Patrick Pillay cannot wait for 2020

The Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly is a man in a hurry; he can’t wait for 2020, he wants to be President tomorrow, which might never come for him. It is now clear that the Leader of ‘Lalyans Seselwa’ was behind the question about the presidential election that Joanna Nicette asked during the live press interview with President Danny Faure on Wednesday 16th, August. The President replied emphatically that there will be no presidential election until the end of his mandate. And this statement by President Faure has clearly angered Patrick Pillay, who had hoped for a better answer from the President, to the point that a botched up plan was quickly put together to try and force the hand of the President.

On Monday 21st, Patrick Pillay got his barber and now personal friend; a man he has gotten very close to, in the last few months - to stage a one man protest in Victoria. The protest continued the next day on Tuesday and this time, Ryan Moncherry was joined by Patrick Pillay and others. Patrick Pillay claimed on national television on Tuesday night that he had decided to join Moncherry to support him in his call for President Faure to resign and for fresh election to be called. This episode reminds us of the coup d’état when former President  Rene stayed at home with Ferrari - and Mr. Ogilvy Berlouis and former President James Michel were sent to Victoria to take over the country.

However, talking to SBC TV standing at the front of the former supreme court on Tuesday in Victoria, Pillay gave the game away by claiming that he was unhappy with the cohabitation, “the cohabitation is not working, we have problems in all the ministries”, he said. It has taken Patrick Pillay ten long months to reveal this situation to the public; maybe, there are other motives to his latest move…. He stated that he had informed the LDS Leader (Roger Mancienne) that he would be joining Ryan Moncherry; it was a lie.  All this was going on whilst both President Faure and Honorable Ramkalawan were out of the country.

This newspaper is of the view that Patrick Pillay is not revealing the real intent behind his call for fresh presidential election. In his interview with SBC, Ryan Moncherry said that he is now supporting Patrick Pillay and that he wants Pillay to be the next president. However, Patrick Pillay on his part said that: “Mon pe fer sa pa akoz mon oule vinn prezidan mwan” (I am doing that not because I want to be president), two different versions of the same story. Who is speaking the truth, Moncherry or Pillay? We believe that Ryan has no reason to lie and he was being honest and that Patrick Pillay was playing his political game and he lied. Patrick Pillay is more concerned with being the next president than with the high costs of living, which is the main cause of hardship for many of his supporters.  

This newspaper has information that Pillay has been saying to close associates that he wants to be president for one term, only. However, Pillay is at a disadvantage if President Danny Faure is allowed to complete his full term at State House; Pillay will be over 70yrs old and of ill health. The other problem that Patrick Pillay has is that Ramkalawan and Faure have grown too close for comfort since the cohabitation started, and both are much younger than him. He feels that he is being marginalized by the two younger men. He complains that President Faure doesn’t consult with him on state matters (enough) and that it is Wavel who is in the driving seat.

It is now clear that Patrick Pillay will not be backing Ramkalawan at the next presidential election. They will stand against each other – this is now obvious for anyone with an iota of grey matter to see. The fake unity in LDS is now revealing itself, something that this newspaper has been saying all along. This political turmoil is not in the best interest of the people and/or country; it goes to show that both Pillay and Ramkalawan are looking out for their personal ambition/interest; the ordinary folks have no part in it. We have been let down!!     



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