Jean Francois speaking on Government Land

On Tuesday Jean Francois Ferrari was disrespectful to Minister Dogley in the National Assembly – he was calling him “Minis SPPF” several times and The Speaker failed to intervene to call him to order and to ask him to withdraw his remarks. The way that he was talking to the Minister clearly had a racist connotation to it; the white slave master speaking down to the black man. However, the Minister who is far too polite than JFF will ever be, took it in his stride. Jean Francois continued his shenanigan in the afternoon when he had another go at the same Minister this time about land that had been leased out to a construction company for a hotel development, allegedly. Even if Minister Dogley is not holding the land portfolio Jean Francois persisted with his assault on him encouraged by the Speaker’s hesitation to rein him back.

It must be stated that Jean Francois Ferrari is the eldest son of former Minister Dr. Maxime Ferrari – who was land minister in the government of President Rene after the coup d’état; Maxime Ferrari is responsible for taking land from many people out of revenge under the compulsory acquisition law, because these people were supporters of former President Mancham. Ferrari senior was a ruthless guy who took no prisoners dishing out just reward to those he didn’t see eye to eye with, maybe he could speak to his dad about land for more information. Jean Francois is also the cousin of Patrick Lablache who has been in the land sector for many many years, under Rene, Michel and now Faure – if JFF was so keen to know everything about government land and the way that and has been distributed his cousin and father have all the answers. By attacking Minister Dogley who is not the Minister for Land, Jean Francois was out of order, but maybe the Speaker was afraid of him because he is a white man talking down to a black government Minister. This is the state of the National Assembly in 2016 under the watch of Patrick Pillay.



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