The pub that is now the National Assembly

Ever since Pat Pillay has taken over the Speakership, the National Assembly has been on a steady decline towards chaos. Pat Pillay has been unable to properly manage time, adhere to the rules and regulations of the Assembly and many of his decisions have been unconstitutional.

Almost eleven months have elapsed, and Pat Pillay still has no command of his Standing orders and Rules and Procedures. Week in, week out, the National Assembly has been the butt of ridicule and by consensus is now a national embarrassment.

As if all these were not enough, the Assembly has lately resorted to hosting a happy hour every Friday evening. The happy hour inevitably became happy hours. Alcohol is in abundance and is even sold on the precinct of that prestigious institution. Members and some staff alike drink away the night with songs and music. Ahmed Afif, the former Principal Secretary for Finance, who failed to exercise proper financial checks and balances on the FIU and NDEA, is reportedly the main karaoke singer. Come 2.00am, most of them stroll out uncontrollably drunk. The more serious staff are greatly lamenting the fact that their institution has sunk to such a level and rightly point out that such debauchery does not exist in the other two arms of government.

One, however, should not be surprised with these happenings since Pillay himself is a flamboyant character along with his legal advisor, Daniel Cesar, who use to run a club which is known for its decadence in the middle of town.

We should also thank God for preventing them to ascent to State House in the last presidential election and for providing us with the opportunity to witness first hand what kind of country would become of Seychelles if ever Pillay were to become president as he so desires to. A very sordid situation, indeed!



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