LDS majority voted against 13th month salary

It was a well thought out plan by Wavel Ramkalawan to satisfy his financial backers, by using delaying tactics. We are of the opinion, that his little plan to stall the end of the year benefit for private sector workers to please his paymasters has not worked to his satisfaction LDS majority voted against 13th month salary and the people are not fooled. The political backlash could be costly for the multi-millionaire Anglican priest.

Wavel along with all the other MNAs, will earn an end of year extra pay cheque each. The ordinary MNAs will take home an additional scr80,000 each (eighty thousand rupees) as end of year bonus. Being the leader of opposition, Wavel will earn himself an additional scr102,000 (one hundred and two thousand rupees) as end of year gratuity.

The MNAs doesn’t care where the money is coming from, or who is making the sacrifices for them to earn this kind of money. However, when it comes to giving the private sector workers the same benefits; a 13th month salary cheque – Wavel is very concern about where the money will have to come from, as if it’s his money. He is doing everything he can to protect the benefactors.

On Tuesday in the National Assembly, LDS voted against the bill that would have granted the private sector workers a mandatory end of year extra pay cheque each - brought in for approval by Employment Minister Wallace Cosgrow.

This week on Tuesday the Minister for Employment was before the National Assembly again - this time to present the Employment Bill, which contained the 13th month salary for private sector workers. Right from the start, the LDS majority led by Ramkalawan went looking for justification to postpone voting on the bill or to vote against if he couldn’t get the bill withdrawn. They tried every argument that they could possibly come up with - Minister Wallace Cosgrow refused to pull back the bill leaving Wavel Ramkalawan with no way out – he literally ordered all the LDS members to vote against the bill that would have given all Seselwa private sector workers an end of year additional pay cheque. This is how Wavel repay them, (private sector workers) for helping him win the National Assembly election.

This is not the first time that Wavel has shown resentment when it comes to the salary of ordinary workers; two weeks ago he said in the National Assembly that he was against paying STC workers an additional month salary on top of the 13th month. Can we trust that man? Is he on the side of the working class or supporting big business?



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