Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

Namaste to everyone. The sooner we learn to adapt the easier it will be for all of us. Me and my pretty sister Pretty K know this well and this is why we have been winners. The deal for Assomption is signed and sealed and Seychellois are bracing themselves for what is coming next.

Someone made me listened to the old Nightshades song of “Payeye”. I really enjoyed the whole CD with these old songs and particularly liked Payeye. The words made me think of our Seychelles of today. Albert Rene was Payeye when he and some accomplices went behind Jim Mancham’s back and staged their Coup D’état.

Today we actually now have our new Payeye, and he went behind our back to India to break the news to the world that India has a new colony in the islands that were once an Independent Country that had been given all its islands by Great Britain when it became a Nation in 1976. Payeye was in India dancing ‘pil lo Sesel’ in his flower garlands, and today a new Seychelles is being remodeled with direct foreign influence all because of his 1/16 Indian Origin.

Danny Faure on his part is just set on dismantling what was the Seychelles we knew, appreciated and were proud of. Seychellois from every political leaning must be reflecting that their votes cast for Payeye and LP in the last elections must be so regretted now. Madame Alexia Amesbury was the only one who stood as a true nationalist, and we lost the opportunity to make her President to save our country.

As Seychellois are working hard for their Seychelles, Payeye was wearing flower garlands of “pisanli flowers” and giving away Assomption Island. “Payeye talks and Danny Faure walks”. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Congratulations to PM Modi of India. You did it. Sari and curry will now become more accepted by all in Seychelles. Soon the going out dress by ladies in Seychelles will be the sari and eating with spoon and fork will be something of the past when we start using our fingers only like our new masters. Seychellois of English origin hot curry is coming your way.  

Overseas territories is the new drive and Modi has now joined the likes of Trump of the USA who has Diego Gracia in Mauritius, Macron of France has Reunion and Mayotte in France Outremer and Modi of India has Assomption in Seychelles. The British H.C. must be cursing herself. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Which India are we to honour, respect and cherish is the question being asked by everyone.  Will it be the North Indians or South Indians? The market street group or the Vijays? Soon our dear Payeye will tell us after his next one to one discussions with Faure. Does that new era mean Etihad will be replaced by Air India? James Michel had his Sheik Mohamed,  Albert Rene had Mario Ricci, James Mancham had Kashoggi and now Danny Faure and Payeye in collusion agree on Modi or maybe the Guptas who are under pressure to leave South Africa. Will we now have Karunakaran as Head of the Electoral Commission?  This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Customs and Immigration on Assomption will not be under Minister Larose and Minister Telemaque. India will control and an Indian border control will be established.  Why did India want Assomption so badly ? Is it oil, gas or minerals ? The only ones to lose out are the Seychellois. One bad vote in 2016 and just after a year disaster has started. Barry Faure has posted on a Social media that it is a lease that can be broken for exceptional reasons. This is exactly the phrase used in the Diego Gracia lease and the Mauritians are still trying to get their island back. Will Barry Faure really really really go to PM Modi and say we want you out of Assomption Island, and when they do not we shall send our Commissioner of Police to arrest them all and take then back to the Central Police Station in Mahe. Stop taking Seychellois for fools. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

America is trying to establish collusion in the US Presidential elections with Russia. Seychelles needs to establish collusion with India in the 2016 elections. They had a panda here and Assomption was already on the table. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Payeye says we now have some good institutions after discussions or collusion in appointments. SBC is one and the Chair gave themselves massive increase in Board Fees. SIB is another one and the Chair gave an impressive contract to affiliates or associates. Perfect institutions of the new Seychelles in cohabitation. Mayor David Andre is another great example of appointment through collusion as everyone is seeing. Payeye is really taking Seychelles to new heights. Then we see the pressure to give contracts to his security man without respect for others and the rules of tender. A drive towards selective horizontal or vertical integration by Payeye. SBC will be buying programs from private sector, they do not need to look far as SWITCH can be a supplier of all needed material. Just switch to SWITCH. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it ?

Last Saturday morning our hardworking farmers were saying that they will be relocated to other smaller tables in Victoria Market following discussions in collusion. Many are angry, but this is the results of your 2016 vote. Don’t cry for me Seychelles. Take the caning Payeye is dishing out in collusion with the one who walks when he talks. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Telecommunication Staff are lost and rightly so. Robinson was at IntelVision instead of asking Meriton to make it a regulation to up the salaries of everyone in that sector. Segregations instead of wholesome approach is the new Seychelles. Staff are staff and they need the respect, can Meriton not understand this. A sector must have treated as a sector and all staff treated equally. Staff from Cable & Wireless, Koko Talk, SBC, Pure FM, Airtel etc we are so sorry but this is the treatment when there is collusion. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

This is all for today. We are all in this shit together. My snacks for my kids going to school is chilly cakes and halua sweet cakes. I am going all out to be part of the new Seychelles. Ordered my sari already and look forward to seeing lady MNAs in theirs as well. We shall be watching at functions who is not wearing their sari to tell India we have some renegades.

Now for ‘blondy’ I am not going to tolerate your actions any longer. Leave Pretty K’s Chou alone. Go and have a life of your own. As for our coconut you must know that you are the joke of politics. Your partners, present and past continues to depict your character. We should all feel sorry for you, but we cannot because racism is just not acceptable. Hope you are just not using these nice ladies only to satisfy your racist streak. Money is the source of all evil and Seychelles last year saw this clearly. At the AU General Assembly in Ethiopia last week the talk of exchange of money for favour was highlighted as corruption.

President Faure please say so in your one to one. The talk of the 5 million dollars for passports continues unabated and family of the La Misere lady who had to fork 500 thousand rupees to get her land acquired issue raised are coming to term that money is really God for some and they will do anything for it as they throw mud onto others in order to hide all their dirty and criminal acts.

How much was paid for Assomption Island ?. Elections are coming and they will be sweet. A Russian collusion in the game this time around to create confusion. This is not in the USA but in Seychelles, not Mr. Putin but someone is trying to use a rich Russian with interests here. Seychellois are tired with the mess they are living in, and never forget they are intelligent enough to see through it all. As a young lady I have supported Alexia Amesbury in 2016 and continue to support our lady candidate for the presidency, but I am sad my vote helped us get Payeye where he is now just to take our country. His heart is not in Seychelles and his work is not for Seychelles. We have all seen it with the Assomption declarations. Him and Faure are two peas in a pod it seems, and this will be seen more clearly as we move towards the next elections that will be a referendum on the Assomption deal, the Air Seychelles & Army decisions and the increased cost of living from the 2018 approved budget. As we wait for the coming reshuffle in appointed MNAs we shall see a more docile bunch move in from both sides of the aisle to comply to the desires of Payeye. Finally do not hold your breath, the MNA who fought in the Casino on Praslin cannot face justice like you and me, and he can do what he wants. He can only appear in the Payeye Court of Justice at the National Assembly. They can rape, kill, slaughter or murder and they will only appear in front of the Chief Justice of the National Assembly Courts where CJ Payeye presides.

Until next week,

Ugly Betty



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