everything was good as long as he was part of the privileged few and was personally benefitting.

On the other hand it is not known exactly what turned Ramkalawan against the party that he and his family supported. His mother was a head teacher who had been promoted not just because she was a good teacher but also because of her close affiliations with the ruling party. Ramkalawans’ father is the man who welded together the iron statue of ‘Zonm lib’ while Ferraris’ sister Pauline was the one who designed the statue.

Both Ferrari and Ramkalawan were educated by the Christian brotherhood at Seychelles College in the mid to late 1970’s. With the two of them now leading the opposition charge in the National Assembly, there is no doubt that they will aggressively hold the Executive to account. For the leader of the opposition, there is also no doubt that keeping control over Jean Francois Ferrari will be his biggest nightmare. The question is, will they let their volatile temperaments get the better of them or will the oxygen of publicity they now enjoy set off this double ticking time-bomb?..... Tick…tock…tick…… tock…..and on it goes.



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