Lalyans Seselwa(LS) announces its decision to leave Linyon Demokratik Seselwa(LDS).

This decision is based on the grounds that there are irreconcilable differences in the stance of LDS and Lalyans Seselwa on major issues affecting the country.    The LS Party Leader, Mr Patrick Pillay, has written to the Leader of LDS to inform him of the decision arrived at after consulting with the LS National Executive Committee members.    The LS Party Leader Patrick Pillay  remarked that the party had opted to lend its weight to create a strong opposition in order to bring about changes towards a more democratic and generally better Seychelles.    He said that the intentions of the party stalwarts were honourable and sincere even though it was a decision that was difficult, in that Seychelles political history has shown that such mergers did not necessarily work to the advantage of the smaller parties.  

It was felt, however, that having won over 8000 votes after less than one year’s existence, we were on a relatively strong footing and with the other parties we could and would make a difference.    The 15/10 phenomenon is a clear sign of this unity of purpose that pivoted unprecedented changes in the democratic fabric of our country.

In the spirit of cohabitation LS (within LDS) tried to work with the executive, but as time lapsed many of us realized that the situation is not improving:  in fact quite the contrary is happening.   Delivery by the Government has almost ground to a halt, the Government structure is bloated to bursting point, especially at the pinnacle and malaise such as corruption, mal-administration and non-compliance to rules and regulations have not stopped.

LS has on several occasions, raised this important issue and some members even protested publicly asking for fresh Presidential elections.    This stance was not well accepted by some leaders of the LDS and this in itself has helped to create rifts and put into question democratic principles and practices.  

LS although part of the LDS always remained a separate entity with its own ideology, political, social and economic tenets and strategies.    It had been agreed that this would be mutually respected by all parties involved.    Unfortunately in recent times there have been certain tendencies and stresses that worked against the spirit of equal partnerships, frictions with regards to irreconcilable differences in dealing with the failure of cohabitation and now the Assumption Island debacle where the public’s right to know has been violated and ignored.

The decision to part ways has not been taken lightly and we hope that our supporters will understand that it takes brave people to uphold what is right even if one might be in the minority.

As the leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly explained on television- this decision will not in any way affect the LDS MNAs who were initially candidates from Lalyans Seselwa as they have already made it clear they will be staying within LDS.  

We ask God for His blessings and his help in the knowledge that here on earth His work must always be ours.    May God bless our beautiful country and take her to great heights.



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